Thursday, May 2, 2024

Harleckinz - 90two90six - 2024

4xLP - 2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV

Berlin, Germany, sometime early, early nineties. 3 MCs share a dream, a dream of taking this rap thing to the max. It wasn't long before Doubleface, Boogieman and Big Sal started making noise in the streets of the capitol and by the mid-nineties the band Harleckinz was a household name in Germany's rap music scene. It is these demos here which would eventually break the band and secure various major deals. The rest is history - yet another beautiful rap story originated in Hip Hop's golden era. "90two90six" contains 25 never before released demo tracks and instrumentals recorded between 1992 and 1996 next to 5 tracks which have been originally released on "From The Levels Below". " - courtesy of 90's Tapes


 Available on 4xLP (300 copies), 2CD in jewel case (300 copies) and Double Cassette (100 copies) 


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