Sunday, January 24, 2021

Thunder Jam Alliance

First time I've heard about Thunder Jam was when the snippets of the Demo tape were uploaded by Sneak Tipp on his youtube channel in 2015. All the artists featuring on that compilation album were totally unknown to me... but all the tracks were dope so I was curious to get more info about the various MCs featuring on that tape.

After a long investigation and no need to say that it was a little bit difficult, I can tell you that Thunder Jam a.k.a Thunder Jam Alliance was a collective of DJs, Rappers, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Engineers, Producers and Promoters from all over the U.S.

T.J.A. was separated in 2 different sections, a R'n'B section and a Hip-Hop section. The Hip-Hop section was managed by Producer/DJ Shaggy C who was originally from New Jersey. He was the core member of the collective. He put together a coalition of artists from all over the US due to a lot of them met while they were stationed at the Air Force and Army base in Tacoma Washington near Seattle.

"The Thunder Jam Alliance is an appropriate name for this coalition of talent from various cities ranging from Los Angeles to New York currently making the Earth shudder with it’s thunderous beats and lightning rhymes.

Thunderjam prevail. The best of the best young and new talent uncreasingly rise up to join forces with them, eager to be affiliated with this faction that is currently storming the country. Thunderjam Alliance is unquestionably one of the best new acts to emerge on the scene, and will undoubtedly continue to prevail and dominate their ever increasing hip-hop arena.

Thunderjam, founded, fronted, and led by producer/DJ Shaggy C, for when it comes to making people move to slammin groove he is no new jack. With 15 years of experience as a hip-hop and club DJ, he has come to represent a new precedent of rap music in the Pacific Northwest. TJA (The Thunderjam Alliance) is curently heading the most elite clubs in Seattle, and together with the momentum gained by the rising allegiance of their new found following, it won’t be long before their tempestuous energies come to bear-dominating the rap scene. Shaggy is an accomplished writer, producer, performer, and publisher (BMI) having established his own publishing company -Thunderjam Publishing which is also prospering, Shag has written songs for television as well as for many artists, performers, television and commercials.

The Thunderjam Alliance is currently back in the studios working on new tracks for the six Rap groups and three R'n'B groups of which it consists. With slammin’ tracks from DJ Shaggy C, and his hand picked production staff including Terrance Crutch spearheading the R'n'B side of the house, the Thuderjam Alliance is currently soliciting interests from selected agencies for world wide conquest. The most intriguing thing about Shaggy C, and his formidable army of talent is the infectious nature of his funky grooves which seem to drive all who hear them into a feverish pitch. Have no doubts, Shaggy C, and the Thunderjam Alliance will achieve the success and longevity of heavyweight R'n'B and Rap acts of this decade." - T.J.A. Press Kit 

Many Rap groups and solo artists were incorporated in Thunder Jam Alliance, around 30 members according to Shaggy C. The names of the artists or groups featuring on this demo tape are Brothas Of The Lost Tribe, Dem Kidz, S.K.I (The Street Kid Intellect), Red Dawn, Bionic, & Magnum Black. 

Brothas of the Lost Tribe consisted of The Lyrical Wajid, Qaadir & Majid. All I know from this group is Wajid's interest in rap began at the age of thirteen, when a friend and himself began writing poetry and songs to impress young women in school. The duo later went on to form a group known as MEGAFORCE, which disbanded after his parents decided to relocate.
Finding that there were young men who shared his same interests in his new school, Wajid joined other groups, who appeared in and won high school as well as local talent shows.
His rap career was momentarily placed on hold when he enlisted in the Army. During his tour in the Army he met Qaadir and Majid forming The Brothas of the Lost Tribe. 

S.K.I. a.k.a the Street Kid Intellect isn't an unsung artist, first time I've listened to one of his song was on the excellent Pacific Northwest compilation named Classic Elements. The name of the song  is "From Bullets To Poetics" and is produced by Shaggy C. DJ Shaggy C was also known at that time for his work with the Tacoma-based group Black Anger.  

That's all the info I can give you about the Thunder Jam Alliance... I wish I could give you more but it seems all the artists involved in this collective have got another life now and everything is behind them... but at least I can give you some Thunder Jam Alliance's unreleased material, courtesy of DJ Shaggy C especially for the blog ... Enjoy ! 

Mad Props to DJ Shaggy C and Big Up to my man Madhuman.


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  2. Awesome post m8. Was looking for this info for over 5 years and it cracked my mind.
    You helped me to solve this personal mysterie. You rock. Thanks for the effort and keep up the good work.

  3. More Thunder Jam Joints here on YT plus some flava slide shows with the trackz!
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