Monday, July 9, 2018

New Batch of Demos

Here is a new batch of Demos or unreleased Tracks which have been recently uploaded on youtube by Mad Human, Da Cream Hunter and my homie Hakan Dougpark. 

First Demo "Always & Forever" uploaded by MadHuman comes from the group Trends Of Culture. "Well, sadly their 2nd LP came only as a Promo tape and it's nearly impossible to get it. This track comes straight from "When Trend Come Man" LP which is out standing album" - MadHuman 

The Second Demo uploaded by Da Cream Hunta was recorded by Mad Approach and the name of the track is unknown. "Crazy dope track taken from the unreleased mini  album "No Cuur".its a demo tape of Mad Approach 1995. bay area, more information is welcome." - Da Cream Hunter

The last 2 tracks are uploaded by Hakan Dougpark. An unreleased track from Son Slawta Melquan named "Floww On". "Track from the unreleased album "World War One" of Son Slawta Melquan should have seen the light in year 1996 on Chuck D's label Slam Jamz but finally remained shelved." - Hakan Dougpark.
And the last one is the unreleased track "Dysfunctional Clique" from the Harlem based duo Call O' Da Wild and recorded circa '97.

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