Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Large Professor - The LP 2xLP - 2018

2xLP - 2018 - Paul Sea Productions / Red Line Music Distribution, Inc 

A1. Intro
A2. That Bullsh*t
A3. Hungry 
A4. I Juswanna Chill
A5. Funky 2 Listen 2  
B1. Mad Scientist 
B2. Hard
B3. One Plus One feat NAS 
B4. The LP
C1. Dancin' Girl 
C2. Large Pro:Verbs
C3. Havin' Fun 
C4. Spacey
D1. Amaman 
D2. Queens Lounge
D3. Bowne
D4. Big Willie
D5. Outro

Special Limited Edition Vinyl (2xLP Transparent Blue colored reissue - 500 copies available). 
Shipping Date : November 2nd 2018

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