Monday, February 26, 2024

Mad Human Presents Rare Random Rap & Demo's 1993


Another bunch of indie hip-hop joints recorded or released in 1993 delivered by Mad Human on his youtube channel. 

Massive Ring - Middle East 

The Ruggedness Madd Drama - Big Boyz

Black Saturday - Three Deez 

Soul Party - Swing Da Bat 2 Da Right 

Aladdin - Jack Move

Homicide - WetCha Pants

D Law & The Bounty Hunters - The Gutta

Lord Dakim & The Mellow One - Hit Da Mic 

Die Hard - When The Going Ger Tough

New England Hip Hop Massive - The Line Up 

Lord Manafesss - Flip A Maad Scrip

TY Wizah - Bust The Context

Triffln Pac - Fi It Up 

Lord Aaqil - Kid What’s Ya Name

Fugitives From Hell - Nuthin But The Bluz

King Rasean - Powerful Impact (remix)

Nation Of Riot - Swung With The Numb Vibe 

Triffln Pac - Thang

Genesis - Lyrical Professor (DEMO)

Secret Recipe - Sleep Walkin (DEMO)

Rough Luxury Crew - Pandemonium 

39 Stepz - All In Na Style 

Triffln Pac - Smooth As They Come 

Raw Material - Teen Scream 

Artie Dime - You Got It Going On 

Tasc4ourse - Takin No Shorts No More 

Da N Credible Nigga Naquan - Da N Credible Nigga Naquan (DEMO)

Legion Of Doom - Dope Dealin 

Poppa Doo & Da Mass Murderers - Master Plan

Nitebreed - 22 Quick & EZ Was To Cook 

MC E Rock - Designed To Make U Swing 

Young Guns Of Harlem - 2 To The Head 

Fly Chase - Flip Da Script

Harlem Knights - Getting Money

308 - Setup 

Undaworld - F**k Work 

Black Nation - Pump It Up (DEMO)

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