Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Record Report : The Source, October 1990


From the Source, October 1990 - Scans courtesy of Craig Ellis Leckie

Subway Hip Hip Records Vol #12 - The Hudson Tunnel 12" EP


Subway Hip Hop Records are back with the volume #12 of their Hudson Tunnel Series. All the tracks are produced by DJ 3rd Rail & Padawan. 

A1 - Shabaam Sahdeeq - God And Da Devil

A2 - El Da Sensei -Yes I Do

A3 - Napoleon Da Legend - Return of The Sharpshooter

B1 - Page The Hand Grenade - Worst Case Scenario

B2 - Nejma Nefertiti - The Q.U.E.E.N.

B3 - Napoleon Da Legend & Nejma Nefertiti - Fiend For Perfection


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Mixtape : Es-K & DJ Grazzhoppa - Essential Knowledge Vol. 2 - 2024

K7 - 2024 - beatsbyesk 

Es-K teams up with DJ Grazzhoppa to drop the Volume 2 of his "Essential Knowledge" Mixtape which is available as limited edition cassette, 100 copies only... Beats, Blends & Remixes are at the menu! 

Video : Lab 79 - Nobody - 2024


London-based MC/Producer Manage announced one week ago that Lab79 is no longer running, so this track produced by C.Facts and released on Diss Figured Records might be one of the last song recorded by the crew..."No Body" features Manage, Bxrbarian, Menace Mendoza, C.o.N-Vers & Skirmish.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

T-MAX - The Alleywalker - 2024


2xLP - 2024 - Trumindz Records 

"The Alleywalker", T-Max's unreleased album which was originally recorded circa '93, is now officially out with the help of Trumindz Records. The album consists of 17 tracks produced by Danny Wood, Dow Brain and Brad Young. Don't sleep on this Fellas !!! 

Available on 2xLP (Gatefold - 250 copies) & CD ( 250 copies)

New Joint : Edo.G & Tone Spliff - Catch Up - 2024


"Catch Up" is the first single taken from Edo.G and Tone Spliff's collaborative album entitled "Audio EDibles", which is now available to pre-order on Vinyl (200 copies), Cassette (50 copies) and CD (100 copies). 

Your Old Droog x Thelonious Coltrane - Droog Poznayotsya V Bede


"Droog Poznayotsya V Bede" is a remix album dropped by Thelonious Coltrane which is dedicated to the Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog. 

New Joint : Amerigo Gazaway & Cavendish Archive - Full Circle - 2024


Amerigo Gazaway & Cavendish Archive present the single "Full Circle" featuring Napoleon Da Legend & Awon, taken from the forthcoming album "Cavendish Archive Reimagined: Amerigo Gazaway Edition". 

Remix Session : Lo Down - Fright Nights (Karbine Remix)


New Remix dropped by the NYC-based beatmaker Karbine.  The track "Fright Nights" was originally released on 12" in 1994 on Grifter Recordings. 

Video : Mic Bles X Level 13 - Raised On feat ethemadassassin - 2024

Visuals for "Raised On" featuring ethemadassassin and DJ Romes, single taken from Mic Bles & Level 13 's collabo album "Still No Halos", available now digitally.

Video : Guilty Simpson & The Alchemist - Giants Of The Fall - 2024

Visuals for the first single from Guilty Simpson and Kong The Artisan's upcoming album titled "Giants Of The Fall", which is now available to pre-order on vinyl via Noel & Poland Records. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Joint : Nas & DJ Premier - Define My Name - 2024


Almost 30 years after the release of the classic album "Illmatic", Nas and DJ Premier are finally back with a brand new single entitled "Define My Name". 

Classic Material x Wax Poetics #9: The Breaks of '94

2023 may be behind us, but #HIPHOP50 has some months still to run! In celebration of the genre’s 50th year, we’ve teamed up with London based ‘Classic Material’ to present a chronologically themed series of mixtapes celebrating the history of recorded Rap music, mixed by Chris Read. Alongside the Hip Hop series, this companion Breaks series takes our re-cap of Rap History a level deeper, this time reconstructing the classics of the Hip Hop canon from their constituent sample material. Arranged chronologically of course, this eigth volume pieces together popular Hip Hop tunes from the year of 1994, utilising only the Funk, Soul, Rock, Jazz and Disco tracks from which they were originally constructed – over 100 breaks in the mix! Artwork pays homage to Paul Winley’s iconic ‘Super Disco Brakes’ compilation series." - courtesy of Wax Poetics

1. Jackie McClean – Soul [Extract] (Sampled in Main Source – Only the Real Survive)
2. Weather Report – Scarlet Woman [Extract] (Sampled in Gang Starr – Intro (The First Step)
3. Maynard Ferguson – Hey Jude (Sampled in OC – Creative Control)
4. Isaac Hayes – Never Gonna Give You Up (Sampled in – OC – Born to Live)
5. Tyrone Davis – In the Mood (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Lick the P***y)
6. NWA – I’d Rather F*** You [Extract] (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Lick the P***y)
7. Bob James – Take me the Mardi Gras [Extract] (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Lick the P***y)
8. Buster Williams – Vibrations (Sampled in Big L – Put It On)
9. Skull Snaps – It’s a New Day [Loop] (Sampled in Big L  – Put It On)
10. James Brown – Blues & Pants [Extract] (Sampled in Big L  – Put It On)
11. James Brown – Don’t Tell It [Extract] (Sampled in Big L  – Put It On)
12. Teddy Pendergrass – Love TKO (Sampled in Ahmad – Back in the Day (Remix))
13. The 5th Dimension – Let’s Find Love Together (Sampled in OC – Ga Head)
14. Pleasure – Bouncy Lady [Loop] (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Ain’t the Devil Happy)
15. Wu-Tang Clan – Tears (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Ain’t the Devil Happy)
16. Lee Oskar – Our Road (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Ain’t the Devil Happy)
17. Roy Ayers – Sensitize (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Mental Stamina)
18. Jeff Beck – Come Dancing (Sampled in OC – Ma Dukes)
19. Jimmy McGriff – Back on the Track (Sampled in OC – Ma Dukes)
20. Pleasure – Thoughts of Old Flames (Sampled in Main Source – Only the Real Survive)
21. Gary Burton – Leroy The Magician [Loop] (Sampled in Common – Nuthin’ To Do)
22. Pharaoh Sanders – Thembi (Sampled in KMD – It Sounded Like a Roc)
23. Harry Nilson – The Rainmaker [Loop] (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Straight Jacket)
24. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Light My Fire [Loop] (Sampled in Organised Konfusion – Why)
25. Brethren – Outside Love [Loop] (Sampled in Common – Sum Sh*t I Wrote)
26. Marley Marl feat Heavy D & Biz Markie – We Write the Songs [Extract] (Sampled in Common – Sum Shit I Wrote)
27. Archie Whitewater – Cross Country (Sampled in Common –Chapter 13)
28. Detroit Emeralds – You’re Getting a Little Too Smart [Loop] (Sampled in Common – Chapter 13)
29. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five feat Melle Mel & Duke Bootee – The Message [Extract] (Sampled in Common – Chapter 13)
30. The Modern Jazz Quarter – But Not For Me (Sampled in Common – In My Own World)
31. Clyde McPhatter – Mixed Up Cup [Loop] (Sampled in Common – In My Own World)
32. A Tribe Called Quest feat Large Professor – Keep It Rollin’ [Extract] (Sampled in Common – In My Own World)
33. EPMD – Get Off The Bandwagon [Extract] (Sampled in Common – In My Own World)
34. Les DeMerle – Day in the Life (Sampled in OC – Time’s Up)
35. Slick Rick – Hey Young World [Extract] (Sampled in OC – Time’s Up)
36. Monk Higgins – Little Green Apples (Sampled in Gang Starr – Code of the Streets)
37. Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution [Loop] (Sampled in Gang Starr – Code of the Streets)
38. BDP – Word from Our Sponsor [Extract] (Sampled in Gang Starr – Code of the Streets)
39. Teddy Pendergrass – Open the Door (Sampled in Big Daddy Kane – In the PJs)
40. Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long [Loop] (Sampled in Big Daddy Kane – In the PJs)
41. Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Escape)
42. James Brown – Escape-Ism [Loop] (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Escape)
43. Brethren – Outside Love [Loop] (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Escape)
44. Biz Markie – Take It From The Top [Extract] (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Escape)
45. George Benson – Face It Boy, It’s Over (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – In The Flesh)
46. EPMD – You’re a Customer [Loop] (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – In The Flesh)
47. Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle(Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – In The Flesh)
48. Big Daddy Kane feat Biz Markie – Just Rhymin’ With Biz [Extract] (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – In The Flesh)
49. Roy Ayers – Brawling Broads (Sampled in Casual – Thoughts of the Thoughtful)
50. Gary Bartz – Celestial Blues [Loop] (Sampled in Casual – Thoughts of the Thoughtful)
51. Marley Marl & Craig G – Droppin Science [Extract] (Sampled in Gang Starr – The ? Remainz)
52. Malcolm McLaren & World Famous Supreme Team – D’Ya Like Scratchin (Sampled in Gang Starr – The ? Remainz)
52. Bob James – Lookalike (Sampled in Gang Starr – The ? Remainz)
53. Living Jazz – Walk on By (Sampled in Common – Nuthin’ To Do)
54. Gary Burton – Leroy the Magician [Loop] (Sampled in Common – Nuthin’ To Do)
55. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Your Neck [Extract] (Sampled in Common – Nuthin’ To Do)
56. Grover Washington Jr. – Hydra [Loop] (Sampled in Common – Orange Pineapple Juice)
57. Keith Murray – Hostile [Extract] (Sampled in Common – Orange Pineapple Juice)
58. Ahmad Jamal – Dolphin Dance (Sampled in Common – Resurrection)
59. Power of Zeus – Sorceror of Isis [Loop] (Sampled in Common – Resurrection)
60. Nice and Smooth – No Delayin’ [Extract] (Sampled in Common – Resurrection)
61. Kool & The Gang – N.T [Loop] (Sampled in Nas – NY State of Mind)
62. Ahmad Jamal Trio – I Love Music (Sampled in Nas – The World is Yours)
63. T La Rock and Jazzy Jay – It’s Yours [Extract] (Sampled in Nas – The World is Yours)
64. Kool & The Gang – N.T [Loop] (Sampled in Nas – The World is Yours (Tip Mix))
65. Reuben Wilson – We’re in Love (Sampled in Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In The Park))
66. Biz Markie – Pickin’ Boogers [Extract] (Sampled in Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In The Park))
67. Marley Marl feat Craig G – Droppin’ Science [Extract] (Sampled in Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In The Park))
68. Main Ingredient – Summer Breeze (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Things Done Changed)
69. Biz Markie – The Vapors [Extract] (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Things Done Changed)
70. Dr Dre – Lil Ghetto Boy [Extract] (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Things Done Changed)
71. Black Heat – Something Extra (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Machine Gun Funk)
72. Stanley Clarke – Slow Dance [Loop] (Sampled in Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell)
73. Michael Jackson – Human Nature (Sampled in Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell)
74. Mountain – Long Red [Extract] (Sampled in Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell)
75. Kool & The Gang – N.T [Extract] (Sampled in Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell)
76. Tavares – Bad Times (Sampled in Digable Planets – Dial 7 (Axiom of Creamy Spies))
77. The 5th Dimension – Stoned Soul Picnic (Sampled in Kurious – Nikole)
78. Roy Ayers – Mystic Voyage (Sampled in Kurious – Uptown Sh*t)
79. Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel [Loop] (Sampled in Kurious – Uptown Sh*t)
80. Stanley Turrentine – Gibraltar (Sampled in Kurious – Jorge of the Projects)
81. Lou Donaldson – Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky [Extract] (Sampled in Kurious – Jorge of the Projects)
82. James Taylor & The Flying Machine – Konocking Round the Zoo [Loop] (Sampled in Kurious – Jorge of the Projects)
83. The Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy Suite Part II (Sampled in Nas – One Love)
84. Japanese Hair Cast – Dead End (Sampled in Nas – Halftime)
85. Average White Band – School Boy Crush [Loop] (Sampled in Nas – Halftime)
86. 40. Gary Byrd – Soul Travelin’ Pt. 1 [Extract] (Sampled in Nas – Halftime)
87. The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President [Loop] (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Unbelievable)
88. R Kelly – Your Body’s Calling [Extract] (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Unbelievable)
89. Notorious BIG feat Method Man – The What [Extract] (Sampled in Notorious BIG – Unbelievable)
90. Lou Donaldson – Ode to Billie Joe [Loop] (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Can’t Stop the Prophet)
91. The Crusaders – Chain Reaction (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Can’t Stop the Prophet)
92. Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley – Never Will I Marry (Sampled in OC – Word… Life)
93. Monty Alexander – Love and Happiness (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Let Off a Couple)
94. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat [Loop] (Sampled in Keith Murray – I Get Lifted)
95. George McCrae – I Get Lifted (Sampled in Keith Murray – I Get Lifted)
96. The Mohawks – Champ [Extract] (Sampled in Keith Murray – I Get Lifted)
97. Rick James – Bustin Out On Funk [Extract] (Sampled in Keith Murray – I Get Lifted)
98. Junior Mance – Don’t Cha Hear Me Callin’ To Ya (Sampled in Kurious – Baby Bust It)
99. A Tribe Called Quest – The Infamous Date Rape [Extract] (Sampled in Kurious – Baby Bust It)
100. Roy Ayers – Painted Desert (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Get Funky)
101. Biz Markie – Nobody Beats the Biz [Extract] (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Get Funky)
102. Otis Redding & Carla Thomas – Tramp [Extract] (Sampled in The Beatnuts – Get Funky)
103. Vic Juris – Horizon Drive (Sampled in Gang Starr – Mass Appeal)
104. EPMD – You’re a Customer [Loop] (Sampled in Gang Starr – Mass Appeal)
105. Da Youngstas – Pass the Mic (Remix) [Extract] (Sampled in Gang Starr – Mass Appeal)
106. Jerry Butler – I’m Your Mechanical Man (Sampled in Method Man – Bring the Pain)
107. Bob James – Caribbean Nights (Sampled in Redman – Can’t Wait)
108. Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long [Loop] (Sampled in Redman – Can’t Wait)
109. Big Daddy Kane feat Biz Markie – Just Rhyming with Biz [Extract] (Sampled in Redman – Can’t Wait)
110. Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers – Hey Jude (Sampled in Gang Starr – DWYCK)
111. Redd Foxx – Side One [Extract] (Sampled in Gang Starr – DWYCK)
112. Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Subsitution [Loop] (Sampled in Gang Starr – DWYCK)
113. Gang Starr – Step in the Arena [Extract] (Sampled in Gang Starr – DWYCK)
114. S.O.U.L – Memphis Underground (Sampled in House of Pain – On Point)
115. The Blues Project – Flute Thing (Sampled in Beastie Boys – Flute Thing)
116. The Crusaders – Whispering Pines (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Da Bichez)
117. NWA – A B*tch is a B*tch (Sampled in Jeru the Damaja – Da Bichez)
118. Wes Montgomery – Angel (Sampled in Showbiz & AG – Next Level)
119. Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – F*** What U Heard [Extract] (Sampled in Showbiz & AG – Next Level)
120. Bama the Village Poet – I Got Soul (Sampled in Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Searching)

Video : The Alchemist & Oh No (Gangrene) - Magic Dust feat. Evidence


Visuals for the new single dropped by The Alchemist and Oh No, taken from their new collaborative album "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" which is available now to pre-order on vinyl via ALC Records

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Boogiemonsters - Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album - 2024


2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV 

" In 1994, the Boogiemonsters stepped on the scene with their debut "Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album". The quartet consisting of Vex, Mondo, Myntric and Yodared, scored with a bright atmosphere throughout the entire album, pairing food for thought with laid-back productions. The album was accompanied by a few single releases with extra remix versions, two of these can be found on the bonus 7". " - courtesy of 90's Tapes

Available on 2LP+7" (500 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies) and cassette (100 copies).

Azaia & Mil Beats - When Miracles Can Happen - 2024


The French Producers Azaia and Mil Beats drop their collaborative instrumental album entitled "When Miracles Can Happen". All tracks produced by Azaia & Mil Beats, except "Inside Me & We Can Danse To Jazz" produced by Mil Beats and "The Lineage" produced By Azaia. 

100 copies only ...

Video : Skyzoo - Blue & Orange Everything - 2024


Friday, April 12, 2024

Fourfifths - Earth Wind & Fire - 1997

12" - 1997 - Conception Records  

Little slice of Seattle hip-hop history with this 12" released by the group Fourfifths in 1997 on Conception Records. This record label which was co-owned by Dany Clavesilla a.k.a Mr Supreme and Strath Shepard, dropped a bunch of good 12"s during the 90s and "Earth Wind & Fire" is one of the best in my opinion. 

The 12" is composed of the track "Earth Wind & Fire" (Remix & Original versions), "The Science" and "Mr. Supreme's Bonus Beat", with all the productions handled by the Conmen (Jake One & Mr Supreme).

Fourfifths was a duo comprised of the Seattle-based rappers Geoff  Gillis a.k.a Cuniform and Delon Williams a.k.a Sub Zero. In a recent interview I had with him, Cuniform explained that the names were just jokes…he was "Cuneiform", the oldest known written type font of the ancient Egyptians, and Delon was Sub Zero... the coldest.

Sub Zero (Left) & Cuniform (Right) - Photo courtesy of Geoff Gillis

Cuniform was born in Seattle and raised in New York. He moved to New York when he was 4-5 years old. Everything began for the duo when Cuniform, who was a young local house party and mixtape DJ in New York around 1991-1992, moved back to Seattle in August 1996. 

He first met Sub Zero with the help of Thomas Gray from Champagne Champagne/ Lil Lebowski, who took him to Sub Zero's house. They instantly clicked and they 've all been making music since…According to Cuniform, they weren’t really rappers at the beginning but just DJs who really were outside so it made sense… Cuniform lived on Union and Sub Zero lived on Madison, so it was easy for them to organically create and go out in the clubs every night with their homeboys… They were taught by Vitamin D, Mr Supreme and Jake One. 

There is nothing released by the group after that 12" because they went to college and lost interest in the performance part…they recorded a bunch of records with Jake One (all this material is on ADAT tapes !!!) but by the time Cuniform got out of school being a rapper felt corny so they just moved on. Cuniform explained that they were really just making fun of the rappers, it wasn't meant to be serious... they just had fun making the music. After that, Geoff Gillis went back to New York to work with Dame Dash/Biggs at Rocafella, and Delon Williams worked with Strath Shepard for Flavor Magazine. 

The wax is affordable and really easy to find, so grab it if you can. If you're looking for more material from the duo, you can listen to those tracks entitled "Analyse" and "Trust No One" from the album "Choked Up" which was released by Sharpshooters (Mr Supreme & Shane "Shureshot" Hunt ) one year prior, still on Conception Records.

Mad Props to Geoff Gillis, thanks for your time. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Video : Him Lo - Philly Shell Defense feat. ENEM - 2024


Visuals for "Philly Shell Defense", latest single dropped by Him Lo featuring Enem The Great, taken from the album "Stampede of Equestrianz" which is still available on Vinyl & CD. The production is managed by Senz Beats and the video is directed by Clever 1. 

Jazz Spastiks & Beneficence feat. Phantasm - What I'm Talkin' About - 2024


12" - 2024 - Votava Records  

Jazz Spastiks drop "What I'm Talkin' About" featuring Beneficence and Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) on the German Label Votava Records. The B-Side of the wax includes exclusive remixes by Figub Brazlevic and Retrogott. 

" With "What I'm Talkin' About", the Jazz Spastiks deliver a jazzy boombap beat that celebrates the 90s vibe of the "Golden Era" with heavy drums and a skillful selection of samples. East Coast flavor, smoove saxophone samples and New Jersey rawness meet the significant bass-heavy underground style of the two UK producer legends.

Beneficence and Phantasm rap with their own laidback flow about the struggle to get noticed as young rappers from the suburbs. They describe the era when "Beatstreet" and "Wildstyle" were in the movies and rap was just about to make the leap from underground to mainstream. It's about the time when Blondie & Fab Five Freddy found worldwide attention ("Rapture"), RUN DMC was the first hip hop group to be booked to play in front of 98,000 people at LiveAid in 1985 and live recordings of a hip hop concert (Fresh Fest) were broadcast via Music Video Box for the first time.

At the same time, the song is a salute to the NY rap pioneers who paved the way for the subsequent MC's and the hip hop movement in general: UTFO, Howie Tee, Chubb Rock, Sepcial Ed, Big Daddy Kane, Heavy D, etc.

A tribute to hip hop and how it has made its way from its cradle in the South Bronx to the remotest suburbs of the world. There is no better way to honor the 50th anniversary of this culture. I think you know "what I'm talking about"." - courtesy of Votava Records

250 copies only...


New Joint : K-Rec - Sunset feat. Son Doobie & Kool Kim - 2024


New joint dropped by Vancouver-based producer K-Rec featuring Son Doobie (of Funkdoobiest) & Kool Kim (of the UMC's). 

Native Nuttz - The Nativez Are Restless 2xLP - 2024


2xLP - 2024 - Most Wanted Records

Better late than never ... 2 years after the official reissue on CD of the Native Nuttz debut album "The Nativez Are Restless" from 1994, Most Wanted Records are now back with the double vinyl treatment... highly deserved !

1. Rock Rock On 

2. 40 Oz. 

3. Interlude 

4. Skinflower 

5. Pazz Tha Puddin' 

6. Fruit N Slide 

7. All N Da Splendor 

8. Native Luzt 

9. Give A (Shout) 

10. Pissin' On Tha Wallz Of Damnation 

11. Erect From Tha Slumz 

12. 40 Oz. (Original)

Available on Black Vinyl (200 copies) / Marble Vinyl  (75 copies) / Yellow w/ Splatters Vinyl  (75 copies) / Transparent w/ Splatters Vinyls (75 copies) & Test Press (5 copies)