Sunday, January 5, 2020

Dirt Platoon - Get Ya Handz Dirty - 2020

CD - 2020 - Dirt Platoon

The Baltimore-based duo formed by Raf Almighty & Snook Da Crook is back with a brand new album "Get Ya Handz Dirty", produced by DJ Brans , Full Scale, Fel Sweetenberg and Abyss Dwella, and featuring Fel Sweetenberg, Ruste Juxx, O.C and Guilty Simpson. 
For now, the album is only available on CD format for the US and on Digital format for the rest of the world. 

01. Peace Or War (Feat. Fel Sweetenberg)
02. Hard Rocks (Feat. Fel Sweetenberg)
03. Dirty Pots (Feat. Fel Sweetenberg)
04. Jumping Over Cars (Feat. Ruste Juxx)
05. Best CDs
06. Black Sharpie (Feat. O.C.)
07. Honor Roll
08. Do Work (Feat. Guilty Simpson)
09. Rev Reid
10. Bitter Sweet

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