Sunday, June 2, 2019

Swift - The Ruff Shit - 2019

LP - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise  

"Hip-Hop Enterprise will be reissuing the 1994 single tracks without the Ill Skool Shop Mix, cause that beat was originally part of the Scott Free - Don't Fight the Flavor EP that was released 2 months ago on Hip-Hop Enterprise as well. In addition there will be added no less than 5 previously unreleased full track bangers, recorded at that time and all of them produced by Noiseman M.D." - Hip-Hop Enterprise

A1 - The Ruff Shit (Ruff House Blues Mix)
A2 - The Ruff Shit (Ruff Man Mix)
A3 - The Ruff Shit (Radio Man Mix)
A4 - The Ruff Shit (Nine Duce Mix)
A5 - The Ruff Shit (Instrumental)
B1 - Here It Is (Vocal)
B2 - Loosing It (Vocal)
B3 - Blow For Blow (Vocal)
B4 - Buckle Up (Vocal)
B5 - Head For The Hills (Vocal)
B6 - The Dope Move (Beat)

Pre-Orders : Coloured Vinyl (100 copies) / Black Vinyl (200 copies)/ CD (300 copies)

Release Date : June 27th 2019

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