Saturday, August 13, 2022

Mix : DJ Skeli - Indie Rap Summa Heat (Rare 90s hip-hop vinyl mix)


Here is a batch of 90s indie joints mixed by the Hanover-based DJ Skeli.


Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down instrumental / Big O - Shmoov Wit Da Ruffness - Blend

R.I.P Feat Lifestyle Livers, Poorboys From Hell, S.N.M. - N.Y.C., The Money And The Murder

The Mischievous LQ And The Mad Mischief Crew - Representing

Camouflage Large Clique - Regulate 

D.O.M.E.S.W.E.L.L.A.S. - D.O.M.E.S.W.E.L.L.A.S.

The Shark - Italiano

Rick Da Bro - Casket

Da Unsung Poets - Movin' On

Neso - The Move Remix

Brass Tacks - Ice Breaker Classic

Sun Risers - Real Off The Block

S.C.U - 123

Mad Vibes - Riches To Rags

Manuel - Luv Luv Instrumental

Outfit On Da Rise - Brotherz Passen

The Nothing - Shut Eye

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