Thursday, January 21, 2021

The General SEKWAN - Lickin Off - 1994


12" - 1994 - Fugitive Records  

The General Sekwan... that's a name you should know if you've ever listened to the excellent Fugitive Records 1995 Preview Sampler compilation released on vinyl & CD in 1995. This comp produced by D. Wilson, Bink Dog and J. Mitchell features various artists from Virginia Beach, VA like the female emcee Szuga, Nutbuster: Lord Sha, Dreadlock and Da Koffenmaka.

The General Sekwan's debut 12" came out in 1994 and is the only official vinyl released by Fugitive Records in addition to the compilation. On the A-side of that wax you can listen to the lead single "Lickin Off" featuring Ghetto Blaster & Mr. X, which is also on the comp. "Thanks For Nothin" and "The Madd Chokers" are the tracks on the B-side. All the tracks are produced by Crime Lab Productions.

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