Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cypress Hill - Boom Town Raps

From Hip Hop Connection - November 1995 

Bushwackass - Rough, Rugg'd & Raw - 1994

12" - 1994 - Pallas Records 

The wax of the day is the first 12" released by the Flatbush trio composed of Fish B.One, Gravedigga and B.D.Buggz (RIP) a.k.a Bushwackas(s) on the New York label Pallas Records in 1994

From what I know, they got recognized while freestylin' on the NYC Subway and made their debut on the New York Hip-Hop scene at the legendary showcase for unsigned MC's called the Lyricist Lounge. Things started moving around for them from that point. In October 1993, they were invited by Stretch & Bobbito after one of these Lyricist Lounge sessions.

The wax is composed of 3 songs, "Who's Wylin'" produced by Paul Pinnock and "Street Sweeper" produced by Clermont 'Cash-Us-Clay' Mack and Sam Love Ewen, and the lead single of the record "Rough, Rugg'd & Raw"produced by Kenyatta Bell.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Video : Termanology Ft. Conway - Termanator & The Machine - 2018

Termanology "Termanator & The Machine" featuring Conway and produced by Daringer, off of Term's new album "Bad Decisions" out August 10, 2018.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Show & AG - A Bronx Tale

From Hip Hop Connection - November 1995 

Album Review : Special Ed - Revelations - 1995

LP - 1995 - Profile Records 

From The Source - August 1995 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Mix : Spek The Architek Presents Heavy Drop - 2018

01. Ill Biskits - Hypnotic Blessings 
02. Bee Why - G.A.T.S. 
03. Organized Konfusion - Bring It On (Remix Instrumental) 
04. Now Born Click - X-Fyles 
05. 100X - Whom Shall I Fear 
06. Beat 
07. Finsta Bundy - Sunnyside (Instrumental) 
08. Company Flow - Infokill (Instrumental) 
09. The Candy Store - Get On Your Hustle 
10. Revolutionary Suicide - Revelation (Instrumental) 
11. Black Moon - One Two 
12. Children Of The Corn - Harlem U.S.A. (Harlem Version) 
13. Joey Chavez - The Chills (Instrumental) 
14. Main One, Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler - Cross Examination 
15. Defari - Gems 
16. Das EFX - Ready To Rock Rough Rhymes (Instrumental) 
17. Black Eye - Chalk 
18. Tracey Lee - Repent 
19. Silent Eclipse - Seek Thy Refugee 
20. All City - Who Dat (Instrumental) 
21. Brother Most - Red Rover Pt. 1 & 2 
22. Showbiz & A.G. - All Out 
23. Mista Meaner - A Thru Z 
24. The Quiet Mob - Red Light Green Light 
25. Molecules - Revenge

Thursday, July 26, 2018

NYRU - 95 Live / Gotstaripit / Bootleggers - 1995

12" - 1995 - Dapper Entertainment 

579 $ .... it was the last bid on ebay for this rare wax released on Dapper Entertainment in 1995 by NYRU, a Rap duo comprised of Jett and Six from Washington DC, North East DC to be precise. 

Jett :  "I was a solo artist named Jett, I met my partner Six at the studio where I worked called D2E, stands for Down To Earth. We just click, became cool and formed the group Notorious Youngins Ruling the Underground a.k.a NYRU."

The 12" is composed of 3 songs produced by Jett and Six , '95 Live', 'Gotstaripit' and the famous 'Bootleggers' featuring S.U.K's a.k.a Stick Up Kids, a group produced by NYRU and composed of Black Raven, Day Jahvu and Lord Black Coon from Silver Spring and Gaithersburg MD.

I had a little chat with Terry "Squirl" Lewis, who was the studio engineer at the time and worked on this record. He remembers that period. 

Terry Lewis :"A lot of the samples came from current music back then, like drums from Mobb Deep, PE, break beats and the Ol Faithful keyboard the EPS 16plus. We use to record off the classic radio stations a lot to get those nice melodic and smooth laid back samples. Then muffled the sample like Pete Rock did. Watching those guys put a song together was magical, the way they went back and forward in the same verse and finish each others lines was absolutely phenomenal to watch. They're definitely under rated and part of the forgotten 'Ground Under' culture. 
We recorded at D2E (Down 2 Earth Productions) originally based in Washington D.C. on Georgia Ave NW. This is where we all meet. It was an amazing multicultural and multi ethnic studio full of creatives. D2E was ran by very business minded Puerto Rican named Pinto. He managed another group that was there, comprised of 3 very different types of dialect. Spanish, American and African i think. They also has a white engineer and keyboardist their named Billy, he got me into engineering and music. I meet Jett through these guys. Six came through later."

Different samples were used for the production of the songs. "95 Live" contains samples of "Black is the Color" performed by Joe Sample and "Let's Get It On" performed by Marvin Gaye. "Gotstaripit" contains a sample of "You Showed Me" performed by The Turtles and released in 1968. 
Jett :"For the song 'Bootleggers' that was jus a weird sound I played into a Melody and a horn echo."

This record is the first and only one released by the group. No doubt the duo had a great potential but it stopped due to problems with Dapper their label manager... 
Jett : "We were in the process of making an album but it stopped when he gave a contract which said that he wanted 90% of everything... we had to do our own thing but it never did."

Mad Props to Jett Davett & Terry Lewis

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mytee G. Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness CD - 2018

CD - 2018 - Dust & Dope Recordings 

Mytee G. Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness CD will be available for pre-orders on July 22, 2018 at 4pm (EST) at the Dust & Dope Recordings bigcartel store. 
"The 15 track album features all of Mytee G Poetic's elusive mid 90's singles, an abundance of unreleased material recorded between 1994-1996 and an exclusive bonus track/ unreleased demo from 1998. Produced by Mytee G Poetic, Brand X, Noise System Productions, Kasim and Rashad Muhammad, each and everyone of them serving up that classic 90's jazzy boom bap sound. " - Dust & Dope Recordings

Limited to 300 copies only... Don't sleep fellas !!
Shipping Date (Shipping out of UK) : August 5th 2018

Album Review : Wise Intelligent ‎- Killin' U... For Fun - 1995

LP - 1996 - Contract / Profile  

From The Source - July 1996 - Scans courtesy of Engin Emir

Diggers Vault Records Present Raw Tape #2 : The Train

Mixtape - 2018 - Diggers Vault Records

More Info Here  

Thursday, July 19, 2018


From Hip Hop Connection - August 1995

Mix : Serch4beatz Presents Low Budget Productions

01 - Raw Soul - Dialect
02 - T.H.U.G.G.S - Freaky Flow
03 - J-Force - Bulls Eye
04 - Yasheen & The Murder-1 Squad - Bring It !
05 - 12 Block - If It's On Like That (C'mon)
06 - Down Ta Erf - Ta Each Iz Own
07 - Corner 2 Corner - Thieves' Theme
08 - Microphone Terrorist - Green Paper
09 - Adagio! - The Break
10 - MCM - Straight On Up
11 - Always Livin Foul – High & Bent (Remix)
12 - Mike Ock - Day In The Life
13 - Big Shot - I Love This Shit

Props to Serch4beatz

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Documentary : Raisin' Kane - A Rapumentary

A documentary about the rise of independent / underground Juno-nominated rap group Citizen Kane from the Scarborough projects as they try to release their first feature length album and take the crown of best hip hop group in the Canadian music industry. Awarded HBO Award for Best Documentary at Urbanworld Film Festival 2001, Best Canadian Documentary at Reelworld Film Festival 2001.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

S.C.U. - Brace Yo Delf (20th Anniversary Edition) - 2018

LP - 2018 - Hip-Hop Enterprise  

The classic indie album "Brace Yo Delf" released by the Baltimore based duo S.C.U. (Self Contained Unit) on Affinity Records in 1998 is now available on Vinyl and CD with the help of Hip-Hop Enterprise, a brand new Belgium Record Label. This is the 20th Anniversary Edition... the vinyl will feature the full album + the classic joints from the 1st vinyl single released on Mad Skunk Records in 1996. The CD will feature the full album, the classic joints from the 1st vinyl single + as an added extra the Harm City EP joints as well !

Vinyl (300 copies), CD (500 copies) and TP Bundle (10 copies) are available. 
Shipping Date : July 17th 2018

Order your copy now ... Don't sleep on this !

Soul Kid Klik - Invisible Army - 2018

LP - 2018 - Hip-Hop Enterprise  

"Soul Kid Klik are a New York based crew that was formed by producer/rapper/Jazz musician/legend G-Clef Da Mad Komposa in the mid 90's and were one-time Wu-Tang affiliated. The crew hailing from different boroughs of NY delivered classic track after another and in 2001 the album finally dropped but only on CD leaving vinyl heads hungry for this gem. The wait is over and the elpee is now finally here! " - Hip-Hop Enterprise

300 Copies Only, TP Bundle also available (10 Copies).
Shipping Date : July 17th 2018


Rahsheed - Wasabi - 2018

CD - 2018 - Hip-Hop Enterprise

"Rahsheed (now known as Maylay Sparks) dropped one of the most slept on debut albums of 1997 with Wasabi. The album was only released in Japan and came out on a very limited basis so it pretty much stayed under the radar in Europe and the US. Now the CD will be back available on a limited basis with revisited artwork and obi as well! " - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

500 copies Only !

Shipping Date : July 17th 2018

Hype : Mic Geronimo - HHC 1996

From Hip Hop Connection - February 1996 

*Remix version produced by Azaia  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 173 - DJ Toast

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.  

This is Episode 173 - originally aired on July 15, 2018

Public Enemy “Too Much Posse” (1987)
Heavy D. f. Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane & Q-Tip “Don’t Curse” (1991)
Ultimate Force “Smooth As Suede” (1989)
Boogie Down Productions “Jack of Spades” (1988)
Jakk Frost “Jakk of Spades” (2014)
Uptown “Dope on Plastic” (1989)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “One Minute Less” (1988)
Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait” (1985)
Brand Nubian “Feels So Good” (1989)
Chill Rob G “Dope Rhymes” (1988)
De La Soul “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)” (1991)
Stezo “It’s My Turn” (1989)
Downtown Science “Down to a Science” (1991)
Eric B. & Rakim “I Ain’t No Joke” (1987)
King Sun “It’s a Heat Up” (1989)
Syl Johnson “Sexy Wayz” (1967)
Main Source “Fakin’ the Funk (Remix)” (1992)
Gang Starr “Just To Get a Rep” (1990)
Wild Style “Cuckoo Clocking” (1983)
Visionaries “Love (Hip Hop)” (1998)
Three Times Dope “Greatest Man Alive” (1988)
Showbiz & A.G. “Party Groove” (1991)
Double XX Posse “Not Gonna Be Able To Do It” (1992)
Lord Finesse “Party Over Here (Remix)” (1992)
Biz Markie “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” (1991)
The Four Seasons “December 1963 (Oh What a Night)” (1975)
Slick Rick “Mistakes of a Woman In Love With Other Men” (1991)
Tim Dog “Fuck Compton” (1991)
Tha Alkaholiks “Only When I’m Drunk” (1993)
Flavor Unit MC’s “Bring It On” (1993)
YZ “Sons of the Father” (1990)
Marvin Gaye “T Plays It Cool” (1972)
A Tribe Called Quest “Luck of Lucien” (1990)
Cypress Hill “Something for the Blunted” (1991)
Chubb Rock “Nothing Can Stop Us Now” (1989)
The UMC’s “You Got My Back” (1991)
Spin Doctors “Two Princes” (1991)
Wu-Tang Clan “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)” (2000)
Eric B. & Rakim “Don’t Sweat the Technique” (1992)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Keep It Flowing” (1990)
Cash Money & Marvelous “The Mighty Hard Rocker” (1988)
Masta Ace “Movin On” (1990)
Lakim Shabazz “Pure Righetousness” (1989)

Grown Man Rap Show