Thursday, July 5, 2018

High Council Unsigned All-Stars - 1996

LP - 1996 - High Council Records  

It will cost you a lot of money to get this various artists compilation called "High Council Unsigned All-Stars" released in 1996, but it's definitely a wax you should own in your collection. 
This is an independant promo released by the Brentwood NY based record label named High Council Records (or High Council Entertainment) which was managed by Bolaji and Patrick Steele a.k.a Da MindBender. The comp features different artists and groups from Long Island NY (Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central Islip to be exact) like Bolaji, Da Mindbender, Livewire Shock, Venomz who will become later the 4 members of the group High Council and also Undefined, Jah Elias, Daze, Rip Styles from Wyandanch and a female emcee from New Jersey named Shorty. It is composed of 16 tracks (8 songs and 8 interludes) mostly produced by Bolaji and Patrick Steele. 


  1. High Council also appeared on Stretch & Bobbito's Hot 97 show in '97:

  2. thanks for the info Krisch , I've missed this ;)