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Superscientifiku - Syntax + Semantics EP - 1999


EP - 1999 - Flyphonic Phonogram 

Here is another very hard to find EP coming from Europe which is considered as a must have. It was released in 1999 by the Swedish group Superscientifiku (a.k.a Supersci) on Flyphonic Phonogram.

Mr Noun, Erik L, DJ Observe & Arka - Photo courtesy of Daniel Öun

The A-side of the 12" is composed of the tracks "Supersciendifficult", "Syntax + Semantics", "Flip Fast" featuring Kashal-Tee and "Tremendous Three" featuring Phonetik. All the instrumental versions are on the B-side and all the productions are managed by the production team Flyphonic (Erik L, Obscure & Arka).

"Flip Fast" is definitely the best track of the 12" in my opinion. If you're looking for the sample used for the instrumental, you need to dig this album entitled "Nybyggarland" released in 1973 by the Swedish jazz composer Berndt Egerbladh. 

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