Friday, June 28, 2019

Cooley Roc - Make No Mistake (2xLP / CD) - 2019

2xLP - 2019 - Back2DaSource Records  

Cooley Roc was a Northwest Hip-Hop artist based in Seattle. He released in 1995 a classic album titled "Make No Mistake" on Cassette and CD format. This album composed of 20 tracks produced by Stile Free was really hard to find.. so it was a good idea to contact Jeremy Ross aka J-Ross from Xeno Soul Records... because a few months later the album is now available on vinyl officially with the help of my Back2DaSource fam :

"Sup ya'll?! Its been a minute since our last drops. Don't want to ever rush out any projects we do and this "Megaton Bomb" was as heavily quality invested as all our work! Hope you've enjoyed the previous releases from the 206.... (Seattle, Washington Tribal Affiliated work).

Thought it was finished? In fact we couldn't leave the City without putting out this GEM from Seattle District with the Phat Monotone Shit from the Seattle Native "Cooley Roc!" with the heavily slept on (Even in the Seattle proper area) album, "Make No Mistake". (Originally Released on a circulated Promo Tape and short CD run)

Absolutely Pure "DOPENESS" from 1995, beat Production by "Still Free"! The sound is very Groovy, Jazzy, Funked out Flavor. At the same time, while Cooleys' smooth flow that is rife with nothing but "DOPE" lyrics, smooth delivery & a sound and cadence to fully compliment the beats catered for the surprisingly refreshing West coast sounds of the Era it laid claim to.
This will bring you back to that Golden 95' Era Flavor, fully Re-mastered by (Dé Larchiviste from Larchiviste Records) Full out Analog Re-mastering for a very high quality audio experience. Only the most highly scrutinized quality control from the B2DS Family. Yours to enjoy to the highest degree.

Amazing album which is very hard to find the short CD run which was imperative to be reissued on Compact Disc. And most definitely to be pressed up on Vinyl for the First Time Ever on a Full Cover 2XLP Gatefold Edition after almost 25 years! Real must have in any serious record collection. If You Enjoy Music From The 206.. This will most definitely fill that void since our last hand picked catalog of music professionally curated by the B2DS Family. Hip Hop Enthusiasts to the highest order.

2XLP Gatefold Edition comes with custom Tag insert (Press Sheet) to be used as a poster with album specific Graffiti Pieces by Piet Pado AKA Nerco Black (The skills behind many previous album art in our catalog). Album is limited to the usual 300 classic Black units pressed on Vinyl and 300 CD units, reissued as always for the love of the sound and culture." - Back2DaSource Records 


Gatefold edition with insert, 300 copies only ... don't sleep Fellas !!
Pre-Orders : Bundle (2xLP+CD) / 2xLPCD 

Mad Props to J-Ross, Cooley Roc, Stile Free, Bee Lapointe, Mike Cole, Pascal Ross Marquette, Dé L'archiviste, Nerco Black and the whole BD2S Fam 

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