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Album Review : L.O.N.S - A Future Without A Past - 1991

From The Source - September 1991 

Down To Erf feat Dub Ill ‎– Weapons 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - Tree House  

Nick Holder and his Tree House Record label are back with a new Down to Erf 7". On the A-side, you can listen to the track "Weapons" featuring Mathematik and Dub Ill (Sic Sense) which was originally released in 2000 on the comp titled "Drop The Beat". The B-side features the track "Diligence's Beat". Everything is produced by the Twins aka Erf Productions. 

100 copies only and the copies are sold on Discogs gradually ... stay tuned !

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Cooley Roc - Make No Mistake (2xLP / CD) - 2019

2xLP - 2019 - Back2DaSource Records  

Cooley Roc was a Northwest Hip-Hop artist based in Seattle. He released in 1995 a classic album titled "Make No Mistake" on Cassette and CD format. This album composed of 20 tracks produced by Stile Free was really hard to find.. so it was a good idea to contact Jeremy Ross aka J-Ross from Xeno Soul Records... because a few months later the album is now available on vinyl officially with the help of my Back2DaSource fam :

"Sup ya'll?! Its been a minute since our last drops. Don't want to ever rush out any projects we do and this "Megaton Bomb" was as heavily quality invested as all our work! Hope you've enjoyed the previous releases from the 206.... (Seattle, Washington Tribal Affiliated work).

Thought it was finished? In fact we couldn't leave the City without putting out this GEM from Seattle District with the Phat Monotone Shit from the Seattle Native "Cooley Roc!" with the heavily slept on (Even in the Seattle proper area) album, "Make No Mistake". (Originally Released on a circulated Promo Tape and short CD run)

Absolutely Pure "DOPENESS" from 1995, beat Production by "Still Free"! The sound is very Groovy, Jazzy, Funked out Flavor. At the same time, while Cooleys' smooth flow that is rife with nothing but "DOPE" lyrics, smooth delivery & a sound and cadence to fully compliment the beats catered for the surprisingly refreshing West coast sounds of the Era it laid claim to.
This will bring you back to that Golden 95' Era Flavor, fully Re-mastered by (Dé Larchiviste from Larchiviste Records) Full out Analog Re-mastering for a very high quality audio experience. Only the most highly scrutinized quality control from the B2DS Family. Yours to enjoy to the highest degree.

Amazing album which is very hard to find the short CD run which was imperative to be reissued on Compact Disc. And most definitely to be pressed up on Vinyl for the First Time Ever on a Full Cover 2XLP Gatefold Edition after almost 25 years! Real must have in any serious record collection. If You Enjoy Music From The 206.. This will most definitely fill that void since our last hand picked catalog of music professionally curated by the B2DS Family. Hip Hop Enthusiasts to the highest order.

2XLP Gatefold Edition comes with custom Tag insert (Press Sheet) to be used as a poster with album specific Graffiti Pieces by Piet Pado AKA Nerco Black (The skills behind many previous album art in our catalog). Album is limited to the usual 300 classic Black units pressed on Vinyl and 300 CD units, reissued as always for the love of the sound and culture." - Back2DaSource Records 


Gatefold edition with insert, 300 copies only ... don't sleep Fellas !!
Pre-Orders : Bundle (2xLP+CD) / 2xLPCD 

Mad Props to J-Ross, Cooley Roc, Stile Free, Bee Lapointe, Mike Cole, Pascal Ross Marquette, Dé L'archiviste, Nerco Black and the whole BD2S Fam 

Reflected Glory

From Hip-Hop Connection - December 1997 

Video : Blu & Exile - True & Livin' - 2019

Official video of the single titled "True & Livin'", off the True & Livin' EP released on vinyl by Blu & Exile in May 2019. 

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SOP a.k.a Smoked Out Productions

Let's talked about that group called SOP a.k.a Smoked Out Productions. It was a group from NYC who consisted of four MCs named Stress, Agony, Black a.k.a Black Attack and Problemz. 

The names of Stress and Agony might not be very familiar to you but no doubt you've already heard about Black Attack and Problemz, who were both affiliated to the Beatnuts and also members of the group Missin' Linx with Al' Tariq in the late 90s. 
For those who don't remember and to recap quickly, Black Attack and Problemz recorded a lot of stuff from the mid to the late 90s.Black Attack released two classic 12-inches featuring Problemz in 1997 which were both played many times by Stretch & Bobbito that year : "Holdin' It Down / Verbal Attack" on Correct Records and "My Crown / Correct Technique" on Ghetto Gold Recordings / Rawkus. They also worked a lot with DJ Honda at that time and featured on all his albums...

Smoked Out Productions was founded in 1993. They released their first 12" titled "Back Up Kid (That's What You Get)" on Smoke Out Music in 1994, which is very hard to find. Personaly I've never seen a physical copy of it for sale in a record store... always online for a fucking crazy price... 

The tracks "Back Up Kid", "Aw Yeah" and "Phases" were produced by two cats named Big Tone and John Kapon who also managed the record label.    

12" - 1994 - Smoked Out Music

Problemz : "SOP initially was a production squad with two Emcees .. Stress and Agony. Black and I met thru SOP, began recording songs and before you know it we all formed as a crew. We'd link up a few times a week at John's crib, smoke, kick it and write ... When it came time to record we'd go to a studio owned by one of John's friends called the Cutting Room... funny thing is although we were Smoked Out Productions ... I didn't really start smoking until like a half a year after getting down with the crew... I would get skipped in the cypher unbeknownst I was catching crazy contact high. SOP was just that ... Smoke Out Productions lol"

Black Attack : "Well before me they were already a group. SOP was already established. Problemz, Stress and Agony were already making records and all that. I came along after the fact introduced by a mutual friend that knew them. But once we met we automatically just clicked. They pretty much welcomed me in.
Stress, Agony and Big Tone were all from Harlem. If I’m not mistaken Stress and Agony were a group before SOP, with Big Tone making the beats. I think they kinda grew up together. John Kapon was from Manhattan, John and Tone together on them beats tho was fire. John just had a ear for something different. Tone was that all music guy... take any melody and turn it into a beat. He could listen to any beat and come up with the craziest hook you’ve ever heard."

The following year the crew was back with a brand new 12-Inches composed of 2 tracks titled "Styles" and "Bok Bok" ... same emcees, same production team ! 

12" - 1995 - Smoked Out Music  

The same year, Problemz appeared on the Echo Underground Airplay Volume IV with the solo track titled "Neva B4" which was an alternate version of the track "Styles". 

If you are a follower of the great "Take It Personal" podcast, I'm sure you're familiar with the name of Andre Prine aka DJ 360, member of the Philaflava crew. 
Here is something people don't know... In the mid-90s Andre was affiliated with SOP. At that time he worked for the music industry and he did productions and remixes for the group. After a brief interview Andre gave me more info about how everything started for him in the music industry and tell me more about how the connection happened with the SOP members... here is a slice of NY indie hip-hop history :

DJ 360 : "I was born in NY in 1971 and moved to Florida at a young age. I went to film school for college and that brought me back to Manhattan in the early 90’s. I lived in the West Village and was fortunate enough to experience Hip Hop’s "Golden Era" from the source.

I have been DJ'ing for 40yrs I started around 8 yrs old with my fascination for roller skating and the funk & soul that was being played there. I would go at least 3 times a week and became a king on 4 wheels. I started collecting records at that time ’79-’80 and the DJ at the rink would let me up and pick records out for him. Within a few months I was buying music nobody knew about that I would hear on pirate radio stations and my trips back up to New York visiting family. I would record nonstop 98.7 Kiss & WBLS at all hours of the night where they would play music that couldn’t be played during regular hours at the station. Jellybean, The Latin Rascals, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Mr. Magic, and Jeff Fox would run the dial late night and they were great to listen to. Certainly not the most skilled but equipment was limited back then and the setup in most radio stations didn’t make it easy for DJ’s to be close to the turntables and the mixer at the same time. They also used knob mixers (Bozak) mixers back then crossfaders were not the standard. Regardless, the shit I would bring back with me made most of the local DJ’s envious so they allowed me in with them. 

Shortly after I bought the old 2 Channel Numark Mixer from the Roller rink for around &150-$200 which was a lot for a kid under 10 yrs old and I begged my dad to buy me 1 turntable. For a kid in the late 70’s to ask his dad for a $250 Technics 1200 turntable (it wasn’t happening). I purchased a lesser quality direct drive pioneer turntable and I would hook up the turntable from the wooden stereo cabinets popular at that time and I taught myself how to scratch and blend 2 records over each other. Music was limited at that time there was no Hip Hop section in record stores and there were only a handful of songs being pressed that were even available nationwide. As time went on I finally hit my dad up for 1200’s just one but I traded my old mixer for a newer one and my skills started to really take a turn. I started DJ’ing for local acts in south Florida and found myself going to this record store in the Lauderhill Mall (Ft. Lauderdale FL)  which was really a record label called 4Sight Records run by Billy Hines who was a studio engineer. His son was MC ADE (Bass Rock Express, Bass Mechanic etc). One day he let me cut it up in store and within 10 minutes this little white boy had a crowd surrounding the turntables and afterward  he called me in the back asked if I would be interested in touring with his son ADE as his tour DJ. His son didn’t like the idea and he apologized and 2 other artists from the label asked if I would work for them. Here’s the kicker, I hated Miami Bass. I was a purist and my Hip Hop taste came from 1 place (New York) period!!!
Through the years I started DJ’ing on Miami radio mix shows Hot 105 and Power 96 and I went in all the DJ contests back then. I was the quick mix king. During one completion I battled thousands of DJ’s to qualify in the top 5 at a club called (1235 in Miami). I went up against one of the greatest DJ’s Bad Boy Bill from Chicago. He did shit I never saw before a real showman. He had a guy in a suit timing him so he stayed in the time frame of the contest. He even wore a strap on dildo pulled it out of his pants put it on the turntable and with no hands started scratching “Suck My Dick” from Eddie Murphy’s comedy album. That was the first time that I understood the concept SHOWMANSHIP. I stopped competing after that because it took too much out of me and shortly after that time DMC started and it became a world view that I wasn’t looking to compete with. 

The natural progression from DJ’ing led me into production. Aound the late 80’s I finally was able to buy my own equipment (credit cards) and I invested in a new drum machine that was the most expensive but it had no sounds on it. Roger Linn’s Akai MPC 60. Before this there were a few drum machines available (Roland 808, 909, DMX, Linn Drum, EMU: Emax etc). All were unattainable for a teenager.  The MPC was the 1st of its kind a sample based drum machine (Roger Linn realized the future of music production). My record collection was big by now so I started making songs on the drum machine sampling everything I could get my hands on. Ten seconds of sample time wasn't enough but you learn the tricks. Sampling records at 45rpm instead of 33rpm to speed the sample and then slow it down to conserve time. I eventually had a custom disk drive made to extend sample time to 24 seconds which was the most available with those types of machines. Every day making beats but the type of acts in Florida were not for me. I headed to college and went into film school where I Learned to produce and compose film scores but I would incorporate a Hip Hop mindset using the gear I had and they loved it. It also made my music have a little more movement. I hated when producers would just loop one thing throughout an entire song. So I learned song structure and created changes to the Hip Hop I was brewing. Once I got back to NYC I was on it. I went to every show there was, every record store, and went digging for breaks and rare groove. The diggers didn’t move completely in yet so records were still affordable. You could still buy a Bob James One or Two for about $20. Once “96/’97 rolled in you couldn’t find anything for under $100. I bought an SP 1200 and and few other pieces and continued making music. I worked at EMI/Capitol Records so I had access to some great promos and did a few remixes for artists they were trying to build. After a while I decided to leave the record company and went to work at Chung King Studios which was the biggest and best at the time. Every act from the Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass, LL Cool J, Salt & Peppa,  Fat Joe etc I would assist the engineer and learn the process from a professional perspective. The people who owned the studio always asked me why I worked there. They always alluded that I had a college degree and I deserved more as a career. I think they snubbed there nose at the Hip Hop that seemed to dominate all the studio rooms. “Your too good for this job” was what they said. The pay sucked but I wanted to be around these artists. 
Eventually I met enough people and carved a niche for myself producing and DJ’ing remember back then you didn’t have every kid in the world thinking they could DJ or produce music it was still rare to meet people that had there own equipment, passion, and the means to make music. 

John Kapon lived in Manhattan on the upper east side. His dad I think owned an apartment on top of the wine store that he owned. His father wanted him to be done with music and work for him. That wine store Acker Wines is one of the biggest in the world for buying and selling fine wines. We would always go into the shop when it was closed and grab a few bottles and hang out this was before cameras were a thing in businesses. 
Big Tone was from uptown NY (Harlem) I’m not sure if he eventually moved to Brooklyn but he always repped Uptown.

The connection with me and SOP happened when I was working at Capitol/EMI Records. John was a big weed smoker and a dude I worked with at the label was a big weed dealer. I remember John and I met at a showcase and he gave me his card and the crews demo and I slid him my stuff. He worked on a EPS 16 keyboard and I was an MPC guy. I loved his style of production because it was smooth and in the pocket. A nice dusted out moody vibe and I always said I could remix this shit all day. Was so surprised at the level of hidden talent the group SOP had. Black Attack was always my favorite he was just that Brooklyn dude with a great voice. Then you had Stress who had that raspy voice and presence and I immediately gravitated to the two of them. Big Tone was the east coasts version to Nate Dogg but much less polished but a great dude. I got in close with everybody towards the end. They were a super group and wanted a deal that would allow them to record as a group and also split into solo careers so they wanted what Wu Tang was getting. Most labels didn’t have that kind of vision but I knew a few people to send them to since I worked at the label and studio. A good friend of mine had an uncle Richie Cordell & Kenny Laguna that wrote music through the 60’s and 70’s. He wrote songs like "I Think Were Alone Now” and wrote and molded Joan Jett back in the 80’s. I brought him their demo with my remixes and songs I produced for them. I also gave him their original demo that had “Bok Bok” “Keep Smoking” and “Styles” on it. He heard the group and thought maybe he would try to create a deal in Hip Hop since it was what was going on. Older dudes who don’t understand what we did constantly tried getting in the game thinking they could pull the wool over a crew of kids who just wanted a deal and would sell their souls for nothing. SOP loved having me around because I was the type of guy who tried to make things happen for them. To be honest, they were the first group that I ever worked with that had the skills of a project I was proud to get behind. We took that deal to my friends uncle and it almost happened. I remember the meeting very well. We were all sitting in this large board room and it was at the offices of Bert Padell who was the accountant that used to get BIG deals for the artists in the Hip Hop world. I really thought this was gonna happen but it eventually never materialized because there were too many variables with the group. Too many members who want solo side deals etc instead of just focusing on a group and staying together cohesively. I won’t lie, I thought it was my pay day for bringing the group to the table.
Shortly after those meetings I immediately got the group back in the studio (which I paid for) to cut new vocals for Mad Drama” at Cutting Room Studios and I also thought of working with certain individuals mentioned earlier that I though had solo potential. I took Stress and Big Tone to a studio in East New York Brooklyn and recorded “Stress Vs The West which was popular for east coast artists to diss the west with all that beef. The songs were a little ahead of their time but nothing really materialized from it. The group slowly started to disband with The Beatnut's Fashion taking Black Attack and Al Tariq giving him work that eventually gave him a shot on Correct Records. They tried bringing Problemz on a few joints but nothing would stick. If I remember correctly John Kapon’s girlfriend was pregnant and his father pressured him to get in the wine business and secure his future which as I told you was the right thing to do."

So the group disbanded shortly after the second single in '95... Stress and Agony disappeared from the New York Hip-Hop scene, Black Attack and Problemz followed their path in the music industry. 

Black Attack : "In all honesty it was no beef or any thing like that. It was more of too much outside interference... I mean there’s 4 dudes which means 4 different personalities and 4 different crews. So we pretty much had all different views on what we should be doin.  Everybody pretty much just started their own thing. Me and Probz started doin shit wit Tariq and that was the ending."

Here is an info for all the tapes collectors who follow the blog... a Demo tape exists... It was recorded in 1994 and includes the tracks titled "Mad Drama", "Why O Why", "Stress Vs The West" or "SOP Flow" ... I've only seen one copy in my whole life which is owned by DJ 360. He ripped 2 unreleased demos exclusively for the blog ... enjoy the gift fellas !!!

 Mad Props to Andre Prine, Sean Black & Problemz. 
Thanks to all of you ! 

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Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 219 - Tribute to DJ Scratch

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop. 

This is Episode 219 - Tribute to DJ Scratch - DJ Toast - originally aired on June 23, 2019

EPMD “Funky Piano” (1990)
Redman “So Ruff” (1992)
PMD “Back Up or Get Smacked Up” (1994)
Busta Rhymes “Party Is Goin’ On Over Here” (1998)
EPMD “Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2-Mic Doc)” (1992)
Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes “N.T.” (1999)
EPMD “So Wat Cha Sayin’” (1989)
Busta Rhymes “Do the Bus a Bus” (1998)
EPMD “The Big Payback” (1989)
K-Solo “Spellbound” (1990)
EPMD “Gold Digger” (1990)
Flipmode Squad “Everybody On the Line Outside” (1998)
LL Cool J “Phenomenom” (1997)
EPMD f. LL Cool J “Rampage (Hardcore to the Head Mix)” (1990)
EPMD “I’m Mad (DJ Scratch Jazz Mix)” (1991)
Guru f. Angie Stone “Keep Your Worries” (2000)
Flipmode Squad “This is What Happens” (1998)
Onyx “Street Nigguz” (1998)
Rah Digga f. Mary J Blige “On the Move” (2004)
Busta Rhymes “Get High Tonight” (1997)
The Roots “Rock You” (2002)
Diamond D “U Can’t Be Me” (2008)
Das EFX “Comin’ Thru” (1995)
Busta Rhymes “Rhymes Galore” (1997)
Guru f. Bahamadia “Respect the Architect” (1995)
Busta Rhymes “Woo-Hah!! (DJ Scratch Albany Projects Remix)” (1996)
Pharoahe Monch “Right Here” (1999)
Busta Rhymes “Abandon Ship (DJ Scratch Remix)” (1996)
Q-Tip “Do It” (1999)
LL Cool J “Ill Bomb” (1999)
Method Man & Redman “1,2, 1,2” (1999)
EPMD “Total Kaos” (1989)
Funkmaster Flex f. Wu-Tang Clan “Cream Team Line Up” (1998)
MC Shan “Don’t Call It a Comeback” (1993)
EPMD f. Redman “Brothers on My Jock” (1990)
K-Solo “Drums of Death” (1990)
EPMD “Give the People (Jeep Mix)” (1990)

Mad Props to DJ Toast 

Drasar Monumental - Hardcore Overdose Sessions - 2019

LP - 2019 - Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam  

You need to know that my man Drasar Monumental is back with his last project titled "Hardcore Overdose Sessions", released on his famous record label Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam. Everything on this album is written and produced by Drasar himself. 
Big Up !

"Most of you know of me from the beats I have dropped over the years (GMV Trilogy, AH1,AH2 with my brother MF Grimm)…Some of you associate me with DJ’ing…But many of you heard me rhyme for the first time on the Box Cutter Brothers 4 project with my ace Ayatollah, even though I have been rhyming for the majority of my life….DRASAR is a acronym for DANGEROUS – RHYMES – ASSASSINATE – SUCKERS – AT – RANDOM and I have always took my penmanship serious, just like I do with beats and Dj’ing…
When I came up – my crew was obsessed with mastering more than one element, and to this day I still carry that with me, and I always will…
About a year ago I started the journey of crafting “Hardcore Overdose Sessions”...My goal was to rhyme the most disturbing bars over the nastiest beats ever recorded in the history of music... Seriously...
The first version of H.O.S. was so depressing and dark I had to start completely over because it was starting to bug me out….I needed to go back to the drawing board and keep the darkness balanced and add more color and texture or the project was going to sound like a redundant, one trick pony (How cats get away with this approach in 2019 is mind boggling to me)….
So I took my time and quietly created concepts, explosive scratch patterns, detailed rhymes, unpredictable production, and a dash of that extra seasoning to highlight my penchant for drama without sounding like a typical, disgruntled, loud mouth savage….
I know in my heart I fully accomplished my goal- and on June 24th (My Bornday) the world will get to hear me in top form with the beats and rhymes….Vinyl, CD & Digital and I am truly happy as a motherfucker…”Unpredictable” is the first leak – and if you have love for the kid, make sure you spread the word, just like I have for others for the last 10 plus years on HHB…Hahaha…
Nah, but on the serious side – if you fuck with it- do the right thing and pass the heat along like any self-respecting B-Boy is supposed to do….Big up to everyone out there that has supported over the years- you are appreciated.." - Drasar Monumental  

Release Date : June 24th 2019

Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing - Klingon Face Remixes / 8 Bricks Remixes - 2019

7" - 2019 - Village Live  

"Following their highly anticipated sold out 2018 LP 'Finish What We Started' Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing are back with a pair of deadly remixes from the album on a limited press 45   The A side features a remix of the uptempo, break heavy nod to the Britcore era 'Klingon Face' Originally by Parky, Mr Thing & Joker Starr, the remix also welcomes UK veterans Jehst & Essa (formerly known as Yungun)   Whilst on the flip is Mr Thing's remix of the gritty '8 Bricks' featuring one of Londons finest lyricists, Melanin 9. This remix was originally a digital only bonus track on the album but was much needed on wax. "  - Village Live Records

300 copies only 

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Third Eye Entertainment EP - 1998

EP - 1998 - Third Eye Ent.

This is a various compilation released in 1998 on Third Eye Entertainment, an Indie hip-hop label from Virginia managed by Peter Haynes aka Pete Twist. The EP is composed of 8 tracks performed by different artists from Norfolk VA, with productions by 3rd Eye (Pete Twist & Joe City), Nottz, Superb & Dj EL. 

Pete Twist at Third Eye Studio - Photo courtesy of Pete Haynes

On the A-side, the tracks "Final Exam", "The Lyric" and "Bang Material" are performed by Gypcees, a crew of female emcees who originally consisted of Gangalee, Ghagged, MFW, Seven, Kweenie Lox, So_ul and Madam Melodious. 
"Final Exam" was produced by Nottz, "The Lyric" was produced by 3rd Eye and "Bang Material" was produced by Superb.

From the Left : Ke Turner (Ghagged) / Madam Melodious / So-ul  / Kweenie Lox & Gangalee - Photo courtesy of Markesha Turner

From the Left : Ke Turner (Ghagged) / Kweenie Lox / GangaLee & Madam Melodious - Photo courtesy of Markesha Turner

Ghagged : "Gangalee is originally from New York and came to VA for college at Norfolk State. I was already in VA working with an entertainment company. I met her when she came to the Third Eye studio and she overheard me in the booth. She told me to give her a call because she had an all womens group that she thought I'd be a good in. I decided to link up with her... it was around 1997-1998.
Her group was already called Gypcees. She had 2 other emcees she had on board back in NY where they already established the name.
So Gangalee was already recording at Third Eye for some time and the studio was becoming to go to place for many artists. So of course Superb and Nottz would go there to record, make beats etc... our paths inevitably crossed and they decided to throw us some tracks..."

On the B-side the tracks "88 Flashback" featuring P.K, "Ocean View" and "Elane, Elane" are performed by the Norfolk-based emcee DoomzdayThe instrumentals were respectively produced by Nottz, 3rd Eye and Dj El.

Doomzday : "Got the name in Government class from the Doomzday bomb. Also graduated from the same Highschool as Pharell.. Met Pete Haynes from Thirdeye in 95 and the journey began... Had to compete with Nas, Biggie, Dmx, Wu-Tang and Jay-z during this era so I studied them and became just as good.... I dream my rhymes, wake up and write my dreams, my pen game is endorsed by higher sources I can't even take the credit...And like Redman once stated "I'm a 24hr lyricist I sleep in my work boots"....
My parents moved to Buffalo NY and I moved into Third Eye studio's and that's when we began my portfolio of music...I used to write 3 songs a day to make sure that I had enough range and variety to win..."

Doomzday - Photo courtesy of Dayshon Gramm

Doomzday :"Dj El was a friend of Joe City and Pete Twist the producers at Thirdeye. He just happened to stop by one day and landed a track on the Ep... Nottz was giving us beats in exchange for studiotime at Thirdeye untill he got his first break with Busta Rhymes...Then we would link up from time to time to play new music from one another..."

Third group of the comp is a group named Suspects who consisted of Doomzday, P.K, Kash, Dillion, Sayas, Psycho, Rah and Stone Da Rula, hailing from Norfolk except P.K who was from Yonkers, NY.  
They recorded 2 tracks on the EP titled "Street Of Renasiance" and "Spanish Norfolk", both produced by 3rd Eye. I don't know if we can consider that Doomzday, P.K and Kash were the Suspects front men but they were the voices you heard the most on the tracks.

From the Left : Doomzday, Kashdillion, PK, Psycho, Rah and Sayas - Photo courtesy of Dayshon Gramm

Everything stopped in 2000 when the studio got robbed and all the studio equipment was stolen. It was the end of 3rd Eye Studio and everybody split in different directions...

Mad Props to Markesha Turner and Dayshon Gramm.

The Hip Hop Spot w/WildMan Steve & DJ Riz - August 9, 1993 - WBAU

The Hip Hop Spot w/WildMan Steve & DJ Riz 90.3 WBAU August 9, 1993

The Hip Hop Spot intro
The Beatnuts - Psycho Dwarf
8:00 ?
Black Ceasar - Black Ceasar 
Run DMC - In the House
De La Soul - Breakadown
Guru - Trust Me
Frankie The Pacemaker - Get Lifted
Frankie The Pacemaker - Live & Die Reck Part 2 (Ruffuckinmix)
Cypress Hill - I Ain’t Going Out Like That
Troubleneck Brothers - Trouble Wreck
42:46 ? 
Talk Break 
Preacher Earl - Gunz in The Air
Brand Nubian - Steal Ya Ho
Masta Ace Inc - the Mad Wunz

Mad Props to DJ Eclipse for the upload

Paulitics : Business Never Personal

From Pound Magazine May / June 2003 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Take It Personal Radio : Episode 45 & 46 - Redman Tribute + Interview

1.     EPMD - Hardcore
2.     EPMD - Headbanger feat. Redman & K-Solo
3.     Time 4 Sum Aksion
4.     How To Roll A Blunt
5.     Blow Ya Mind (Remix)
6.     Blow Ya Mind
7.     Tonight's Da Night (Remix)
8.     Tonight's Da Night
9.     Can't Wait (Remix 1)
10.   Can't Wait (Remix 2)
11.   Can't Wait
12.   Pick It Up
13.   Method Man & Redman - How High
14.   Method Man & Redman - How High (Remix)
15.   Do What Ya Feel feat. Method Man
16.   Whateva Man
17.   Rocafella
18.   Rockafella (Remix) feat. Erick Sermon
19.   A Milion A 1 Buddah Spots
20.   Funkorama (Erick Sermon Remix)
21.   Funkorama
22.   LL Cool J - 4, 3, 2, 1 feat. Method Man, Redman, Canibus & DMX
23.   A Tribe Called Quest - Steppin' It Up feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman
24.   Ghostface Killah - Buck 50 feat. Cappadonna, Method Man, Masta Killa & Redman
25.   Wu-Tang Clan - Redbull feat. Redman
26.   2Pac - Got My Mind Made Up feat. Dogg Pound, Method Man, Redman & Inspectah Deck
27.   KRS-One - Heartbeat feat. Redman & Angie Martinez
28.   Lost Boyz - Beasts From The East feat. A+, Canibus & Redman
29.   EPMD - Symphony 2000 (Remix) feat. Method Man & Redman
30.   Pharoah Monch - Simon Says (Remix) feat. Method Man & Redman
31.   Redman & Eminem - Off The Wall
32.   Beastie Boys - Body Movin' (Def Squad Remix) feat. Erick Sermon, Redman & Biz Markie
33.   Cypress Hill - Throw Your Hands In The Air (Remix) feat. Erick Sermon, Redman & MC Eiht
34.   MC Eiht - Nuthin' But The Gangsta feat. Spice 1 & Redman
35.   The Luniz - Hypnotize feat. Redman
36.   De La Soul - Oooh! feat. Redman
37.   Various Artists - The Points (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
38.   The Notorious B.I.G. - Rap Phenomenon feat. Method Man & Redman
39.   LL Cool J - Fuhgidabowdit feat. DMX, Method Man & Redman
40.   Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder
41.   I'll Be Dat!
42.   Da Goodness feat. Busta Rhymes
43.   I Don't Kare
44.   Dave Hollister - One Woman Man (Remix) feat. Redman
45.   Boyz II Men - Vibin' (Def Squad Remix) feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Redman
46.   SWV - Lose My Cool feat. Redman
47.   D'Angelo - Left & Right feat. Method Man & Redman
48.   Method Man & Redman - Tear It Off
49.   Diggy Doc
50.   Let's Get Dirty feat. DJ Kool
51.   Christina Aguilera - Dirrty feat. Redman
52.   Beyonce - Naughty Girl (Remix) feat. Redman
53.   Merry Jane feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg
54.   Smoke Buddah
55.   Yesh Yesh Ya'll
56.   Rock Da Spot
57.   It's Like That (My Big Brother) feat. K-Solo
58.   Method Man & Redman - Y.O.U.
59.   Method Man & Redman - Big Dogs
60.   Aaron Hall - Curiosity (Remix) feat. Redman
61.   Dru Hill - How Deep Is Your Love feat. Redman
62.   Chico DeBarge - Soopaman Lover (Remix) feat. Redman
63.   Soopaman Luva 3
64.   Funkorama (Remix) feat. Erick Sermon
65.   D'Angelo - Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine (Def Squad Remix) feat. Redman & Erick Sermon
66.   Method Man & Redman - Part II

1.       Tame One - A Day Across The Water feat. Redman
2.       Rated R
3.       Jam 4 U
4.       Time 4 Sum Aksion (Remix)
5.       Journey Throo Da Darkside
6.       Green Island
7.       Where Am I?
8.       Bobyahed2dis
9.       Basically
10.   Da Bump
11.   DJ Honda - Dat's My Word feat. Redman
12.   Creepin'
13.   Govna Matic - Family Day feat. Pacewon, Runt Dog, Young Zee, Tame One & Redman
14.   EPMD - Brothers On My Jock feat. Redman
15.   Erick Sermon - Swing It Over Here feat. Redman & Keith Murray
16.   Shaquille O'Neal - My Style, My Stelo feat. Erick Sermon & Redman
17.   Cosmic Slop feat. Erick Sermon & Keith Murray
18.   Keith Murray - How's That feat. Redman & Erick Sermon
19.   Jamal - Insane Creation feat. Redman
20.   Erick Sermon - Open Fire feat. Redman & Keith Murray
21.   Keith Murray - Yeah feat. Busta Rhymes, Redman, Erick Sermon & Jamal
22.   Busta Rhymes - Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad feat. Def Squad
23.   Redman - Da Ill Out feat. Keith Murray
24.   EPMD - K.I.M. feat. Keith Murray & Redman
25.   Das EFX - Rap Scholar feat. Redman
26.   Down South Funk feat. Erick Sermon & Keith Murray
27.   Keith Murray - Ride With Us feat. Erick Sermon & Redman
28.   Def Squad - Full Cooperation
29.   Def Squad - Say Word
30.   Erick Sermon - Now What's Up feat. Redman & Keith Murray
31.   Erick Sermon - Music (Remix) feat. Redman & Keith Murray
32.   Erick Sermon - React feat. Redman
33.   EPMD - Serious feat. Das EFX & Redman
34.   Redman - Walk In Gutta feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Biz Markie
35.   Keith Murray - U Ain't Nobody feat. Redman & Erick Sermon
36.   Keith Murray - Don't Make No Sense feat. Redman & Erick Sermon
37.   Def Squad - Def Squad Delite
38.   Method Man & Redman - How High (DJ 360 Remix)
39.   Kris Kross - Tonight's Tha Night (Remix) feat. Redman
40.   Styles P - Good Times (Remix) feat. Redman
41.   Ruff Ryders - 2 Tears In A Bucket feat. Method Man & Redman
42.   Mystikal - I Get It Started feat. Method Man & Redman
43.   Naughty By Nature - Rock & Roll feat. Method Man & Redman
44.   Missy Elliot - Dangerous Mouths feat. Redman
45.   Obie Trice - The Set Up (Remix) feat. Redman & Nate Dogg
46.   Snoop Dogg - From Long Beach 2 Brick City feat. Redman, Nate Dogg & Warren G
47.   Snoop Dogg - Mount Kushmore feat. Method Man, Redman & B-Real
48.   Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do (Remix) feat. Redman
49.   Beanie Sigel - One Shot Deal feat. Redman
50.   Method Man - Walk On feat. Redman
51.   Method Man & Redman - Four Minutes To Lock Down feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah
52.   Ghostface Killah - Troublemakers feat. Raekwon, Method Man & Redman
53.   Wu-Tang Clan - Lesson Learn'd feat. Redman
54.   Masta Killa - Therapy feat. Method Man & Redman
55.   Wu-Tang Clan - People Say feat. Redman
56.   Cormega - MARS (Dream Team) feat. AZ, Redman & Styles P
57.   EPMD - Yo feat. Redman
58.   Erick Sermon - Look feat. Method Man & Redman
59.   I Just Don't Give A Fuck
60.   Gorillaz - Gorillaz On My Mind feat. Redman
61.   Scarface - And Yo feat. Redman
62.   Eightball - Coffee Shoppe feat. Redman
63.   Pete Rock - Best Believe feat. Redman
64.   M.O.P. - Riding Through feat. Redman
65.   Sticky Fingaz - State vs. Kirk Jones feat. Rah Digga, Canibus, Scarred 4 Life, Lord Superb and Redman
66.   I Love Hip-Hop

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