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Misphitz ‎- Comin With Da Flow - 1994

12" - 1994 - Topp-Choice Wreckords 

There are a lot of 12" that we don't see often for sale online and this 12" is one of them. Recently it was sold on ebay for 461,99 $ ... crazy isn't it ? 

What a Pity that this Philly-based group named Misphitz released only one 12" in the mid-90s. It came out in 1994 on Topp-Choice Wreckords, a record label mostly managed by Lil' Troy a.k.a Troy Carter (from 2 Too Many) who was also the group manager. The 12" consists of the tracks "Comin' With Da' Flow" produced by Willie Gunz, "Get On Up" available in its Radio version produced by Mac G and in its Mizery Mix version produced by the legendary DJ Miz, and the track "Unh Ahh" produced by Black.

Dre : "It was a 4 member (3 male & 1 female) group consisting of Tahir, Orock, myself and originally T Spoon, but she was replaced by Steph Pockets... it's funny because T Spoon is on "Comin' with Da' Flow" but Steph is on "Get On Up".

Dre : "Troy Carter formed the group, he was the mastermind. He was introduced to Tahir, he was my brother from another, so he invited me in... I initially declined but decided to take a chance as we were all emcees actively individually doing our thing. Tahir knew T Spoon from school and Orock was my cousin... it kinda all naturally and organically happened after that. Tahir and I were from Germantown, Orock was from Chester, T Spoon was from North Philly and Steph was from West."

Steph Pockets : "I was from West Philly 5 houses from Will's house.

Around 1984, I first started writing short verses. My sister and the other older kids in the neighborhood would be outside rapping and I would always try to tag along and do what they were doing. In 1985 I said I wanted to be a rapper when I grew up so I took Will Smith (The Fresh Prince) to school with me for career day. We had to bring someone to class that was in a career we thought we wanted to be in. 

I went to middle school with Dre and Tahir, the same school I brought Will to."

From Left to Right : O, Tahir and Dre with manager Troy Carter - Photo courtesy of Dre

Dre : "The producers DJ Miz, Black & Mac G were all links set up by Troy Carter...with the exception of Willie Gunz. We were signed to Untouchables Ent. and he was a producer Eddie F thought would be a good fit for our project. The record was supposed to be released as a white label. We were bootlegging our own material due to conflicts with the label at the time, which ended up being the reason for the groups demise. Honestly... I squarely take responsibility for walking away from the entire situation. I was too smart but young and not wise...but yeah...those were some really dope producers for their time. I was humbled to work with each of them...and speaking of the producers we worked with, much love to DJ Miz...I know he doesn't know and probably doesn't remember but he is the reason I produce and engineer to this day. The session with him mixing that record was a paradigm shift in my life..."

Misphitz recorded other songs but the tracks on the 12" are the only ones that ever saw light of day. After that, the group broke up and all the members went separate ways. 

Photo courtesy of Dre'

Dre : "From a business perspective being an artist on a label owned by your manager is a pretty shaky situation.

Tahir became one of the biggest Islamic scholars in the world. Orock hasn't made a project but is under the name Ali The Hypeman on social media...I've been searching for T of my cousins told me she's in a salon somewhere I dunno how true that is...Steph Pockets has an incredible catalog. She's putting in work globally primarily in Japan. I'm always in the studio working on something either for an artist or myself. I recently have been recording after a long hiatus since releasing 'culture of kings' a few years back. I've also produced and executive produced many projects. Troy Carter later on went and discovered Lady Gaga... small world."

Steph Pockets : "The group broke up, I was the only one that wanted to keep rapping... I was originally solo but after that I started going extra hard !! "

Photo courtesy of Steph Pockets

Mad Props to Dre & Steph, thanks for your time.

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