Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dizzy Dustin x Pandamonium Ft. Masta Ace & Jabba Tha Kut - Rain Delays Remix

To celebrate 1 year since Dizzy Dustin and DJ Pandamonium dropped the "Where Do I Go From Here?" album, here is a remix of the track "Rain Delays" featuring Masta Ace and Jabba Tha Kut, especially produced by Pandamonium for the occasion and exclusively available for free on his Bandcamp.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Mass Influence - The Underground Science - 2022


2xLP - 2022 - 90sTapes / HHV 

"Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Massinfluence has always been one of our favorite new school crews and "The Underground Science" is still one of those nuggets to recommend when someone is digging for jazz-infected boombap rap. Originally released in 1999, the trio consisting of Audessey, H2O and Cognito created a conscious classic all the way through that remains timeless. Next to the original 11 tracks the re-release contains 7 bonus tracks." - Courtesy of 90s Tapes

Available on 2xLP (500 copies), CD (150 Jewel Case - 150 Digipak) & Tape (100 copies)


Monday, June 27, 2022

Flynn - Night After Night - 1998


12" - 1998 - Eartube Empire 

Here is the 12" released in 1998 by the Los Angeles-based emcee Flynn a.k.a Flynn Adam Atkins. It came out on his own label Eartube Empire.

Flynn & Prince Paul

The Main single of the record is "Night After Night". The A-side contains 2 various versions of this song, the "Album Mix" version produced by Eternals and the "Everynight Mix" version produced by Coy. The third track pressed on this side is entitled "Sea Breeze which is produced by Flynn himself. 

A lot of guests are invited by Flynn on this 12"... the "Album Mix" version of "Night After Night" features 2 emcees named bTwice and Joey Lawrence who is also known under the name of Joey The Jerk. The "Everynight Mix" version features a bunch of emcees named Proverb, Sublingual, Pigeon John, Sup The Chemist and Sharlok Poems who is now well-known under the name of Sareem Poems. The flip side of the record contains all the instrumental versions.

A year prior to the release of this wax, all these cats formed the eight-man crew called L.A Symphony. Moreover you can see written on the label that all those tracks are from the upcoming L.A Symphony album which will come out 2 years later in 1999 and will be entitled "Composition No. 1". For the info, the track "Night After Night" Album Mix was also included in the solo album "Louder" released by Flynn in 1997. 

Zagnif Nori & Tone Spliff - Stone Cold Killer - 2022

CD - 2022  

Zagnif Nori teams up with DJ/Producer Tone Spliff and drop this 9-track project entitled "Stone Cold Killer", which features King Author, Kool Taj The Gr8, and THE ONE Lavic.

Limited CD, 100 copies only...

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Mellow T - Keep It Real - 1993

12" - 1993 - Columbia  

When you look at the cover of this 12" for the first time, with this cat with curly hair and his leather jacket, you could think it could be some smooth RnB shit... but in fact, not at all !

"Keep It Real" is the first single released by Anthony Brownlee a.k.a Mellow T originally from Hartford Connecticut, then moved to New Jersey after being signed by Columbia in 1993. Mellow-T was discovered by Raymond Pouncey, the executive producer, in a talent show that he held. Mellow T was in an original group that he put together named The Little Rapscals. 

"Keep It Real" is available on the wax in its LP & Remix versions, both produced by Greg Nice from Nice & Smooth. In terms of productions, the LP version contains samples from "Jamilah" performed Houston Person and from "I know You Got Soul" performed by Bobby Byrd. 

"Keep It Real" was supposed to be part of Mellow-T's album entitled "The Best Kept Secret" produced by Greg Nice, Phat Kat and Tony Dofat, but it never came out unfortunately. Phat Kat in a recent chat, declared that the connection happened thru Greg Nice when he was working on "Paranoia" for Nice & Smooth, Ray Pouncey was looking for tracks for Mellow T's album. Phat Kat was surprised the album was shelved... Another interesting unreleased album I'd like to see coming out one day... fingers crossed !

After that, Mellow-T released the single entitled "Pressure" on Rugged Route Records in 1995... It was his last single before disappearing from the music scene ...

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Buckwild - The Sound of '95 - Represent Magazine - 1995

From Represent Magazine #7 - April/ May 1995 


Awon & SOUL.DOPE.95 - Infinite Wisdom - 2022

LP - 2022 - Don't Sleep Records  

Virginia emcee Awon teams up with LA-based producer SOUL.DOPE.95. to drop the collaborative 12-track album entitled "Infinite Wisdom".

Available now to pre-order on limited edition Mint Green vinyl and on standard Black vinyl. 

Pre-Oder : Bandcamp / HHV / Vinyl Digital

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Steady B - Bogardin Remix - 1994

12" - 1994 - Feature Records 

This wax was released by the philly-based MC Steady B in 1994 on Feature Records. 2 songs are available on it, "Bogardin" Original & Remix versions on the A-side and "Let It Go" on the B-side. "Bogardin Remix" is definitely the best track of the 12", produced by Steady B & Damon Kelly a.k.a Dame "Deuce" Dollaz. The track features Brom a.k.a Brom Cognito who is a member of the group Tainted Mindz. 

This 12" is important in Steady B's discography because I think it's the last record dropped by Steady B before going to jail in 1996. For those who don't know the story, Hilltop Hustlers' Steady B (born Warren McGlone) and Cool C (born Christopher Roney) who also was Steady B's partner in the group C.E.B, robbed a Philadelphia PNC Bank on January. 2, 1996. During the bank robbery attempt, a police officer was coldly murdered. Cool C was convicted in 1996 for the first-degree murder of Police Officer Lauretha Vaird (RIP) and was sentenced to the Death Penalty, while Steady B was sentenced to Life imprisonment.

Promo Photo courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

From The Source, April 1996

About the wax, it's part of the 12" which are really easy to catch online for less than 20$... it's not really an indie grail but it's a good 12"! 

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Wicked Takeover Ep#35 : Prodigy 90s Tribute

Today is Prodigy's 5 year death anniversary. Here's DJ Wicked 3 hour all vinyl Prodigy Tribute of his 90's joints... Enjoy !

"The Wicked Takeover brings you deep into the Vinyl crates of Wicked. Expect to hear everything from album cuts to b-sides, remixes, white labels, bootlegs, etc. You'll also hear Hip-Hop from the Golden Era of 1988 to the Mid-90's all the way to current times. A large focus will be on 2k Hip-Hop, especially 2010 to current. Fridays 9pm EST | 6pm PST"

01. Prodigy of Mobb Deep (feat. Dr. Seus) – Catchin’ Bodies

02. Intro with Wicked

03. Mobb Deep – Temperature’s Rising (Instrumental)

04. Mobb Deep – Locked In Spofford

05. Mobb Deep (feat. Nas & Raekwon) – Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mine)

06. Mobb Deep (feat. Nas, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah) – Eye For An Eye

07. Mobb Deep (feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Big Noyd) – Right Back At You

08. Mobb Deep – Bloodsport

09. Mobb Deep – The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side)

10. Mobb Deep – Trife Life

11. Mobb Deep – Up North Trip

12. Mobb Deep (feat. Ty Nitty & Twin Gambino) – Animal Instinct 

13. Big Noyd (feat. Ty Nitty & G.O.D Pt. III of Infamous Mobb & Prodigy) – All Pro

14. Mobb Deep (feat. Method Man) – Extortion

15. PMD (feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep & DJ Scratch) – It’s The Pee ’97

16. Mobb Deep (feat. Cormega) – What’s Ya Poison

17. Mobb Deep (feat. Nas & Big Noyd) – Give It Up Fast

18. Mobb Deep, A.C.D. & L.E.S. – Street Life

19. Mobb Deep (feat. Big Noyd) – Party Over

20. Mobb Deep (feat. Big Noyd) – If It’s Alright

21. Mobb Deep – Peer Pressure (DJ Premier Remix)

22. Mobb Deep – Live Freestyle Session on Stretch & Bobbito (July ’94)

23. Mobb Deep (feat. Twin Gambino) – We About To Get Hectic 

24. Mobb Deep (feat. General G) – Can’t Get Enough Of It

25. Mobb Deep (feat. Raekwon) – Nighttime Vultures

26. Mobb Deep – Back At You

27. Big Noyd (feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep) – Recognize & Realize (Part 1)

28. Xzibit (feat. Mobb Deep) – Eyes May Shine (Remix)

29. Nas (feat. Mobb Deep) – Live Nigga Rap

30. The Almighty RSO – War’s On

31. Mobb Deep – Rare Species (Modus Operandi)

32. Mobb Deep (feat. Onyx) – QB Meets Southside

33. Mobb Deep – Allustrious

34. Mobb Deep – Where Ya Heart At 

35. Mobb Deep (feat. Big Noyd & Rakim) – Hoodlum

36. Big Noyd (feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep) – Infamous Mobb

37. Big Noyd (feat. Mobb Deep) – Recognize & Realize (Part 2) 

38. Mobb Deep (feat. Big Noyd) – Give Up The Goods (Just Step) 

39. Mobb Deep (feat. Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest) – Drink Away The Pain (Situations)

40. Mobb Deep (feat. Big Noyd) – The Bridge

41. Mobb Deep – Get It In Blood

42. Blitz – Pushin’ Off The Lead

43. Mobb Deep – Hit It From The Back

44. Mobb Deep (feat. Infamous Mobb) – Who Wanna Test

45. Mobb Deep (feat. Ty Nitty) – In The Long Run

46. Mobb Deep (feat. G.O.D. Pt. III of Infamous Mobb) – Untitled 

47. Mobb Deep – Lifestyles Of The Infamous

48. Mobb Deep – Cop Hell

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Black Moon in Represent Magazine - 1994


From Represent - April / May 1994

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - June 18th 1998 - WKCR


Here is an episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show uploaded by Maddawg 76. The show was aired on June 18, 1998 on WKCR.

Heltah Skeltah feat Illa Noyz - Doo Doo Emcees
Talk Break
Don Scavone - Sketchy Situations Cloudkickers Remix
O.C - Time's Up Remix
Juggaknots - Genuine Demo
MHZ - World Premiere
Da Nuthouse - A Luv Supream
25:25 ? 
Saafir - The Hit List
Xzibit - What U See Is What U Get 
Brown Sirround - The Set Up (Desperado Mix)
Basement Khemists - Vibrate
Wizdom Life & Matt Fingaz - Fruits Of Labor In The Sunshine feat Talib Kweli
Scaramanga feat Godfather Don - Special Efx 
Company Flow - End To End Burner 
MHZ - Camu
Pumpkinhead - Dynamic Remix feat CES/DCQ/Meat Pie/Ocean/Pokaface/The Bad Seed & What?What?

Remix Session : Pumpkinhead - Dynamic (9X Remix) - 2022


The Italian Beatmaker 9XMENTALITY is back with a remix for "Dynamic", originally released on 12" by the legendary Pumpkinhead (RIP) in 1997. 

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Chun-Li - Raspy - 1996


12" - 1996 - Mindstate Records  

Here is the debut 12" released by the female Emcee Chun-Li on Mindstate Records in 1996. 2 songs are pressed on this wax, the first one is the lead single "Raspy" available in its vocal and instrumental versions produced by Robert Wilson, and in its Smash Remix Vocal and Smash Remix instrumental versions produced by Robert Wilson & Marcel Vandemark. The second one is "Go For Yours" which is the last track of the B-side, produced by Robert Wilson, Marcel Vandemark & Marcus Wilson. 

Not much info about Chun-Li on the web and a very short discography... the only other record including material from Chun-Li is the Blackmarket Unreleased compilation album released on Freeze Records/ Priority Records in 1995.

The B-Side contains another Chun-Li's song titled "Leave Your Guns At Home" produced by Robert Wilson. I had a little tchat with Steve "Hershey" Alexander from the Bronx, who was the executive producer of this comp. According to him, it seems that Chun-Li was from the Chicago area, but they've been out of contact since he left Freeze Records and he isn't sure what happened with her career unfortunately.

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - June 17th 2022


2 Hours of 90s indie hip-hop joints selected and mixed by SampleMind & Rug. Here is the latest episode of No TV Raps Radio Show aired on June 17th on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany).

Friday, June 17, 2022

Radio Show : The Wreck - June 9th 2022


DJ Jason D & Trav G host "The Wreck" every Thursday from 7-9pm (Mountain) on 89.9 KRBX / 93.5 Downtown and streaming at live from Boise, ID. Here is the episode aired on June 9, 2022

1. DJ Jason D - The Wreck Show Intro

2. Kurious - Come Back

3. Kool Taj The Great x Tone Spliff - Rap Clowns

4. Novatore x A.M. Early Morning x Stu Bangas - Kingdom Of Criminality feat Spit Gemz & D-Rec

5. Pete Powerz x Propain x Fazeonerok - 3 Amigos

6. Brizz Rawsteen - Blake Griffin

7. J.Depina - 84 (INST)

8. Jay Royale - Finga Printz feat Nems

9. DJ Muggs - Metropolis feat Method Man & Slick Rick

10. Grafh - Mossberg

11. Boldy James x Real Bad Man - Water Under The Bridge

12. CL Smooth x Peter Gunz - Odd Couple

13. Spanish Ran - For The Low feat UFO Fev & Madhattan

14. J. Depina - Hide (INST)

15. The Good People - The Fat Lacing

16. U-nik Stylez - Talk Mine feat Diabolic

17. CRIMEAPPLE x DJ Skizz - Frequent Flyers Freestyle

18. Fuzzy Ed - Centurions feat Celph Titled & Apathy

19. Nature - Newports & Kools

20. Ransom - Redemption

21. Pete Rock - Soul Food (INST)

22. OC From NC x DJ Flash - Simone Biles

23. Precyce Politix - GAWD Loves You

24. Illpo - Rest And Youngless

25. The Alchemist - Rubber Bands & Weight (INST)

26. C-Lance - Leap Of Faith feat Evidence & Big Twins

27. C-Lance - Sons Of Godzilla feat Apath & Celph Titled

28. C-Lance - Bring The Terror feat Blaq Poet & Reef The Lost Cause 

29. J. Depina - Piano Slugs (INST)

30. Rob Gonzales & DJ Proof - For You

31. Rob Gonzales & DJ Proof - Mean Somethin’

32. Rob Gonzales & DJ Proof - Step Up feat 8ch2Owens

33. Wais P & Pete Twist - Hans Gruber feat Lil Fame of M.O.P.

34. Brizz Rawsteen - Cloverleaf prod Vinyl Frontiers

35. M-Dot - Done prod Apollo Brown

36. JRoberts - We Ain’t Come To Play feat Skyzoo

37. P.U.R.E. - Gritty Gospel feat Substance810

38. Josiah The Gift - Condolences feat Substance810

39. Khrysis - Closing Time (INST)

Circle Of Native Vibes - Yellow Tape (95 Demo Tape) - 2022

EP - 2022 - B2DS  

"Sup y'all ? We back at it with this DOPE project from the CNV called Yellow Tape. Crazy demo tape from 94-95, all unheard tracks, pure demo tape sound style, you know the ones with those incredible Gems on it. 9 tracks project. The task of tape restoration was no joke tho. We spent mad hours on it in order to clean it and bring back those mad conscious lyrics and ill melodies. Incredible Vibes and prophetical verbatim, CNV at its best, Peace to the Gods they know what time it is. Indeed the lyrical mathematik is on point (as always) and the Sonic Math of the beats is crazy too, Planet KI / Planet X / Nibiru is coming my Brothers & Sisters." - courtesy of Back 2 Da Source Records

Available on Vinyl (300 copies) & CD (300 copies).

Pre-Order : Bundle / Vinyl / CD 

Documentaries :

 Here are two dope Documentaries from the Tribeca Film Festival 2022 which will be available for streaming soon."Katrina Babies" directed by Edward Buckles, Jr on HBO and "Supreme Team" directed by Nasir “Nas” Jones and Peter J Scalettar on SHOWTIME.

"From director Edward Buckles, Jr., Katrina Babies offers an intimate look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its impact on the youth of New Orleans. An entire generation has grappled with the lifelong impact of having their childhood redefined by tragedy. Buckles, who was 12 when the hurricane hit, documents the stories of his childhood peers who survived the storm, while opening a door for his own healing, capturing the spirit and resilience of New Orleans."

"Directed by Nasir “Nas” Jones and Peter J Scalettar, Supreme Team is a three-part limited docuseries that takes an in-depth look at the notorious Queens, New York gang, and tells the real story from the mouths of its two leaders and family members, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and Gerald “Prince'' Miller."

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Finsta - No Time To Live Foul / Outta Da Dark - 2022


12" - 2022 - Subway Hip-Hop Records 

"Subway Hip Hop Records brings you straight from Brooklyn NY “Finsta”. Finsta is half of the duo Finsta Bundy who have spent the last 3 decades plus creating some of the best hip hop records. Finsta takes you on a journey courtesy of Therapybeats(Chicago) and DJ Tren (France) production. 

No Time To Live Foul takes you back to his earlier years in Brooklyn and part of his life growing up. With a more soulful feel this track will definitely hit. The remix produced by DJ Tren from France of Street Wyze production. More soulful flavor to compliment this track. 

Outta Da Dark is what Finsta is known for. That raw, dirty, gutter, street, dark, boom bap hip hop. This is that head nod type of hip hop that takes you to the golden era of the 90’s era NYC. The remix hits even harder and really makes you miss those years where boom bap hip hop was coming out weekly. 

All 4 vocal songs come with instrumental versions. This is one of the last 12” vinyl hip hop record done as a single the way it use to be done. Vocal, remix, instrumental of each song. " - courtesy of Subway Hip-Hop Records 

A1 - No Time To Live Foul (Therapybeats Original)
A2 - No Time To Live Foul (Therapybeats Instrumental)
A3 - No Time To Live Foul (DJ Tren Remix)
A4 - No Time To Live Foul (DJ Tren Remix Instrumental)
B1 - Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Original)
B2 - Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Insturmental)
B3 - Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Remix)
B4 - Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Remix Instrumental)

Available on Rust Splatter Doubles Bundle, Rust Splatter Vinyl, Purple Splatter Vinyl, Jade Splatter Vinyl & Pineapple Splatter Vinyl. 

300 copies only...

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Dj Droppa - Keep It Movin' Intro's Vol 1 & 2

DJ Droppa presents the Keep It Movin' Intro's Volume 1 & 2, Mixed and Cuts by DJ Droppa @ the Get Down Shack.