Friday, March 26, 2021

Hi Lo - Rock On ! - 2021

12"- CD - 1995/2021 - Back2DaSource Records  

"Sup y'all ?! We are back with another Gem with Hi Lo - Rock On ! 12" reissue. Holy grail from VA from 1995. Very hard to find record so we had to repress this one on wax and for the first time on CD. No unreleased were found at the time sadly, but in the meantime the Brothers have found some 90's unreleased stuff, so great chances some unreleased material will be put out later on this year. Hope you will enjoy this DOPE reissue that comes with a full artwork cover and analog remastering, soulful Hip Hop at its best".

Analog Mastering : Dé L'archiviste, Design Lay Out : Oliver Prill for Prillustrationz, Drawing Hand Lettering : Fomz One

Only 300 copies pressed (300 vinyl & 300 CDs)
Release Date : End of April 2021

Pre-order : Bundle / 12" / CD 

Don't Sleep Fellas !!!!! 

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