Tuesday, July 11, 2023

King Ra-Sean - Powerful Impact / Cool - 1993

12" - 1993 - Stomp Records Inc.  

Here is the first and only 12" released by King Ra-Sean (RIP), an MC from Freehold, New Jersey. "Powerful Impact / Cool" came out in 1993 on Stomp Records Inc, a record label based in Freehold, New Jersey and founded by Daquawn a.k.a DJ Big K, King Ra-Sean and D-Soul who also managed all the productions. From what I know they also formed a group named The God Squad.

Daquawn (Left) - King Ra-Sean (Center) & D-Soul (Right)

The wax contains several versions of the song "Powerful Impact" : Video Mix, Only For Da'Blunted Remix, X-Rated Mix and Only For Da'Blunted Instrumental. Scratches on the Remix version are handled by Kyshon Tucker a.k.a DJ Finesse from Elizabeth, NJ who was a member of the Point Blank MC's in the late 80s. The single "Cool", which is the last track of the wax, features Cool Noel with scratches handled by Kevin (Big Dad) Crippen... but no info about both of them unfortunately. 

Sadly, King Ra-Sean passed away a few years ago when he was based in ATL. If you 're enough lucky to find his debut 12", don't hesitate to grab it ... I think that it's a good one !

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