Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Hi-Lo - Rock On! - 1995


12" - 1995 - Noizemaker Records 

Hi-Lo ... Rock On 12"... this wax is a little gem !!!  It was released in 1995 by this hip-hop trio from Richmond,VA. Hi-Lo consisted of the lead vocalist Brutha Funk Marqwa, P.D Funk and DJ Tiny Tim.

From Left To Right : Dj Tiny Tim / P.D Funk & Marqwa - Photo courtesy of P.D Funk 

Dj Tiny Tim : "At that time, myself and the lead rapper Marcus a.k.a Marqwa (Messenger Asiatic Resolving Questions With Answers) who is my older brother were from South Richmond. The 3rd member of the group P.D Funk was from North Richmond. The group was together for about a year or two starting around 1992 to 1994, if I remember correctly. We all worked part time at an Italian restaurant in the city's westend, that's how we met !"

The 12" is composed of the lead single "Rock On" available in its LP, Instrumental and Remix versions, and the track "Walk In The Night", all the tracks produced by Marqwa.

The wax is really dope but unfortunately it's practically impossible to find a copy for sale nowadays... around 200 vinyl and 200 tapes were pressed in '95 and there is nothing else released by the group after that 12".

Dj Tiny Tim : "We were self managed, we did a few local shows and radio interviews back then but nothing major. After that we all pursued other things in life and ended the group, but we are still good friends."

Photo courtesy of P.D Funk

The good news is that someone somewhere is cooking something for you Fellas...so stay tuned! More info coming soon ...

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