Thursday, May 30, 2024

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - May 03rd & 17th 2024


Latest episodes of No! TV Raps radio show aired on May 03rd and May 17th on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany).

Baka Boyz 'Friday Nite Flavas' - Exclusive Promos, Interviews & Freestyles

Here are some 90s exclusive Promos, Interviews and Freestyles dropped by 12manrambo. All this material come from the Baka Boyz 'Friday Nite Flavas' show on Power 106 (KPWR) in Los Angeles. 

New Joint : Cella Dwellas & Denku - Master of My Craft - 2024


"Master My Craft" is the new joint dropped by the Cella Dwellas and Denku, taken from from their collaborative album titled "Talk Nice" which is fully produced by Bofaat.

Video : The Uce & Eto - Wolves - 2024


Oahu, Hawai-based rapper/producer The Uce delivers the visuals for his single "Wolves" featuring ETO, off of his 3-Track EP entitled "From It. Session.1".

Monday, May 27, 2024

Illegal - The Untold Truth - 2024


2xLP + 7" - 2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV

"Originally released in 1993 via Rowdy Records, Illegal's debut release "The Untold Truth" finally gets the reissue treament. Productions and features include artists such as Diamond D., Erick Sermon, A.G. & Lord Finesse, Biz Markie, Spearhead X and many more." - courtesy of 90's Tapes

Available in a limited run on 2LP+7" (300 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies) & Cassette (100 copies) 

Order : Vinyl / CD / Cassette 

Jamal - Last Chance, No Breaks - 2024


2xLP + 7" - 2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV

" Originally released in 1995 via Rowdy Records, Jamal's solo debut "Last Chance, No Breaks" finally gets the reissue treatment sporting three unreleased tracks from the demo version. Productions and features include artists such as Redman, Erick Sermon, Pete Rock, Keith Murray, George Clinton and many more. " - courtesy of 90's Tapes

Available in a limited run on 2LP+7" (500 copies), extra 7" of "Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix)" (300 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies) & Cassette (100 copies)

Order : Vinyl / CD / Cassette

Regional Reports - The Source, October 1990


From The Source - October 1990 - Scans courtesy of Craig Ellis Leckie 

Rome Streetz - Rome Streetz Wuz Here: The Documentary | Live In Japan


Video : Gilly Man Giro ft. Percee P - NCL x NY - 2024


Gilly Man Giro from Newcastle, UK drops the visuals for his single "NCL x NY" featuring Percee P, taken from his album "Epic Tales of Gilgamesh". The production is handled by Lewis Parker. 

Saturday, May 25, 2024

DK Presents Atlantic Rap Vol. 1 LP - 2024

Originally released digitally in November 2023, the first volume of the Atlantic Rap Series dropped by the Nova Scotian-based producer DK is now available on vinyl with the help of De Rap Winckel Records. 

"Atlantic Rap Vol.1 is the first volume of DK’s forthcoming compilation, a three-volume showcase of brilliant lyricists from North America’s underground that bumps to the sounds of DK’s knocking and imaginative boom-bap. Enlisting MCs from rap capitals like New York (UFO Fev, Wais P), Detroit (Frank Nitt, Phat Kat, E-Fav), and Canada (Ghettosocks, Saukrates), DK scores their vivid verses with his fusion of crackling samples, analog synths, and progressive instrumentation. Each beat flattens time, conjuring the warmth and grit of ’90s production while moving into the future with lush musicality. DK pairs every suite with the perfect narrator, established and rising rappers who deliver grimy street memoirs and intricate verbal assaults. Atlantic Rap Vol. 1 is a highlight reel from the long-celebrated and the next to blow up."

50 copies only...



New Joint : Jamal Gasol - Knowledge Is Wisdom feat Rasheed Chappell - 2024


"Knowledge Is Wisdom" featuring Rasheed Chappell is a new joint taken from the latest project entitled "It​’​s Still A Dirty Game" released by Jamal Gasol and fully produced by 38 Spesh.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Video : Common x Pete Rock - Wise Up - 2024


Pete Rock and Common deliver their first single "Wise Up", off of their upcoming collaborative album project.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Omniscence - The Raw Factor - CD Giveaway


Below System Records is doing a giveaway of the CD album "The Raw Factor" by Omniscence.

5 CDs will be sent for free to the winners. You can enter the giveaway with the following steps.

1. Send an email to to participate
2. Enter "Omniscence - The Raw Factor - CD giveaway" in the email subject line
3. Enter your first name only in the email text

The participation starts on Monday May 20th and ends on May 23rd. Below System Records will do a random draw of all the participants and will announce the 5 winners on Monday May 27th. They will be contacted via email.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Freak Tha Monsta - The D​.​O​.​P​.​E. Book - 2024

LP - 2024 - F.E.B.  


Producer/emcee Freak Tha Monsta (of the group Four Elements & Beyond) drops his solo album "The D​.​O​.​P​.​E. Book". It features Tone Spliff, Daniel Son, DJ Akil, Recognize Ali and more...  If you want to buy it on physical format, it's available on 12" Black & Gold Marble (w/ Obi Strip - 100 copies) and Gold Cassette (w/ Obi Strip - 50 copies)


Thursday, May 16, 2024

Adagio! - Str8 Off The Dat - 2024


LP - 2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV

90's Tapes are pleased to present Adagio!'s "Str8 Off The DAT", the third release of the duo comprised of Obvious Wonder (also known as Carta' P.) and Ray Foges (also known as Ray Supreme). The group dug deep in their crates to come up with 7 unreleased tracks recorded between 1992 and 1997, bringing you that special Adagio! vibe once again.

Available in a limited run on LP (500 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies) & cassette (100 copies). 


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Video : Stallone & Weathers - Blessed Be The One - 2024


Precyce Politix and K-Hill a.k.a Stallone & Weathers drop the visuals for their single "Blessed Be The One", taken from the album "The Cost Of Doing Business" which was originally released on CD in 2023. 

New Joint : Slik Jack x Sqreeb - Barrels Frm The Barrio Ft. Asun Eastwood - 2024

Single taken from the album "Cement Shoes and Colombian Neckties 2", recently released by Slik Jack x Sqreeb.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Cool “Cal-S.K.I” The Street Kid Intellect - Better Late Than Never

EP - 2024 - Chopped Herring Records  

Chopped Herring Records are back with I could say the 3rd episode of the Thunder Jam Alliance series. This time it's a 10 track solo EP from Cal-S.K.I. the Street Kid Intellect. All the demos were recorded between 1996 and 1998. 

Pre-order : Black Wax (300 copies) / White Label (50 copies)

Superscientifiku - Syntax + Semantics EP - 1999


EP - 1999 - Flyphonic Phonogram 

Here is another very hard to find EP coming from Europe which is considered as a must have. It was released in 1999 by the Swedish group Superscientifiku (a.k.a Supersci) on Flyphonic Phonogram.

Mr Noun, Erik L, DJ Observe & Arka - Photo courtesy of Daniel Öun

The A-side of the 12" is composed of the tracks "Supersciendifficult", "Syntax + Semantics", "Flip Fast" featuring Kashal-Tee and "Tremendous Three" featuring Phonetik. All the instrumental versions are on the B-side and all the productions are managed by the production team Flyphonic (Erik L, Obscure & Arka).

"Flip Fast" is definitely the best track of the 12" in my opinion. If you're looking for the sample used for the instrumental, you need to dig this album entitled "Nybyggarland" released in 1973 by the Swedish jazz composer Berndt Egerbladh. 

RC.Beatmakus Classic Shit - Remix RC.Beatmakus - 2024


French Beatmaker RC.Beatmakus (of Légitime Processus) drops his latest batch of remixes. 

Dan-E-O - Vigilante - 2024


LP - 2024 - URBNET  

Veteran MC Dan-E-O from Toronto, Canada delivers his brand new solo album "Vigilante". This is a 12-track album produced by Big Sproxx, Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz (Monolith) and S-Ky The Cookinjax. The guests are Masta Ace, Saukrates, D-Sisive, Quake Matthews, J Shiltz and more...

Dan-e-o’s hard-hitting 6th solo album “Vigilante” is equal parts lyricism clinic and seething social commentary. From the graphic novel album cover to the unapologetic lyrical content, “Vigilante” harshly critiques social media misuse, gun violence, anti-black racism, self-hatred, jealousy and self-doubt. Inspired by both the “Dexter” and “Death Note” series, Dan-e-o’s new album title represents his commitment to “kill” all of the negativity mentioned above.

Well-known for his classic debut 1996 single, “Dear Hip Hop”, Dan-e-o is every bit as punchline-heavy as you would expect on “Vigilante”. The album is also the veteran Toronto lyricist’s most provocative project to date. Taking zero bars lightly and sparing no feelings, Dan calls out such personalities as Kanye West, Donald Trump and Candace Owens while condemning Fox News, murderous police officers and the Ku Klux Klan. He even finds time to address a past toxic relationship while not missing a beat tearing into talentless rappers.

The soundscape of “Vigilante” can best be described as “heavy neck-snapping boom bap”. The head-nodders are supplied by Toronto’s Big Sproxx (Freedom Writers) and frequent collaborator Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz (Monolith) as well as Japan’s S-KY THE COOKINJAX. With an impressive list of featured guests including such legendary artists as Masta Ace, Saukrates and even comedy superstar, Russell Peters, Dan-e-o has created a recipe for hip-hop perfection. “These are the best 12 songs in the history of my catalogue,” insists Dan-e-o, “Period.” " - courtesy of URBNET

Available on Vinyl & CD


Saturday, May 11, 2024

Rome Streetz - Buck 50 - 2024



NYC-based emcee Rome Streetz is back with a 6-Track EP fully produced by Wavy Da Ghawd (cuts & scratches by DJ Boogieman). The EP is entitled "Buck 50" and is available to pre-order on CD and Cassette format. Vinyl coming soon via RRC Music Co

Friday, May 10, 2024

DJ Emskee - Pen Joints Show #368 - May 10th 2024


This is the Pen Joints Show #368 aired on Bushwick Radio and on . The Show can be heard every Friday evening for the Rush Hour from 5PM to 6PM, where DJ Emskee plays the best in old & new underground/independant Hip-Hop.

Mad Human Presents Rare Random Rap & Demo's 1994


Here is a new batch of Demos and rare tracks from 1994 dropped by Mad Human, who is certainly one of the last demo tape collector who share tracks from his collection on youtube. Enjoy !

00:00 - Q Ball & Curt Cazal - Combination 

04:23 - Zigg Zags - Games

09:50 - Bound E Hunters - Da Hunter

14:44 - Da Hoods Uv Mizbhaya - Hear No Evil Speak No Evil 

19:34 - Nautilus - Untitled 2

23:06 - Da Henchmen - I Want It All 

26:45 - Swift - Here It Is

30:15 - The Nugs - Pump

34:34 - Dungeon Dragonz - Untitled (DEMO)

38:40 - Soma - Causin Mass Hysteria 

42:25 - Jamie Terror - Just A Jigga

48:01 - Tha Lowa - Don’t Crossover 

52:05 - Troubleneck Brothers - Hectic

55:26 - Uptown Rebels - Sick Lunatic

59:30 - Infinite Cipher - Step Into The Cipher

1:03:25 - Narkim - See You When You Get Home 

1:06:51 - Da Hoods Uv Mizbhaavya - How You Look 

1:10:05 - Da Circle - Part Time Enemy 

1:14:41 - Footprints - Pelan 

1:19:37 - Big Du - Untitled (DEMO)

1:23:30 - Savior Truth - It Ain’t Nice (DEMO)

1:29:41 - Mind Space - Return To Forever (DEMO)

1:34:26 - Verbal Villains - Mo Betta (DEMO)

1:37:41 - Mental Prizm - Strawberry Moon

1:43:16 - The Mental I - Recognize 

1:48:07 - Triggaman - All About Da Money

1:52:17 - The Bang-bang Poet 24-7 - Here Comes The Bangbang Poet 

1:56:43 - Priest - Janine