Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Architects Entertainment - The Foundation Vol. 1 - 1997

K7 - 1997 - Architects Entertainment - Scans courtesy of Darius Lukas Ghayour

Here is another tape we'd like to see coming out on vinyl ... Architects Entertainment - The Foundation Vol. 1 released in 1997. This compilation album features Baltimore-based artists like Derrick Rebel, Werd Da A.O.S, Da Equilibrium and Architects, a collective of producers and promoters consisted of Nigel McIntosh a.k.a DJ NIIGE, Mike McIntosh, Lonnie Bass, Big Tank and Dramatic.

All the tracks of the album were produced by DJ NIIGE except "Playing Ya' Cards", "Risky Business / Interlude" and "Architects Outro" produced by Dramatic.  

I don't have any info about Werd Da A.O.S and the group Da Equilibrium, and all I can say about Derrick Rebel is that he is the lead emcee of the album with 5 tracks. This solo artist has been in the game for a long time and he declared in a short interview I had with him that he fell into hip-hop at the age of 10.
Derrick Rebel : "As soon as I heard rap I knew this was for me. I was solo just battling other MCs, I had about 3 songs before I met Architects. I was introduced by a friend... I like their tracks, they like my raps... and the rest is history..."

For the story, Derrick Rebel's solo album untitled P.A.I.N (Personal Aggravation In Niggers) was supposed to come out on Architects Entertainment after the second volume (The Saga Continues...) of the Foundation compilation series which came out on CD in 1998, but unfortunately it never saw the light of day...

Derrick Rebel : "I did the compilation and didn't make a dollar... I did the comp in exchange for that album but I didn't sign so we parted ways..."

well if you're enough lucky to find this rare tape of this Foundation Volume #1 for a very good price, grab it without hesitation...

Mad Props to Derrick Rebel 

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