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Jaffilation - Underground Phunk Vol. 1 - 1994

LP - 1994 - Jaffinity Records  

Here is a compilation album that I'm still looking for ... entitled "Jaffilation - Underground Phunk Vol.1" and released in 1994 on Jaffinity Records. The comp features artists or groups from Durham (Bull City), North Carolina and all the productions are fully handled by Melvin Jacobs a.k.a Nitro.
The best tracks of the record are the tracks available on youtube : "4 Da Mindz Knoose" and "Down Under" performed by Da Phunke' Bushmen, "Ruff Stuff" performed by Razor Sharp, and "Set If Of" performed by Da Knozes.

 No info on the internet or on Discogs about those groups, so if you're looking for more details you need to know that Da Phunke' Bushmen was comprised of 4 members named Mr Obese a.k.a The Analyst Mr Obese, Fonkicida a.k.a Fonkicida Da Ethiopian Monk, Kasmin a.k.a Kasmin The Lyrical Obstetrician and Nitro. The group was formed around 1990 and they performed at the legendary Apollo Theatre in NYC in 1992. 

Fonkicida Da Ethiopian Monk was also known under the name of Black Baby at the time. The track "Spoontful of Yout" on the A-side is his first reggae single.

Da Knozes was a duo composed of Whutsiznaim & Sym Swelz. The group broke up in 1995 due to creative differences and Whutsiznaim became a solo artist.

Da Knozes - Sym Swels (Left) & Whutsiznaim

The Producer Melvin Jacobs a.k.a Nitro is also known under the name of King James II. In the mid-late 90s, in addition to his productions for groups based in North Carolina he also produced for groups or artists from Brooklyn and New Jersey like Da Rail Black / Pauly Paps and D'Adore. He has been working for Big Phat Entertainment since 1998 and between 2005-2006 he worked as a Recording Engineer at Daddy's House Recording Studio/Bad Boy Entertainment LLC.

That's all I know about those artists involved in this compilation album. Don't hesitate to cop this 12" if you see a copy for sale... but believe me, that one is really hard to find ! 

Thursday, June 29, 2023

KANSER - NOW - 1997


"NOW" is another good album from the 90s which deserves to be released on vinyl nowadays... It was dropped by KANSER in 1997, a group from Minneapolis, Minnesota originally comprised of NuMC a.k.a Big Zach, Unicus and MeshOne a.k.a Mesh. DJ Elusive who was tight with the group is also considered as an affiliated member.

Unicus - MeshOne - DJ Elusive & NuMC (Big Zach)

"NOW" is an 11-track album released on cassette tape only, and entirely produced by A.N.T, half of the duo Atmosphere. This is the first project delivered by KANSER a.k.a Kanser Troop. All the members of the group were in High School when most of those songs were recorded at the time. 

Big Zach, could you tell me how the connection happened between You, Unicus and Mesh ?

Big Zach : "The three of us went to high school together. Mesh and I used to tag/do graffiti together. And another kid from our graffiti crew introduced us to Unicus. Unicus introduced us to Ant, who later became the producer for Atmosphere, and Ant would let us come do our first rap recordings in his basement."

Where does the name KANSER come from ? 

Big Zach : K-a-n-s-e-r is our 6 favorite graffiti letters

Which part of Minneapolis were you all from exactly ?

Big Zach : "We're from South Minneapolis. I was born in Northern Minnesota and moved to South Minneapolis when I was 9. Unicus was born in Haiti, and moved to South Minneapolis in highschool. Mesh was born and raised here. If you saw the police station that lit on fire during the George Floyd riots, we're all from around that area. Though by our age now it feels like the entire Twin Cities is home, as we've all bounced around the metro area over the years."

MeshOne - Illusion - NuMC  & Unicus (Standing) - Kanser Show at Intermediate Arts in 1997 - Photo from Pioneer Press, courtesy of Big Zach

Do you remember how many copies of the tape were dropped at the time ?

Big Zach : "Roughly a thousand. Funny, when we first finished the tape in '1997 an older homie advised us that if we sell ten to claim we sold a hundred or if we sell a hundred to claim we sold a thousand but by 2023 might as well keep it on honest. I know a thousand isn't a lot in the big scheme of things, but in our younger smaller world it felt like a lot. We sold about a thousand of the second tape that we put out the next year too (Network 1998)."

About DJ Elusive, could you tell me when and how he became an affiliated member of the group ?

Big Zach : "I think around '1999. Elusive toured with us for about ten years, though he got into bar tending and managing a Minneapolis bar/eventually opened the club in the city of Chicago. From there we adopted DJ Gabe Garcia who played with us for the next ten+ years."

Have you ever thought of releasing this album on vinyl nowadays ?

Big Zach : " Kanser Now ? It was recorded on a 4-track and we probably lost the master copy in the early 2000s ..."

Mad Props to Big Zach, thanks for your time. Big thanks to my man Fred Thecle for the tape rip. 

Video : Four Elements & Beyond - Different Math - 2023


Four Elements & Beyond (Freak Tha Monsta, Miggs Son Daddy and WRD Life) deliver a brand new video for their single "Different Math", off their latest album "Clock The Chemistry". 

Monday, June 26, 2023

J.U.I.C.E. - The Man - 2023


2xLP - 2023 - 90's Tapes / HHV  

"The Man" by Chicago's J.U.I.C.E. was originally released on cassette only in 1998. In addition to the original 4 rough demo tracks (including features by Common & O Type Star), we have 12 unreleased tracks from the late 90's on top showcasing the lyrical talent of an exceptional freestyle MC best known for his legendary battle with Eminem. - courtesy of 90's Tapes


Order your copy :  2xLP (500 copies), CD (jewel case - 300 copies) & Cassette (100 copies).

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode #320 - Flava Flav Vocal Samples


Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night at 9pm (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop. This episode is dedicated to Flava Flav Vocal Samples. 

Gang Starr “You Know My Steez” (1997)

N.W.A. “8 Ball (Remix)” (1988)

Poor Righteous Teachers “Strictly Mash’ion” (1991)

Ice Cube “Non Believers” (2018)

Eazy-E “Eazy Duz It” (1988)

MC Lyte “Kamikaze” (1991)

Kurrupt “Make Some Noise” (1998)

Jurassic 5 “What’s Golden” (2002)

Geto Boys “No Sell Out” (1989)

The D.O.C. “Mind Blowin’ (Dr. Dre Remix)” (1989)

Poor Righteous Teachers “Rock Dis Funky Joint” (1990)

Time Zone “Zulu War Chant” (1993)

Mikey D & The LA Posse “Out of Control” (1988)

Ice-T “I Ain’t New to This” (1993)

Erick Sermon “I’m Not Him” (2004)

Def Squad “Full Cooperation” (1998)

Public Enemy “Terminator X Speaks With His Hands” (1987)

Above the Law “Murder Rap” (1990)

Poor Righteous Teachers “Here We Go Again” (1993)

2Pac f. Deadly Threat “Peep Game” (1993)

EPMD “Crossover” (1992)

Terminator X f. Bonnie & Clyde “Homey Don’t Play Dat” (1991)

Godfather Don “On and On” (1991)

Funkmaster Flex f. T La Rock “Butterfly Style (It’s Yours ’93)” (1993)

MC Trouble “Power Move” (1990)

Schoolly D “King of New York” (1990)

MC Breed “Ain’t No Future in Yo’ Frontin’” (1991)

Makeba and Skratch “Ain’t It Funky” (1989)

AMG “Bitch Betta Have My Money” (1991)

Cash Money & Marvelous “The Mighty Hard Rocker” (1988)

EPMD “Play the Next Man” (1992)

Public Enemy “Too Much Posse” (1987)

Ice Cube “Wicked” (1992)

Skinny Boys “Straight to the Dome” (1988)

Naughty By Nature “Sleepin’ on Jersey” (1993)

Catch-22 “Just Asking” (1992)

Chubb Rock “Caught Up (Remix)” (1988)

Geto Boys “Trophy” (1991)

Special Ed “Come On Let’s Move It” (1990)

Ice Cube “Don’t Trust ‘Em” (1992)

Chubb Rock “The Chubbster” (1991)

Cool C “Life in the Ghetto” (1990)

Marley Marl f. Intelligent Hoodlum, King Tee, Grand Puba, Def Jef & Chubb Rock “Keep Control” (1991)

DJ Emskee - Pen Joints Show #322 - June 23rd 2023


This is the Pen Joints Show #322 aired on Bushwick Radio and on . The Show can be heard every Friday evening for the Rush Hour from 5PM to 6PM, where DJ Emskee plays the best in raw, underground/independant Hip-Hop.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Boogie & The Barber w/ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - February 25th 1996 - WQHT

Here is an episode of Boogie & The Barber Show aired on February 25th 1996 on Hot97-WQHT... but not the full show unfortunately. The Guests that night were Jay-Z and Jaz. Mad Props to DJ Nes who first uploaded this show in 2010 on his Dirty Waters blog. 

Company Flow - 8 Steps To Perfection

AK Skills - Nights of Fear

Paula Perry - Paula's Jam

Talk Break


Smooth Da Hustler feat DV Alias Khrist - The Love Of Money

LA The Darkman - I Want It All

Positive K - Mr Giggliano

Dutchmin - Get Your Swerve on

Broadway - Enjoy Yourself

Capone-N-Noreaga - Promo

Large Professor - Ijustwannachill

Talk Break

The Beatnuts - Find That

Redman - Funkorama Remix 

25 To Life - LA, LA

Non Phixion - No Tomorrow

Artifacts - Art of Facts

Talk Break

Jay-Z & The Jaz - Interview & Freestyle

Big Noyd - Recognize & Realize

Ol Dirty Bastard - Dirty N Stinkin'

Large Professor - Mad Scientist 

Check the Stretch&Bobbito Archives for more shows !

Album Review : King Tee - King Tee IV Life - 1994


LP - 1994 - MCA Records 

From Rap Pages, Vol.3, #9 - December, 1994

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Album Review : Unanimous Decision - It Ain't Clever - 1993

LP - 1993 - Kold Sweat  

From Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine - 1992 - Scan courtesy of Hakan Dougpark

New Joint : Da Flyy Hooligan & Kong The Artisan - COLD SPHERE

"Cold Sphere" is the first single dropped by Da Flyy Hooligan and Kong The Artisan, from their upcoming album titled "FOMA" which will be released soon on the London,UK-based label Noel & Poland Records. Video coming soon.. stay tuned !

Emapea - Beat Catz Jazz LP - 2023

LP - 2023 - Beat Catz

Polish beatmaker Emapea delivers a brand new instrumental project entitled "Beat Catz Jazz". Chilled jazzy beats and dusty jazzy samples are at the menu. Enjoy !

Available on Black Vinyl LP (300 copies) and Clear Transparent Vinyl LP (200 copies).

Mix : DJ PSYCHO MIX Vol. 120


DJ Psycho drops the 120th episode of his DJ Psycho Mix Series ... If you 're looking for good new material, his selection is what you need. Enjoy !

01. Casablanca x Taiyamo Denku x DRE Colombian Raw - The Jackal

02. Amadeus360 x Lil Dee x NEMS - Set It Off

03. Phries & Artifacts - Flawless

04. Substance810 - Sexxx pistol

05. Jay Exodus & 38 Spesh - Soul Train

06. Phries x Phat Kat - Louis

07. DJ Rude One x Conway The Machine - Andre Drummond

08. Crimeapple - 57

09. B.A Badd x L Biz - Iron Mike

10. Mike Titan - The Ring of Power

11. ScamRock x Daniel Son x Pro Dillinger - Scam Newton

12. Indigo Phoenyx x Kwenu x Kid Vishis - Dragon Blood Sage

13. Body Bag Ben - Affiliated

14. Tha God Fahim - Turbulent Nights

15. Skewtape - Summer Better Than Others

16. Rome Streetz x Conway The Machine - Suicide

17. Eto & Futurewave - Bullet & Pills

18. New Villain x Intifada Beats - Gotham wasn't Built in a Day

19. Sxint Chris - Noreaster

20. Oppenheimer x Chuck n Lock - Frozen Path

21. Blannco x Kurse - Figaro

22. JuleUnique x White Lotus - Codenine

23. Rugged Triad x Streetz Da Monsta - Peace Lord

Video : Amadeus360 - Get Started ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Whispers

Amadeus360 The Beat King drops the video for "Get Started" featuring Tragedy Khadafi & Whispers, taken from his album "THE MPC JEDI".

Friday, June 23, 2023

Video : Speaker Bullies - Godspeed ft. Skyzoo - 2023


"Godspeed" is the new single dropped by Speaker Bullies (Supastition & Praise), taken from their forthcoming album entitled "Art of Disrespect".

Thursday, June 22, 2023



2xLP - 2023 - SWC Records  

Doom Spirit is a Rap duo from Lausanne, Switzerland. Both MCs are also members of the Swiss Zulu Nation. Far away from all the mainstream shit you can listen on a daily basis, "SIXFEETUNDA" is a dope 16-track double LP which is a tribute to the Hip-Hop culture, from the first to the latest generation. Conceived according to the rules of the Art and to SWC's demanding standards (SP1200, S900, S950, MPC60, tape recorder), this long-term underground work now rises to the surface in quest of light. Here, flow is a weapon and lyrics are made of steel. The message is clear to aficionados, a mystery to the uninitiated. The Productions, made of 90s dark flavor, are handled by Psychotic Voodoo & Eagle.


Order your copy HERE  

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Nu Program Records Present Yarbrough : "Kartharsis" Vol. 1 - 2023

Nu Program Records Present "Kartharsis" Vol. 1 released by the Chicago-based MC/Producer Yarbrough (Melatone). 
According to Yarbrough, "Katharsis" Vol. 1 is the first installment of a three part series dealing with love, pain, heartbreak, redemption and spirituality. These elements are not only felt in the lyrics, but also in the production. The dark melodies and thick drums convey a soulful ministerial vibe similar to the blues of his musical ancestors. I highly recommend this album which deserves a vinyl release... give it a listen asap ! Peace

Video : King Kashmere & Alecs DeLarge - Angel Strike - 2023


Here is the latest video dropped by King Kashmere and Alecs DeLarge to announce that their collaborative LP "The Album To End All Alien Abductions" is now available on Double Vinyl, Tape & CD on High Focus Records

Monday, June 19, 2023

Microphone Check : The Big Man - Chubb Rock


From The Source - November 1991 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Video : Raz Fresco & Figub Brazlevič - Black For Green Feat. The 6th Letter


"Black For Green" featuring The 6th Letter is the first single from "777", the upcoming collaborative album dropped by Raz Fresco and Figub Brazlevič. 

Wish Master x Farma - Rap Assassin - 2023

"Rap Assassin" released by the London-based MC Wish Master and the Beatmaker Farma, is the second single taken from the brand new "£10 Bag Volume 2" which is available now on CD & Vinyl via Revorg Records. 

Friday, June 16, 2023

Mike Ock - Day in the Life - 1994


12" - 1994 - Ghost Town Records  

Big thanks to S4BZ for reminding me of this 12" which was included in his latest Rough Mix !! This is the first and only 12" released by Mike Ock on Ghost Town Records in 1994 and no doubt it's something to own in his record collection.  

The wax is composed of 4 songs entitled "Who Got It $50 Grand", "Caught Up In The Game Of Life", "Street Life " and ""The Theme" Price For Head" all pressed on the A-side, and all the instrumentals pressed on the flip side. The productions were fully handled by Maalik7 (RIP), with cuts by DJ Rocks. For the info, it isn't mentioned on Discogs but a cassette tape version was also released at the time.

Mike Ock was an MC from Dyckman Houses, Washington Heights NYC. He became an emcee around '88, his freshman year in high school. In a recent Interview I did, Mike Ock declared that everything started for him when one of his friend wrote a rhyme and his competitive nature kicked in. He took it as a challenge and went home to write his own rhyme so they could battle. From there he was instantly hooked…Mike and a few friends began to battle regularly, trying to impress each other. But they loved the craft and the ability to captivate the audience.

Mike Ock (Bottom) & his Partner K.D. Ice (Top) - Photo courtesy of Mike Ock

Mike Ock wasn't affiliated with a crew at that time but a year later he and two friends created a group called the Young Hooligans...They wrote a bunch of rhymes but never laid any vocals down in a studio unfortunately. Then they got approached by Maalik7 and his people around 1991. 

From Left to Right : K.D. Ice, Mike Ock, Will & B - Photo courtesy of Mike Ock

Maalik7 managed Ghost Town Records with a kat called Cheaba Lee Heath III. Maalik7 was one of the OG's Mike looked up to. They grew up in the same projects and Mike knew him since the early 80’sHe signed a contract with GT Records and shortly after began to record in a studio... but it was still all about the love, he enjoyed creating and left the business aspects to Maalik7 and his people.

The tracks from this EP are the only material officially released by Ghost Town Records. Mike Ock was pretty much the only artist at the time they worked with. They went on to record a bunch of songs that never got released. Some ended up on local mixtapes and the rest never made it off the DAT they were recorded on.... Sadly Maalik7 passed away in 2011 (Rest In Peace), so I'm not sure that all those unreleased tracks will see the light of day unfortunately...

Mad Props to Mike Ock.