Monday, January 13, 2020

Shyheim - On And On - 1994

Photo courtesy of Shyheim  

Shyheim aka the Rugged Child has been recently released from Prison after serving a five-year bid... so welcome back home !!!
This news reminds me of Shyheim when he was 14 years old at his debut when he dropped his first single "On And On" back in '94.  No doubt that at this time kids knew how to rap with a real flow and a real message. 

12" - 1994 - Virgin 

According to a magazine article written in 1994, Shyheim released his debut single "On And On" at the same time as three males connected to the Borough's burgeoning rap scene were wounded by gunshot. First Dante Hawkins, the son of Wu-Tang Clan member U-God, was caught in the crossfire of a shoutout March 12, 1994. Then, three days later, Darryl Routte, the 27-year old brother of Guy Routte, who managed Shyheim, was shot during an argument. Next, Two Cent, an associate of both Shyheim and Wu-Tang Clan, died from a bullet wound in the chest...

"Times is gettin' hard, word is bond, I sware God
I even got caught tryin' to steal from the junkyard
A born tebba, A rebel without a pause
Ain't nevah had a good Christmas so who is Santa Claus
I walk the streets at night with my head down
In this lil town you see clowns that want to be down
So they get a glock a lick shots to get props
And win shit rocks so you can hear when the shells drop
An old man got shot in the parkin' lot
In front of my buildin' I hang with his grandchildren
And for the nigga that pulled the trigga and tried to slide
And hide, but he got knocked by da homicide
And this happens everyday around my way
So I pray that I can live anotha day" 

From Billboard Magazine - March 26th 1994

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