Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Da Nabahood Threat ... Coming to a Neighborhood Near You...

Scan courtesy of Thorsten Haag

Da Nabahood Threat were a local group from the Mid-Hudson Valley, consisted of Jamal Jackson a.k.a Jackpot, R. Hargrove a.k.a Blackout and DJ Ernesto "Fidel Castro" Diaz. 
Jackpot was from Poughkeepsie (NY), Blackout and their DJ and sometimes producer, Fidel Castro were from nearby Beacon (NY).

No Album, no Demo Tape... Three singles in a 4 year period, that's all you can find from Da Nabahood Threat Trio. 
Their debut single "Off Witcha Head / Comin from Da Dirt" came out in 1994 on Night Breed Records and was produced by Exotic E. (Bumpheadz Productions).

12" - 1994 - Night Breed Records

If you're looking for some smooth Hip-Hop songs, this wax isn't for you because both instrumentals were certainly influenced by the Jamaica Queens based group Onyx, and the style is rugged and raw. Moreover the track "Off Witcha Head" contains a Sticky Fingaz vocal sample "I hate your fuckin guts and I hope that you die !" from the single "Throw Ya Gunz ".

In 1996 they were back with a new record released on Empire Recordings. Composed of 3 dope tracks "Where I'm From / Mind Tricks" produced by Jeff Beckett a.k.a Big J, and the well-known  "Represent Groundz" produced by DJ Fidel Castro and Paul Nice, containing a sample of "Scheherajazz : Second Movement" performed by Skip Martin (Little gift for you because It's not listed on WhoSampled yet !!!)  

12" - 1996 - Empire Recordings

"Actually, around 1985, when I was still in high school, I was the DJ for a rap duo called the “D & M Crew”, short for “Davis and Jamal”. Jamal (the M in the crew) later became Jackpot in Da Naba Hood Threat, so I had already known him for over 10 years by the time we worked on that record.
All I did on that song btw, was helping program drums on the MPC. When we did that one record it was through my friend and DJ mentor Joey T’s label Empire Records and we had recently put out an instrumental beat record (Beats Anonymous). The Nabahood Threat came out after that." - Courtesy of Paul Nice 

In February 1997, they had a release party at The Chance Theater for that single. Here is an article from the Poughkeepsie Journal about that party. By the way, Paul Nice told me that he has got pictures from that evening in his crate, so He's about to send them to me.

From Poughkeepsie Journal (Archives) - February 21st 1997

1998 will be the year of their last record. "Flip Da Script / The End / The Unknown / Live N Die", four tracks still produced by D.J. Fidel Castro released on Jackpot Records. 

12" - 1998 - Jackpot Records 

On this wax, to be honest, half of the tracks aren't my cup of Tea... "Flip Da Script" and "Live N Die" were made with smooth instrumental and R'n'B stuff ... But "The End" and "The Unknown" raised the level with dark and nostalgic instrumentals, in a pure Nabahood Threat style !

After that ... the group disappeared in the Mid-Hudson valley without a trace ... What a pity!

Props to Paul Nice