Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mix : Surge HandsOfTime - Lemonade Three - 2018

My man Surge is back with a brand new mix, Enjoy !

"Our summer doesn't have to end. Celebrate the summer in the northern hemisphere for a perfectly blended glass of lemonade... Lemonade Three. 
As always support the artists and labels. Shout out to Miguel Castellon for hooking up the crazy artwork for this cover. Be sure to look him up and get some personalized work done for yourself.  Bee Lapointe at Back2DaSource Records Mike Cole for that L Fly album that keeps on giving. Chopped Herring Records for those rare gems. The EFFISCIENZ label for constantly putting out great material. Jose Feliciano we dug up some of these joints during your time out here "YOU MEMBER" and I put them to great use." - Surge HandsOf Time 

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