Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mixtape : DJ Koco A.k.a. Shimokita ‎- Independent Vol. 1 - 2001

Mixtape - 2001 - No Label  

A1 - Odin Another Day 
A2 - Othorized F.A.M. We Othorized 
A3 - Ill Mentality Lovin' U 4 Dayz 
A4 - Pen Pals Madness 
A5 - Naughty Ax Congo Madness 
A6 - Infared Feat. N.E.U.K. Wartime 
A7 - Brain Dead A Soldiers Story (Instrumental) 
A8 - Dysfunkshunal Familee Easy Come Easy Go 
A9 - Problem Solver Drug Dealz 
A10 - ChillTown Cartel Malt Liquor (Remix) 
B1 - Nightbreed Long Time Coming 
B2 - DNA Bronx Criminal County 
B3 - Pauly Paps War Scarz 
B4 - Darkside Mob Darkside For Life 
B5 - Three Hundred Sixty Degrees 360° 
B6 - DJ Joint & T-Flawless (The Lyrical Attorney) Feat. Wenona Wyche Latoya '98 
B7 - Trife God World And Beyond 
B8 - Cipha Rock Rock On 
B9 - Power Hittin Artist Chasin' Clouds 
B10 - Global Platoon Keep Your Day Job

Props to DJ MP45

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