Tuesday, July 10, 2018

O Sacerdote - 2018

LP - 2018

Well if you're looking for something special, here is a wax for you. 
It features unreleased stuff from Roc Marciano, Brothaz Bent, Cadalack Ron, Don Cee, Mista Mello and the full Blunt Boogie squad. I've asked Don Chalant (Arch Druids / Brothaz Bent) to give me more info about the record, here it is : 
"During 2008-2010, we had a couple studios in LA; heads would roll in and out, and record tracks without any direction or placement in mind. Make beats, rap, and repeat.  Some music got emailed out for various projects, but 90%  just sat on the hard drives. Sacerdote is a compilation LP of some of those recordings."

100 copies only !!

Mad Props to Don Chalant, Ecks Mdc and Wicked22


  1. I'm a huge fan of these guys. Never even seen them irl or been to a show, but I'd drop $70 on their fucking gas money without even thinking twice. Instead, I get to use the money to help fund a dope-ass project, and then they're shipping it out to me. Don't think it's worth it? Then hold on to your paper anon, more copies for me.