Sunday, March 28, 2021

Documentary : IWOW: I Walk on Water by Khalik Allah

"At night, the streets of Harlem are haunted by lost souls. Bodies that drift around in the darkness and bear the weight of the past on their shoulders. The Haitian man Frenchie is one of them, and his accentuated stutter bears witness to exile and years of abuse. But he is more than just that in Khalik Allah's new, hypnotic film opus, which turns the American tradition of social realist street photography into its own art form. Khalik Allah is an impressive photographer, and with Frenchie and the other characters of the streets in front of his lens, he has created his most ambitious film to date. The variation of formats – 8mm, 16mm and video – remind us not only that the images are the product of a process, but also that the depicted story is fragmented and that any unifying narrative must necessarily come from the protagonists themselves. The sound of the voice is consistently separated from the images of the body to which the voice belongs, no matter who is talking: Allah, his girlfriend, his mother, his family, or Frenchie himself. Allah's film is a space we move in rather than a linear progression through time. A trance-inducing film about love, friendship, religion and the experience of purpose." - courtesy of  CPH:DOX 2020 (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival )

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