Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cover The Child Of Destruction - Underground Flow - 1995

Scan courtesy of Babylon Falling

Back in '95 with this 12" released by Cover The Child Of Destruction hailing from the Bronx and member of the C.O.D crew (Children Of Destruction). The record came out on Mad Dog Records & Productions, an indy label directed by Manny "Mad Dog" Ayala, and is composed of one song "Underground Flow" with its original and remix version. 
Everything was produced by the ex-Graffiti artist Michelob a.k.a Michelo, the founder member of the C.O.D crew, who also features on the track. 
The original version of "Underground Flow" which uses a sample of "The Look Of Love" performed by Isaac Hayes is good but the best version is the B-side remix.  

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