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Doomsday Project ‎- Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest - 1993

12" - 1993 - Tet Offensive Recordings  

This 12" comes from Camden, NJ and was released in 1993 by a group named Doomsday Project, consisted of Frederic El aka 7 Shot Annihilator and Jason Archie aka Jahee El Assassin. 
Jason was a DJ/Producer for a couple of groups in Camden NJ and the connection between the two emcees happened with mutual friends, they formed the duo around 88 or 89.  

The wax is composed of 2 tracks "Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest" and "Step Up Front", both produced by Jahee. It came out on Tet Offensive Recordings, a record label managed by Jahee, 7 Shot, Daoud Bey, Al Woods and Scott Shanklin.  

It was the first and last 12" released by the duo... 

Jahee : "Seven and I had a falling out and I left the group. He and Tet Offensive continued with Seven forming a group called Danger-I 5000 and I continued solo.  Then teamed up with Dave Raynolds to form Da Nuthouse. After our release on Fondle'Em, I stayed solo and produced and engineered for several groups, including in-house releases on Good Vibe Recordings. 
"Very Vocabulary" was the track that got Bobbito to give us the deal. That was one of my solo tracks, that and "A Luv Supream" got the Good Vibe deal."

If you want to listen more Doomsday Project's material, a full demo tape recorded in the early 90s was uploaded on soundcloud by hidingplaceplace.

Mad Props to Jason Archie

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