Monday, July 16, 2018

Da' Enna C. - You Can't Use My Pen - 1994

12" - 1994 - Up Top Entertainment 

In 1994, the Detroit based group Da' Enna C. a.k.a Da' Enna Cirkle released their first 12-Inches on Up Top Entertainment. The group consisted of P.Gruv, Sleeepy D a.k.a 3E, Boog-Woog and Dj Dez.

P.Gruv : "Sleeepy-D an me started a group in high school, we needed a DJ and was introduced too Dez (my memory fuzzy but believe it was DJ Los that introduced us too him), I'd say about a year after Boog-Woog joined as our hype man/dancer and we were the core members of Da Enna C. The 3 unofficial members were Jah-Zilla, J Dilla (John Doe back then) and my younger brother McShyzt. 
Sleeepy, McShyzt and me were in Highland Park (HP) at the time, Dez stayed on the Westside of 7mile and Boog, Dilla and Zilla were on the Eastside of Detroit.
The label Up Top Entertainment came about 90-91, my Dad and me ran it. We operated out an office in Ferndale MI for a few years 93-95 and in 1999 morphed into what Hipnotech Records is today."

From Left to Right : T Da Pimp, Sleeepy D, DJ Dez, Proof & P. Gruv -  Photo courtesy of Barry Yett II

The 12" is composed of 4 songs, "You Can't Use My Pen" which is the lead single of the wax, "Throw Ya Hands In Da' Air", "Da' Pen Song" all produced by P.Gruv & Sleepy D, and "NOW" produced by J.D a.k.a J Dilla (RIP). This is the first record to drop a J Dilla's production !

For your personal knowledge and of course if you need to find the original vinyl used for the samples, here is a list of what you need !

LP - 1968 - Blue Note  

 "You Can't Use My Pen" contains a sample of "Mour" performed by Booker Ervin and released on Blue Note Records in 1968

LP - 1976 - Columbia

 "Throw Ya Hands In Da' Air" contains a sample of "Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again" performed by Hubert Laws and released on Columbia in 1976. 

LP - 1973 - Soul

"NOW" contains a sample of "Who Is She (And What Is She to You)" performed by Gladys Knight & the Pips and released in 1973.

In 2012, a cat from the DWG Forum named Christopher posted the Demo Tape of the group. It was a 3 song Demo with a different version of "You Can't Use My Pen" named "You Can't C My Pen". I've lost the other two songs of the Demo, but here they are with the help of Renee K (Mad Props man !! )... enjoy .  

Massive props to P.Gruv