Sunday, January 3, 2021

Infinito 2017 - Overcoming The Nothing and The Ignorance of Virtual Reality - 2020


The Chicago-based emcee Marcellous Lamont Lovelace a.k.a Infinito 2017 is back with a brand new project titled "Overcoming The Nothing and The Ignorance of Virtual Reality" fully produced by Dion Brown. 

"Inside nothing humans are defined by robots to not think for themselves, Infinito 2017 writes the Overcoming the Nothing and the Ignorance of Virtual Reality as a form of escapism from digital folklore many reside in. People are not machines and should not force themselves to accept the nothing of a virtual reality and the droids agenda. It’s your life as the living and your definition to never conform, assimilate or allow yourself to be programmed by machines. Think use your own mind of awareness as you listen to each well written insightful theme over thematic production by Dion Brown" - courtesy of Infinito 2017

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