Monday, April 29, 2013

K-Def - The Fundamentals featuring Blu & Quartermaine - 2013

From The Exhibit LP - Redefinition Records  

  1. Exhibit 2A featuring Seven Shawn of World Renown
  2. The Fundamentals featuring Blu & Quartermaine
  3.  Improvs From The Brain (Instrumental)
  4.  Mind Boggled (Instrumental)
  5.  Get Your Mustard (Instrumental)
  6.  Relay The Piece (Instrumental)
  7.  Lost My Thought Part 1 (Instrumental Intermission)
  2. Stay Thinking About Music (Instrumental)
  3.  Belly Pots (Instrumental)
  4.  Sitting At The Crib Pondering [Times Change Part 2] (Instrumental)
  5.  Chord Tester (Instrumental)
  6.  Rock It (Instrumental)
  7.  Lost My Thought Part 2 (Instrumental Outro)

Dig It Out : Producer Special - Dj Madsol-Desar

-= From Streetlove Magazine #2  - Text & Photo by BeaTjunKiE82  =-

Hi-Tech - Book Of Life - 1996

12" - 1996 - Mass Vinyl Recordings 

Gang Starr in Ego Trip Magazine #3

-= From Ego Trip Magazine #3 - Original Scans by Babylon Falling =-

Music Documentary : All For The Love - A Tribe Called Quest

E.C ILLA - On Ill - 1995

From E.C Illa LP - 1995 - Wicked Entertainment 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tales From The Lost Breed - Mankub & DJ Getz

Tales From the Lost Breed is a new remix project from Mankub and DJ Getz. All the tracks are original beats produced by Mankub, compiled and mixed by DJ Getz

Highly Recommended !!!!!

here are a few tracks from the Album :

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guru - Moment of Truth - The Lost Interview

"On April 19th 2010 the world of hip-hop lost one of its greatest. Guru was not only a legend and pioneer, he was one of a very few to put the music above fame. Its about who was listening to his music and the messages inside of it, not selling records to gain profit and fame.
Back in late 2008 and early 2009 we had the the biggest privilege to be able to spend some time with Guru before he passed away. At the time we did not know he had such a shot time left with the world, it just was the biggest opportunity we ever imagined to be apart of. After his passing, we respectively sent all the footage to his family and assumed that we would never put the content out. But now that its been a few years, we feel obligated to share everything that Guru opened up to you.
We’re truly honored and privileged to present Guru, in one more "Moment Of Truth".
Directed By: Matt Hobbs
Produced By: Mike & Patrick McCarney of Akomplice"

Advertisements :

Terror Green - 45 Stitches (demo) - 1995

Rakim vs. Pete Rock - I Know You Got T.R.O.Y. by Dj Vapor

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - Be A Father To Your Child (Remix) - 1991

12" - 1991 - PWL America Records 

Freestyle Session : Lord Finesse , KRS-One & Supernatural - 1995

Lord Finesse , KRS-One & Supernatural - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - November 1995

Tape Covers

Soliloquy Of Gangstarr - Mixed by Pipomixes

Redman ft. Doitall & Mr. Cheeks - Hands Up - 2013

 Produced by Easy Mo Bee - Artwork by Eion Haynes (211 Media Group)