Sunday, March 10, 2024

Omniscence - The Raw Factor - 2024


2xLP - 2024 - Below System Records  

Omniscence's "Raw Factor" album from 1996 was already released in CD format in 2014 by Gentleman's Relief Records, but it's now getting a proper release on vinyl, double LP edition with 4 unreleased tracks from '96. 

"Originally scheduled for release way back in March 1996, The Raw Factor by North Carolina native Omniscence is one of the last of the unreleased mid-90’s albums to see the light of day. Despite being awarded The Source’s coveted “Hip Hop Quotable” and dropping two well-received singles (“Amazin” and “Touch Y’all”), record label politics meant the full-length “The Raw Factor” album was never released and fans were left wondering what might have been.

28 years later, “The Raw Factor” is finally being released on vinyl and digital stores. Featuring punchline-driven lyrics from Omniscence delivered in his unmistakable cadence, and backed by head-nodding production from Fanatic, the album is a must-own for fans of 90’s Hip Hop. The 20-track album comes with 4 unreleased tracks from 1996 on a double LP edition available on purple and black colored vinyl." - courtesy of Below System Records

Available on Black vinyl (300 copies) & on Purple vinyl (200 copies)


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