Friday, January 29, 2021

Ghetto Chilldren - 90s Unreleased, Demos & Rare Tracks - 2021

2xLP - 2021 - B2DS

"Sup y'all ?! Proud to announce we are back with the Tribal Music Fam ! Do The Math, Untranslated Prescriptions, Narcotik, its all the same Collective and it was time to put out some Ghetto Chilldren 90's unreleased songs with B Self & Vitamin D. We had to bring you more of this Emerald City Heat ! 206 hidden Gems no question ! This project contains 11 songs (90's Unreleased ones, rare tracks mostly from their first tape, + demo tapes material). Despite of the dusty sound quality for some of them (old dusty tapes or demo tapes, no miracle you know the deal) we did our best in order to bring you the best audio quality in the studio with the restoration because those songs deserved it ! More than 53 minutes of Pure Positive Vibes ! If you liked Do The Math or Untranslated Prescriptions this one is for you ! You will notice some imperfections here and there but we are sure you gonna dig the main Vibes ! This Music heals the Soul. Incredible Original Jazzy Conscious Soulful Boom Bap Hip Hop productions by the Tallhomey AKA Vitamin D ! Poet-tree in motion thats what you gonna feel when you will listen to the G.C (B Self & Vita) Verbal Alchemy on those melodic loops of Love. Timeless Music . The 2LP comes with a DOPE Tribal Music insert" - Bee Lapointe - Back2DaSource Records

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