Wednesday, April 6, 2016

MF911 ‎- Idol The Bloodsport (1993 CD ReIssue) - 2015

CD (ReIssue) - 2015 - Antlive / MF911 

"MF911 is an American hip hop trio from Detroit, Michigan, United States that consists of Antlive Cedrat and Mainy Main. The trio is Detroit’s 2nd Rap group to be signed to a major label Next Plateau / London Polygram Records. Acclaimed for hardcore East Coast Hip-Hop in Detroit, The group is best known for its Boombap, hardcore beats & delivery as exemplified by the iconic 1993 Hood Anthem "900."MF911 was discovered and Named by Chuck D of Public Enemy in 1987. After losing contact with Chuck D for a year, MF911 quickly became members of the Ultramagnetic Mc’c Foundation in 1991 releasing their first album Idol The Bloodsport in 1993 with the support and production from Ced Gee, J Dilla aka Jay Dee and group members Antlive & Cedrat. 
Their only albums on Next Plateau was critically acclaimed, Idol The Bloodsport is considered to be a Detroit classic among avid Hip-Hop listeners and general fans.The group briefly disbanded in 1995 after a feud between its members but that has since been resolved and they have reunited for a 25th anniversary tour and new album. Their Third studio album Return To The Bloodsport being released on November 6, 2015"

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