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Genovesee - Genovesee's Thesis - 1997

12" - 1997 - Diehard Records 

I don't really remember but I believe that the first time I've listened to this classic indie joint "Genovesee's Thesis" was with the help of Jr Ewing and his famous first official mixtape titled "Pour Tes Oreilles" dropped in 1997. The mixtape tape was dedicated to underground and indie 12" and the tracklisting was dope.

Born and raised in Yonkers, NY... Joseph Genovese a.k.a Genovese released "Genovesee's Thesis" in 1997 when he was 18 years old. It came out on Diehard Records and features his Friend Styles P on the hook. This is the only joint pressed on this 12". It was produced by I a.k.a I-Witness and the track is available in its Radio Edit, Main and Instrumental versions.

Genovese - Photo courtesy of Joseph Genovese

Genovese : "I met Diehard Records through Richie Thumbs who was dealing with them first. I was running with the LoX at that time, living with Styles P in Yonkers. We were with him (me and Kasino) everyday going to Daddy's house to hang while they recorded. Then chilling in Ruff Ryders studio trying to work. At that time I was hangin with Swizz Beats a lot. But never got any Rec to record or work. So Diehard really gave me the opportunity to work in studio consistently and threw us bread and mad gear.

I-Witness was with Diehard. He made that beat for me. Funny thing about "Thesis" beat, is I didn’t write the song to that beat. I wrote it to a Lox beat and Styles P had that hook in the stash so I really dope song that the lyrics and hook weren’t even written to the beat. Couldn’t ever tell tho lol"

Everyone knows that Genovese was a member of The Lox but nobody knows that Genovese started in the early 90s as a member of the Yonkers-based duo named Unknown Soldiers. Genovese's first official appearance was on the various compilation entitled "10 Deep" released on Ready Or Not Records in 1994.

Unknown Soldiers - Photo courtesy of Joseph Genovese

Genovese : "We formed the group around 1993-1994. It consisted of me (I went by the name Trife at that time) and my partner Stiffy. He was Jamaican, still in Hs. I was a talented kid. We recorded about 6-7 songs together at Bill Blass studio in Yonkers. Bill was a local legend in Yonkers, him and DMX would battle all over the town. So go record with him was pretty dope for some young cats trying to come up.

We recorded the song for the album called "10 Deep" that featured different artists that were pressed up on vinyl by Ready Or Not Records. They had an ill studio in Harlem. "Out Da Gutta" was really my first song that was released to the masses. It was mad grimy with that Onyx early 90s sound.

Unkown Soldiers stopped after that because Stiffy got in trouble with the law. I went on to work with my beat partner / friend J-Blend (RIP) and I recorded a demo with him and then "Thesis" came years later and that was that."

J-Blend (RIP) & Genovese - Photo courtesy of Joseph Genovese

Genovese : "We sent demos to labels back then, to certain people but once Stiffy got into trouble the demos became not important any more... Needed to focus on me.

Yonkers was a twisted place growing up. Amazed me I made it out. I put so much blood sweat and tears into the music biz. This generation has no idea what it was like. You couldn't say you were an MC. You had to get accepted into the culture. You had to be nice. They wouldn't take your money to pay them off to play your music. They would slap you and take your money and tell you to beat it. You earned stripes you didn't paint them on yourself. You worked your way up. It was called artist development. It was the 90s..."

To finish, if you're looking for an explanation about the extra E (Genovesee) written on the label, according to Genovese "People started to write that on mixtapes for song listings at the time. Diehard actually spelled it that way on some releases and also on our wrapped promo van. Why? I don't know lol. But that's the only reason..."


"Genovesee's Thesis" is a classic 12" still really easy to find nowadays. Besides some copies are available online for a very good price (less than 10$). 2022 will be the year of the 25th anniversary of "Thesis", so Genovese is working on a documentary and a release of his early solo Demos... stay tuned...

Mad Props to Joseph Genovese, Thanks for your time Bro. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Funkin' Lessons Ep #22 : March 30, 1994


Funkin' Lessons was a hip-hop Radio Show hosted by DJ Blaze and Dr. Phibes, aired on 2MBS (102.5 FM) from 1993 to 1996 and based in Sydney, Australia. Here is the Show #22 from March 30, 1994. 

Midnight by A Tribe Called Quest
Lighten Up by Beastie Boys
Mad Brothas Know His Name (Remix) by Intelligent Hoodlum
Here Come The Lords by Lords Of The Underground
Style Wars (Remix) by Masta Ace Incorporated
Who Am I? (God) (Remix) by Private Investigators
Buc Buc Buk by Daddy-O
Where's It At (Muggs Remix) by Funkdoobiest
Welcome To America by Schooly D
Da Hand That Rob's The Craddle by Black Poets
What's A Joint Venture by Joint Ventures
When The Ends Meet (Life Of The Futuristic B-Boy) by The Future Sound
In Winter Aids Attacks by Compton's Righteous
Funky Uptown by Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop
Higher Level by KRS-One
Undisputed Champs by Del The Funky Homosapien Featuring Jay-Biz, Pep Love & Q-Tip
Jimmy Crack Corn by Raw Breed
Live Freestyles by Urban Poets
Time To Set It Straight by UMC's
Top Billin (Remix) Audio Two
What's Your Opinion by King Dee & The Bishop
For Those Who Slept by Bizzie Boyz
Miss Amutha Nature by Nefertiti
Live Freestyles by Urban Poets
I Can't Take No More by Class A Felony Featuring Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz
Conscience by Silent Majority
I Told Ya by East
Attack by Assassin
What's Not Yours by Darkman
Necessary Ruffness by Black Empire
Niggaz Iz Like Dat by Chocolate Featuring 3-2, C.P.O. & Snoop Doggy Dogg
Make It Funky by Ice-T
Genius Is Back by Mix Master Spade And Compton Posse Featuring DJ Pooh, Dj Var & King Tee

Video : Rim - Lift It Up Featuring Lil Fame, King Card, and Nems - 2021


Video of Rim's single "Lift It Up" featuring Lil Fame, King Card, and Nems, taken from his album "Phresh Waves" produced by VS The Best. The album is only available Digitally for now. 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Tucka Da Huntaman - Concrete Jungle (1995) - 2021


LP - 2021 - Smoke On Records

The unreleased material originally recorded in 1995 by Tucka Da Huntaman is now available on vinyl, with tracks produced by Backspin "Marlon King", Tone Stoute and Keith Shocklee. 

A1 - I'am On A Hunt  
A2 - Whos The Hunter Man  
A3 - Nuff Respect
A4 - Ruff Neck  
A5 - Who Killed The Tiger  
B1 - Watch Your Back  
B2 - 4 The Things U Do
B3 - Da Hunt Is On
B4 - Jungle Boogie
B5 - Living In The Ghetto


MOP TOP - The Greatest Story Never Told - 2021


LP - 2021 - Smoke On Records 

Better late than never... the unreleased material from MOP TOP (Link, Big Leaf and Buddha Stretch) originally recorded in 1995 is now available on vinyl with the help of Smoke On Records.

A1 - Everybody 

A2 - Do My Thing 

A3 - Tha Cypher 

A4 - Represent 

A5 - Going Down 

A6 - I Get Money

B1 - Freaky Flow 

B2 - In Da House 

B3 - Give it to me Raw(We Dont Stop) 

B4 - I'm Alright 

B5 - Forever Feat Big Grei, Diablo, Freestyle, Innersoul, Nine


BIG ALMIGHTY (BigBob & Raf Almighty) - Big almighty - 2021


The Baltimore-based emcee RAF Almighty (of Dirt Platoon) and the producer Big Bob from Toronto,Canada team up once again to drop their 3rd collective project titled "Big Almighty". This final album in the Trilogy features emcees like Milano Constantine, Ruste Juxx, Jamil Honesty, Guy Grams, Skanks The Rap Martyr and more...

01. Big Almighty Intro feat. Mic Handz

02. Actuality feat. Eddie Kaine & Jamil Honesty

03. Whip Crack

04. Verified Emcee feat. Guy Grams

05. Jamaican Rhum

06. Food Of The Gods feat. Milano Constantine & Ruste Juxx

07. BIG Interlude

08. Bible Paper

09. Blessed feat. Sunez & Zodica

10. Raf & The Tramp Pt. 1

11. Judas

12. Mama Rosie

13. Jackie Chans feat. Gstats

14. Raf & The Tramp Pt. 2

15. Apply Pressure feat. Skanks The Rap Martyr

16. Dedication (Kisha Funanders)

17. Graceful Outro

Pre-Order : Vinyl / CD / Bundle / Trilogy Vinyl Package

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Scienz Of Life - Blues is a Weapon - 2021

Scienz Of Life are back with a brand new Horn-laced Jazzy Boom Bap joint titled "Blues is a Weapon" produced by John Robinson. 

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - January 19th 1997 - WQHT


Here is another episode of Boogie & The Barber with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito uploaded by Dailey Maddawg 76. The show was aired on January 19, 1997 on Hot.97 WQHT and features an interview and a freestyle of Mad Skillz. 

Busta Rhymes & A Tribe Called Quest - Wild Hot

Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down

Mad Skillz - Interview & Freestyle

The Supafriendz - Vowel Movement

Street Smartz feat O.C & Pharoahe Monch - Metal Thangz 

Da Naba Hood Threat - Mind Tricks

Shabaam Sahdeeq - My Words

DJ Honda feat Problemz - Kill The Noise Remix

Mike Zoot - Live & Stink 

CRU - Bubblin'

Dutchmin - Get Your Swerve On 

Mista Meaner & Dogface - Saratoga Ave

Camp Lo feat Trugoy the Dove- B-Side To Hollywood

Buckshot - Follow My Lead

Talk Break

The Supafriendz - '95 Strecth & Bobbito Freestyle 

Saukrates feat Masta Ace & O.C - Rollin'

Natural Resource - Bum Deal

Lace Da Boom - Glory

Artifacts - The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)

L Da Headtoucha - Too Complex

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

LSD a.k.a Lyrical Strong Demonstrators

Of all the groups which feature on the Nick Wiz's Cellar Selections compilations Series, LSD is certainly the one which deserves to be highlighted. Internet is a huge source of information, but if you are looking for some about these cats, you'll be disappointed to see that there is nothing online... so it's time to get some shine on them !

 L.S.D which stands for "Lyrical Strong Demonstrators" is a Rap duo from East Orange, NJ consisting of the emcees Asiatic Dramatic and Buddha Black.

From Left to Right : DJ Hollywood - Asiatic Dramatic & Buddah Black - Photo courtesy of Buddha Black

Buddha Black : "I met Asiatic Dramatic in 8th grade, I started a crew called The Chilly 4 at the time and Asiatic has been my right hand in Hip-Hop ever since. We founded the group LSD in 1991, it was a branch of the Stardust Crew, some of the top MC's of the late 80's in Ill Town... Chill Get Down was one of the original members."

Asiatic Dramatic : "Well... before LSD we were the Stardust Crew with Tiny Tee, DJ Hollywood, Godfather D, J Scratch, B Twista, DJ Kaos (RIP)... My mother sponsored us when we formed Stardust in the 8th grade... She would try to get shows and recognition for the group at local clubs and bars. Afterwards Buddah's parents saw the effect hip-hop was having on us and our community and decided it would be best for him to leave Illtown, NJ to pursue a better environment and and lock in on education and sports. 

Upon this return from college we then had me as well as other members getting into a street lifestyle that mainly was dealing with selling PCP (LSD) to the locals in our community where as we become the city of Illy Ill, leaky leak Illtown, NJ.

We then took the negative part of LSD into a hip-hop group called Lyrically Strong Demonstrators (L.S.D) to show and prove the positive aspect of what that drug could do."

From the early to mid 90s, the duo recorded a lot of material with the legendary Nick Wiz... tracks entitled "Flip The Script", "Parkside Madness", "The Ism", "Rollin' ", "Cash Money", "Don't Fuck With I" or "Rowdy at the Party" which recently featured in an episode of the fourth season of TBS' series "The Last O.G."

Buddah Black : "Nick Wiz is my man... I gave him the name Nick Wiz ! I was playing basketball one day with his manager Fred Crawford at the time, he said he had a young beat maker he wanted me to meet cause he heard me spit. He took me to Teaneck and I met Nick in the basement of his mom's house. It was dark and he had on a hoodie and he came out the back like a little wizard... I said "this is him my man"... He said "yeah this is Nick"... I said "okay Nick The Wiz"... "

There is also no info online about that but a full LSD album was recorded in 1994 and was supposed to be released officially... It was produced by Buddah Black, Nick Wiz who did 85% of the joints and Nick's boy named Body Bag. 

Buddah Black : "That's the most incredible story that you ever want to hear, we got a deal with RCA... the connection with RCA happened through this guy Chris who signed Skee-Lo the God. They took the album then the label fired the people in charge of the project and never let us submit that material again and never gave us a reason why... crazy !! ... Right after that Asiatic got locked up... and I went on start groups like The Fugees, wrote joints for Lauryn Hill and Nonchalant, and started a lot of other movements until the God got out... but that album meant a lot to me because that was the beginning of the family."

Mad Props to Asiatic Dramatic & Buddah Black, thanks for your time fellas. 

RIP Senica Da Misfit


Here are some sad news today... the super talented Baltimore, MD-based emcee Senica Lee a.k.a Senica Da Misfit has recently passed away. My sincere condolences go out to his Family and Friends... Rest In Power. 

DJ Premier - So Wassup? Episode 19

DJ Premier presents the episode #19 of 'So Wassup?', dedicated to the story of M.O.P.'s track "Brownsville". 

MiLKCRATE x Wyld Bunch - Rest of My Life - 2021


"Rest Of My Life" is the new joint dropped by MiLKCRATE featuring Wyld Bunch, taken from the forthcoming album "Crate Royal 2" which will be released on January, 22 2022. 

Derelect Camp Interview

Here is an interview of the group Derelect Camp from Queens, NY uploaded by Welfare Dad on his youtube channel. The interview was done for the release of their 3rd single "Move It In Move It Out" in 1997 on Next Plateau Entertainment. 

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #420


Here is the latest episode of the Trackside Burners Radio Show (Episode #420) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM on December 19, 2021.

The Wicked Takeover Ep#26 - December 17th 2021


26th episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on December 17, 2021 on WRAPfm and hosted by DJ Wicked.

"The Wicked Takeover brings you deep into the Vinyl crates of Wicked. Expect to hear everything from album cuts to b-sides, remixes, white labels, bootlegs, etc. You'll also hear Hip-Hop from the Golden Era of 1988 to the Mid-90's all the way to current times. A large focus will be on 2k Hip-Hop, especially 2010 to current. Fridays 9pm EST | 6pm PST"

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Mix : Dj Skeli & J-Ruff - Back2Back Blendz

Almost 2 hours of 90s indie hip-hop mixed by Dj Skeli & J-Ruff... and no need to say that the selection is dope... Enjoy !

01- T-Love - Freak Da Mental

02 - East Flatbush Project - A Madman's Dream

03 - Undaground Flava - What's Your Function

04 - Infinite - Addicted

05 - Strong Peeps - Vs.-4-Vs.

06 - Jed Dust - Strictly Kings & Better

07 - Problem Solver - Drug Dealz

08 - The General Sekwan - Lickin Off

09 - X-Rae - Is Ya Wit Me

10 - Pitch Black - Hold Me Down

11 - Beyond - Carolina Kings
12 - E.Bros - A Toast
13 - 44:00 ?
14 - Normskolla - HalfMan
15 - Sick Lunatix - If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Right
16 - Erick Sermon/Heltah Skeltah/O.G.C. & Trigger Tha Gambler - If You
17 - Sic Sense - Positional Bypass 
18 - Tha Tribezmen - Who Got The Vibe 
19 - JusOne - I Keep It live
20 - Major Stress - A Day In The Stuy
21 - Big Oh! - Big Oh Rox The World
22 - Blue Black - Bon Vi (The Good Life) 
23 - Shadyville Allstars - Nowadays
24 - Tefelar & Cordell ‎– Scandalous
25 - Kavasci - Israel
26 - Wise Eyez - Back In Time
27 - Stikken Moov - QU Soldiers Instrumental
28 - Rakim - It's Been A Long Time Remix
29 - The Figure - Dream Come True
30 - Lace Da Booms - Glory
31 - Nightbreed - 2 Roads Out the Ghetto 
32 - Da F.E.N.C.E Men - Head To Head
33 - StillCatchinWreck - Ground Zero
34 - Myschief - Anticipation
35 - Shawn Black & Wicked Will - Revenge

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - December 17th 2021


Here is the latest episode of No TV Raps Radio Show aired on December 17, 2021 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany). This episode features indie joints from groups or emcees like Yasheen & The Murder 1 Squad, Da Fence Men, INI, Herb McGruff, Blunted Crew, Jamani, Mytee G Poetic, Brainsick Mob, One Step Beyond & Dres.. just to name a few.

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - March 09th 1997 - WQHT


Here is another episode of Boogie & The Barber with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito uploaded by Maddawg 76. The show was aired on March 09, 1997 on Hot.97 WQHT and features interviews and freestyles of the groups Dutchmin and Natural Resource. 

The Beatnuts - Do You Believe? 
Talk Break with Dutchmin
Street Smartz - Metal Thangz feat O.C. & Pharoahe Monch
Shamus - Tight Team feat Flu
Dutchmin Freestyle
Krumbsnatcha - Closer to God 
Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down
D.I.T.C - Day One
Talk Break with Natural Resource
Natural Resource Freestyle
Cage - Radiohead
Craig G - Sing-A-Long 

Video : WRD Life - Stand Up - 2021

"Stand Up" is the first single released by WRD Life and Four Limbs and taken from their collaborative project "Apollo" EP . Video Directed by Fertopip.

Video : TrueMendous - Y / Yvonne's Daughter - 2021

Video of the tracks "Y / Yvonne's Daughter" dropped by TrueMendous, off her latest album "Misdiagnosis Of Chyvonne Johnson" which is available now on Vinyl, CD & Tape via High Focus Records. "Y. " is produced by Illinformed, "Yvonne's Daughter" is produced by Mark Fear and the Video is directed by Don Wavey. 

Video : Pique Roscoe - Nephthys - 2021

The young Manchester-based emcee Pique Roscoe drops the video of his second single "Nephthys" taken from his forthcoming LP entitled "The Cruel Tutelage of Pique Roscoe". The 17-track album is fully produced by Kuartz and is available to pre-order on limited edition pink vinyl (100 copies ) and black vinyl (200 copies) via Village Live Records.

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Down Ta Erf - Down Ta Erf - 2021


2xLP - 2021 - 90's Tapes / HHV 

"The members of Down Ta Erf consists of a production team of twin brothers Wall & Steel, one emcee Mathematik. The trio would first meet on the football field sharing the back field as running backs for the Eagles in a local (Scarborough, Toronto) youth football league, a few years later into their teens they would link again to form what we now know as Down Ta Erf. During the early developing years the crew would go on to focus on creating the purest most original interpretation of the music and the times that they could, digging both within themselves and the crates as well. What took place was the creation of a special time capsule of music brought to you by a crew that truly live and breathe the culture of music" - courtesy of 90's Tapes

Limited Gatefold 2xLP edition including 5 bonus tracks in addition to the original demo album from 1997. The album is also available on Cassette and CD. 

Order : Vinyl (750 copies) / CD (300 copies) / Cassette (100 copies)

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Crime Unit - B.L.O.O.D Clot Professional - 1996

12" - 1996 - Union Records 

Here is the 12-Inch released in 1996 on Union Records by Crime Unit, a group consisting of Shorty Rocks, Mr. Crooks, Willie-Bo, Class-B and Tate. A lot of of people think that this crew was from Chester, PA due to the fact that Union Records was based there, but all the members came from various areas...

Class- B : "Crooks and Bo are cousins... Bo is from East NY, Crooks and Shorty are from Delaware, myself and Tate are from Chester, PA."

Willie-Bo : "I grew up in Brooklyn with the Droopy Eye Crew. Those are my little brothers, and I moved to Delaware which is outside of Philly."

Crooks : "Bo and myself are originally from Brooklyn. Class-B is from Chester PA and ran heavy in Philly. I moved to Delaware in Jr High and Bo moved to Delaware around 19-20 yrs old."

Around 1995, Class-B was locked up. They formed the group Crime Unit when he came back home. They did 2 singles that got pressed on Union Records, a record label owned and managed by Malcolm "Melly Paid" Lockley. Melly Paid was known at the time for being the producer of Jackal The Bear, a Ragga Hip-Hop artist that Class-B linked Crooks with when he was locked up, and who blew up with his single entitled "For Real" in 1995. Willie-Bo and Crooks ended up on the hook for this lead single. At the time, Melly Paid heard music they were recording and said "We Pressin That Up ASAP". 

The First single is "B.L.O.O.D  Clot Professional" which is the lead single on the A-side of the wax. It is produced by Smoke House Productions and features Mr Crooks, Willie-Bo, Tempamental and Gillatine. Tempamental and his brother Gillatine were also members of the New Jersey-based group Droopy Eye Crew (D.E.C). The second single is "Yes He Was" on the B-side. It is produced by Mr Crooks and features Mr Crooks, Shorty Rocks, Class-B and Willie-Bo. The singles also came out on Cassette and CD versions.

Willie-Bo : "Crooks and me were a 2 man group. Droopy Eye Crew was another group but that some made us a temporary group. The other member of Crime Unit Class-B was locked up when we recorded B.L.O.O.D  Clot Professional."

Class-B : "Tempamental is Bo and Crooks's cousin. We did a lot of music together that never came out...Crime Unit signed with Union Records but D.E.C didn't so the train kinda derailed as far as that went but we all are family still."

Class-B : "Smoke House Productions was Tempamental and his 2 Brothers situation. That was their thing...Since Melly Paid came off with the hit "For Real", thought that he could sign Temp to Union Records with his brother(s) as we keep it moving but Smokehouse had other plans."

Crooks : "Smokehouse is the studio Temp's older cousin(s) built as home base for D.E.C. and fam. Starting in Orange New Jersey, it grew into a multi media facility and production house and relocated to Manhattan. Droopy Eye Crew moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey when Smokehouse was built."

Crime Unit - Jackal the Bear & Prodigy (RIP) - Photo courtesy of Mr Crooks

After the release of the 12", they formed a group named Da Unit and founded their own label named Wylekat Entertainment, managed by Class-B, Bo and Crooks for the most part, and they've been putting out music independently ever since. They released a full album on CD titled "The Album" in 2000. They also dropped two 12-inches entitled "Who Dem ?" and "Believe In Ya Self" in the late 90s / early 2000s.

Crooks : "We signed as Crime Unit, the name came from a member who noticed we basically linked due to criminal activity. After we parted ways with Union Records, we were still making music and didn't want to totally reintroduce ourselves to our fanbase, at the time. We were called Da Unit once we went totally independent. We all were/are individual emcees or groups. Crime Unit and Da Unit was to identify us as a collective... groups within a group ...We were Da Unit waaay before G..... lol... but we never broke up ! Just no longer under those monikers... But Crime Unit never released an album on Union Records because our masters were lost in a flood or a fire unfortunately..."

Photo courtesy of Mr Crooks

Mad Props to Class-B, Mr Crooks & Willie-Bo. Thanks for your time.