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Krumb Snatcha - Gettin Closer To God - 1997


12" - 1997 - M.I.A. Recording Corp 

"Gettin Closer to God" is the third single released by the Boston-based emcee Krumb Snatcha on M.I.A. Recording Corp in 1997. It's the only song pressed on this 12", available in its Radio, Instrumental and Acappella versions and produced by legendary DJ Premier who used a sample of the song "I Am Love" released in 1974 and performed by the Jackson 5.

About Krumb Snatcha whose name is Demitrius Gibbs, he was born in Fitchburg, Ma and raised between Massachusetts and New York City. He served two years in prison for a weapons charge and violation of probation, before he turned his full attention to rap and saw his career take off. You 'll easily understand the lyrics of the song when you know that he was shot five times when a fight erupted outside a Lawrence pool hall in 1996. 

This wax is really easy to find for a small price, so if you like it and don't have it in your collection yet, you should buy it !  Peace 

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