Friday, January 24, 2020

Gotham Kidz -Tha Coming - 1996

12" - 1996 - Atch Records 

"Tha Coming" EP came out in 1996 on Atch Records, a Record Label based in Houston, Texas and managed by Charles "Atch" Atchison who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. 
The wax was released by a group named Gotham Kidz, comprised of Eric Segue aka Quickhands Expands aka Eazy and Everall Jackson aka The Real E Love, who both came from New Orleans, Louisiana.

 In 1994, they released their first single "Here I Come /What It Is Gonna Be" under the name of Premier. It also came out on Atch Records and the tracks were produced by him, Quickhands Expands and DJ Razor Cut. 

12" - 1994 - Atch Records 

Razor Cut : "Everol, Eazy and Me grew up together but in different hoods, we were always into music... I was a DJ, Eazy was a DJ also and Everol was always rapping.  I started a group called PMW and put out a song called "Spliffed Out" with one of my home boys and it got big then started to do songs and Eazy would scratch to them in his garage then Everol would rap to them." ... that's how everything started for the group. 

After Premier's 12-inch, Dj Razor Cut went in a separate way doing his things but still kept in touch with them. The Real E Love and Quickhands Expands formed Gotham Kidz and released "Tha Coming" EP which was the first batch of tracks from the album "Back To the Essence" which unfortunately never saw the light of day... 

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