Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Drasar Monumental - Hardcore Overdose Sessions - 2019

LP - 2019 - Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam  

You need to know that my man Drasar Monumental is back with his last project titled "Hardcore Overdose Sessions", released on his famous record label Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam. Everything on this album is written and produced by Drasar himself. 
Big Up !

"Most of you know of me from the beats I have dropped over the years (GMV Trilogy, AH1,AH2 with my brother MF Grimm)…Some of you associate me with DJ’ing…But many of you heard me rhyme for the first time on the Box Cutter Brothers 4 project with my ace Ayatollah, even though I have been rhyming for the majority of my life….DRASAR is a acronym for DANGEROUS – RHYMES – ASSASSINATE – SUCKERS – AT – RANDOM and I have always took my penmanship serious, just like I do with beats and Dj’ing…
When I came up – my crew was obsessed with mastering more than one element, and to this day I still carry that with me, and I always will…
About a year ago I started the journey of crafting “Hardcore Overdose Sessions”...My goal was to rhyme the most disturbing bars over the nastiest beats ever recorded in the history of music... Seriously...
The first version of H.O.S. was so depressing and dark I had to start completely over because it was starting to bug me out….I needed to go back to the drawing board and keep the darkness balanced and add more color and texture or the project was going to sound like a redundant, one trick pony (How cats get away with this approach in 2019 is mind boggling to me)….
So I took my time and quietly created concepts, explosive scratch patterns, detailed rhymes, unpredictable production, and a dash of that extra seasoning to highlight my penchant for drama without sounding like a typical, disgruntled, loud mouth savage….
I know in my heart I fully accomplished my goal- and on June 24th (My Bornday) the world will get to hear me in top form with the beats and rhymes….Vinyl, CD & Digital and I am truly happy as a motherfucker…”Unpredictable” is the first leak – and if you have love for the kid, make sure you spread the word, just like I have for others for the last 10 plus years on HHB…Hahaha…
Nah, but on the serious side – if you fuck with it- do the right thing and pass the heat along like any self-respecting B-Boy is supposed to do….Big up to everyone out there that has supported over the years- you are appreciated.." - Drasar Monumental  

Release Date : June 24th 2019

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