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Lastrawze ‎- Instrawmental CD - 2018

CD - 2018 - Heavy Jewelz Records 

Heavy Jewelz Records in association with PQuest Revivals present Lastrawze - Instrawmental CD (No CD-R) remastered audio & artwork (by PQuest) including 2 unreleased bonus joints... The album was originally released in 1995 on Black Jacobins Entertainment and reissued on vinyl via Dope Folks Records in 2012.  

Order your CD (200 copies only) or cop the Bundle (CD, T-Shirt, Poster, Postcard, Sticker) Here or Here . 

Don't Sleep ! 

Microphone Check : Head Of The Class - Akinyele

From The Source - March 1997 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Friday, September 28, 2018

O.C & PF Cuttin - Opium LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Tuff Kong Records 

1. Sit Yourself Down 
2. Moonshine 
3. Beneath The Planet Apes 
4. 88 
5. Easy Work 
6. Get In Line 
7. Higher Learning 
8. O.P.M. (feat. The Real Shakar) 
9. Searching

"After decades in the game, it's safe to say that legendary DITC member O.C. alongside East New York DJ and producer PF Cuttin have always been constant at delivering classic material to the masses. The two have finally decided to get together to drop a collaboration project, O.C. and PF Cuttin Music is bringing you “OPIUM”, a 9 tracks banger that will bring you back in time to the era of block parties and 40’s, of stunts, blunts and hip-hop, to remind you what the good old days sound like." - Tuff Kong Records

 Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies, with the first 200 pressed on clear blue vinyl w/ yellow splatter, and the remaining 300 on black vinyl.

Pre-Orders :
LP / Cassette / LP+CD / CD 

Shipping Date : Around November 23rd 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Shamus - Raw Track Records

  In the mid 90s, the Bronx-based emcee named Shamus dropped some good records released independently. At that time his name was the guarantee of great indie Hip-Hop releases. All his vinyl projects were really appreciated by the indie hip-hop community. To know why he stopped and disappeared, nothing better to ask him directly ! 

Shamus : "I was born in the South Bronx, 173rd and Bryant Ave. My brother and sister were Dj's, so I grew up in a family of music. My sister lived in Bronx River where the first hip hop record was recorded with DJ Kool Herc. So, I seen it all start and fell in love with it since I was a kid. I grew up on KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Rakim and N.W.A , so they influnced me. I started recording songs when I was about 14, my first record I released was 'Big Willie Style', which I recorded at Chung King Studios in NYC that was produced by Ski Beats. That record got a lot of play worldwide and that's was the start of my career."

12" - 1995 - Raw Track Records 

The 12" was dropped in 1995 and contains two songs 'Big Willie Style' and 'Try 2C Loot', both in their Dirty and Radio versionsIt was released on Raw Track Records, a record label founded and directed by Shamus himself. 

Shamus :"I was the owner of Raw Track Records. All the music I ever released I financed and released independently. I turned down every deal they ever offered me. I didn't want no major label to control my career. I'm against what they do to the artist and it wasn't for me."

'Big Willie Style' is the lead single of the wax, the instrumental contains a sample of 'Soon I'll Be Loving You Again' performed by Marvin Gaye and released in 1976. You can read on the vinyl label 'Original version from the forthcoming Raw Track release Illegal Conversation' but it was never released. Although there is no info about it on discogs, the single was also released on Tape.

One year later, Shamus was back with an other single "Neva Dream" produced by Michelob (4 Miles Ahead Productions) featuring Flu, member of the group Rugged Brood. 
Shamus : "When I was 14, I got in trouble and got kicked out of school, my sister by then had moved to Spring Valley, NY. She had to take me, because my mother was sick and I was out of Control. Flu lived next door that's how I met him."

12 - 1996 - Raw Track Records

In 1997, Shamus featured on Emar's single "Death", an other artist signed on Raw Track Records, and released his single "Tight Team" featuring his friend Flu and produced by Buckwild for Still Diggin Productions.The single was well received and peaked at #31 on the Billboard's Hot Rap Single Chart on May 24th 1997 and at #22 on CMJ 's Hip-Hop Top 25.  

CMJ New Music Monthly - June 1997 

12" - 1997 - Raw Track Records 

From The Source - May 1997 

EP - 1997 - Raw Track Records 

The same year, the 'Serving Life EP' came out, shipping over 20,000 units independently. His different singles are on the EP but it also features other songs like 'I got your Back' featuring C-Terror and produced by Buckwild, 'Challenge Us' feat Flu, Paradox, and Mad Max a.k.a The Rugged Brood who also performed the last track of the project, 'Dwellin Darkness' produced by Rockwrecka. 

The Rugged Brood : Flu, Max and Paradox - Photo coustesy of Max Tapper 

Shamus : "Max & Dox were in the group Rugged Brood with Flu that was how that connection was made. C-terra was an artist signed to Buckwild and since we were working together that was family. I knew a lot of the producers from being in industry, I worked with Ski first, then Buckwild was from the Bronx, Michelob was from the Bronx also he worked with Rich from Trackmasters. I knew Shok from Ruff Riders from being in Yonkers and Armageddon was from the Bronx also. It was a small circle so we all worked together. Rockwreka I met threw Flu, he produced most of the tracks for Rugged Brood...
There is no Shamus album because we formed the group Crime Wave and added Karachi & Scar to the group."

Crime Wave dropped their first single on Raw Track Records in 1997, "War Fair" featuring Shamus, Flu, Mad Max, Divine, Omega and C-Terra, produced by Madsol-Desar (Knightz Of Musik Productions). Only one track available in its Dirty, Clean, Instrumental and Acapella versions. 

12" - 1997 - Raw Track Records 

Shamus : "We released the album "Scripture won The Beginning of..." in 2002, which had production from The Beatnuts, Alchemist, Armageddon, the smith Brothers and a few other producers. We sold about 50-60,000 units independently. The project was a lot of stress, I invested over $300,000 into the project and didn't recoupe my investment. I felt like the members of the group just wasn't working hard enough. In 2002 "Think Big" was #5 on Billboard, when I decided to walk away from the group and the music industry. The time wasn't right and God had a different plan for me. 2019 I will be lauching Major Change Music, which I have a few new artist I'm working with and I have new music i'll be releasing. I have a lot of big name producers that I'll be working with and will release information early next year. "

Mad Props to Shamus Goss  

Tape : Franz Branntwein - Inject Tha Raw Shit - 2018

Tape - 2018 - Staubsound 

Here is the new Beat Tape "Inject Tha Raw Shit" released by the German producer Franz Branntwein.  Limited to 75 Golden Tapes.

Monday, September 24, 2018

EDO G - Knightz Of Edo G Musik EP // Scientifik - The Master / Da Bulldogs - Bust A Nut 7"

EP - 2018 - Back2DaSource Records 

A1 - Back In The Days (Prod By Madsol Desar)
A2 - K.O.M Next Move (Prod by Dialek)
B1 - I Missed That (Prod by Madsol)
B2 - What The Deal (Prod by Madsol Desar)

7" - 2018 - Back2DaSource Records 

A1 - Scientifik - The Master
B1 - Da Bulldogs - Bust A Nut

Back2DaSource Records are back with some dope Edo G's unreleased tracks produced by Madsol Desar & Dialek for Knightz Of Musik Productions. This EP contains 4 unreleased tracks dating back from 97/98 and the 7" contains 2 previously unreleased Scientifik & Da Bulldogs tracks. 

Orders : 

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 183 - Wild Pitch Records spotlight with Stu Fine

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.

This is Episode 183 - Wild Pitch Records spotlight with Stu Fine - DJ Toast - originally aired on September 23, 2018

Chill Rob G “Wild Pitch” (1988)
Main Source “Fakin’ the Funk (Remix)” (1992)
Jamose “The Rhymthologist” (1989)
Gang Starr “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (1989)
The UMC’s “Any Way the Wind Blows” (1991)
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud “Come & Get Me While I’m Hot” (1993)
Hard Knocks “Dirty Cop Named Harry” (1992)
Chill Rob G “Court Is Now in Session” (1989)
Main Source “Watch Roger Do His Thang” (1991)
The Coup “Funk” (1993)
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud “Blow Up the Spot” (1993)
Latee & DJ Mark the 45 King “Putting on the Hits” (1987)
Main Source “Snake Eyes” (1991)
Hard Knocks “Runaway Child, Running Wild” (1992)
N-Tyce “Sure Ya Right” (1995)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Baby, You Nasty” (1990)
Latee “This Cut’s Got Flavor” (1987)
Gang Starr “To Be a Champion” (1987)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Funky Technician” (1990)
O.C. “No Main Topic” (1994)
N-Tyce “Walk a Little Closer” (1993)
Gang Starr “Manifest” (1989)
Latee “No Tricks” (1988)
Gang Starr “Positivity” (1989)

O.C. “Born 2 Live” (1994)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Strictly for the Ladies” (1990)
The UMC’s “Swing It to the Area (Side Show Bob Recreation)” (1991)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Two Brothers with Checks (San Francisco, Harvey)” (1993)
N-Tyce “Hush Hush Tip” (1993)
Brokin English Klik “10 Years and Countin’” (1993)
Latee “Wake Up” (1988)
The Coup “The Coup” (1993)
Hard Knocks “Young Black Male” (1992)
Brokin English Klik “Let Go My Ego” (1993)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “One, Two, One, Two” (1993)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “I Keep the Crowd Listening” (1990)
Main Source “Just Hangin’ Out (Your Hood Remix)” (1991)
Gang Starr “Knowledge” (1989)
O.C. “Times Up” (1994)
The UMC’s “How It Gotta Be” (1994)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Track the Movement” (1990)
Street Military “Tears Came from Making This Dream” (1993)
Main Source “What You Need” (1994)
Gang Starr “Jazz Music” (1989)
Chill Rob G “Future Shock” (1989)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “Saga of Dandy, the Devil & Day” (1993)

O.C. “O-Zone” (1994)

Interview - Views B4 the 6 : SCAM

New episode of Views B4 The 6 hosted by Big Tweeze and Thrust. They bring you a new slice of Canadian Hip-Hop history with the interview of the legendary Toronto-based producer SCAM (Concrete Mob). Enjoy ! 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

DJ Premier - Our Streets / Wut U Said ? - 2018

12" - 2018 - Payday  

Dj Premier is back with a new 12" released on the iconic Payday Records. This is a limited edition throwback Payday 12" black vinyl single commemorates one year since the relaunch of the label and includes his two singles, the anthemic "Our Streets" featuring Asap Ferg and the super gritty "Wut U Said?" featuring Casanova. 

A1 - Our Streets feat Asap Ferg
A2 - Our Streets Instrumental
A3 - Our Streets Clean
B1 - Wut U Said? feat Casanova
B2 - Wut U Said? Instrumental
B3 - Wut U Said? Clean

Release Date : November 9th 2018

Last Jazz Club - Jazz Is​.​.​. - 2018

Danish producer Mike B and San Diego-based emcee Veks recently dropped their full length album digitally after being released on vinyl on Chopped Herring Records. Enjoy the album while you're waiting for your copy ! 

Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx - Hardbodie Hip Hop LP - 2018

"Hardbodie Hip Hop", Kyo Itachi's project released on CD in 2012 and featuring the Brooklyn based emcee Ruste Juxx is now available on vinyl (Orange / Black Splatter Bang - 100 Copies). 

Vinyl Signed Gold by Kyo Itachi "Collection" (50 Copies), Original TP (5 Copies), White Vinyl Artisanal Press (5 Copies) and Hardbodie Pack (CD+Vinyl) Collector (50 Copies) are also available...


Shipping Date : November 10th 2018

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Sic Sense - Positional Bypass / Onemantality - 1995

12" - 1995 - Luge Recordings

Photo courtesy of Dub ILL

This 12" is definitely one of the best wax released by a Canadian group during the 90s. This record isn't really expensive and should be in every Hip-Hop record collection due to the fact that both tracks are mad dope and can be easily compared to the best U.S productions from the East Coast at that time. 
Sic Sense was a group hailing from the suburb of Scarborough Ontario and consisted of Shutgun DubILL D, 6Pak and Boom.

Photo courtesy of Dub ILL

They all grew up in a hood called Malvern a.k.a Da Hilltop and formed the crew in 1994. They met each others in High School, they all had an addiction for Hip-Hop music that pulled them all together like a magnet. In 1995, they released their first single " Positional Bypass / Onemantality" on Luge Recordings, a record label founded by some of their friends who wanted to take a business approach to the game. 

Productions are made by the well-known beatmakers Steel & Wall (Creative Illusions / ERF Productions) also known as Fisherman productions, and both are members of the group Down To Erf with Mathematik. They produced for many local artists in the Toronto area like Citizen Kane or Diemen X and were mentored by K-Cut of the Main Source. 
The original samples used for "Positional Bypass" come from the songs " I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" released in 1971 and performed by Bo Diddley, "Speak Ya Clout" performed by Gang Starr for Guru's voice sample "From the get go / I let go / Shit to make you petro" and "Stress Remix" performed by Organized Konfusion for Pharoahe Monch 's voice sample "Yo it's the verbal assault weapon with words uncanny". Sorry but don't know the samples for the other track "Onemantality"... The wax isn't really hard to find so be sure to cop this Canadian Hip-Hop masterpiece asap !!!  

Mad Props to D. Jerome a.k.a Dub ILL 

Caveman - The Victory EP - 1991

EP - 1991 - Profile Records 

This 4-Track EP was released on Profile Records in 1991 by Caveman, a UK Hip-Hop trio consisted of M.C.M, The Principle and Diamond J from High Wycombe & Aylesbury. The EP features their first main single "Victory", the original and remix versions of the track "Cool (Cos I don't Get Upset)" and a previously unreleased track "Swift Sucker". 

From Hip Hop Connection - June 1990 - Scan courtesy of Underground United  

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Album Review : Organized Konfusion - Organized Konfusion - 1991

LP - 1991 - Hollywood Basic  

From The Source Magazine - January 1992 - Scan courtesy of Press Rewind 

From Hip Hop Connection - April 1992

The Large Professor - The LP 2xLP - 2018

2xLP - 2018 - Paul Sea Productions / Red Line Music Distribution, Inc 

A1. Intro
A2. That Bullsh*t
A3. Hungry 
A4. I Juswanna Chill
A5. Funky 2 Listen 2  
B1. Mad Scientist 
B2. Hard
B3. One Plus One feat NAS 
B4. The LP
C1. Dancin' Girl 
C2. Large Pro:Verbs
C3. Havin' Fun 
C4. Spacey
D1. Amaman 
D2. Queens Lounge
D3. Bowne
D4. Big Willie
D5. Outro

Special Limited Edition Vinyl (2xLP Transparent Blue colored reissue - 500 copies available). 
Shipping Date : November 2nd 2018