Friday, April 28, 2017

Interview : The House List Ep #33 - Mr Voodoo (Natural Elements)

"Back with another very special episode of The House List, here we sat down with Brooklyn's own Mr Voodoo - yes, that Mr Voodoo (aka Agu Obiakor) of Natural Elements. We track the history from childhood to present day. Canvasing a NYC of another era, where Agu, became the 'poet laureate' of beloved late night radio show 'The Underground Railroad'. Hosted by J-Smooth on the revered WBAI 99.5, Agu honed his craft from intern to co-host, all the while developing what come to be one of the 'underground' hip-hop era's most respected voices. With only a few physical releases to speak of, Voodoo's notoriety grew across the globe through the 90's as demos and never-released songs made their way to NY radio and on cassettes copied and traded the world over. Voo's work as a soloist, with Natural Elements and for the imprint Fortress Records are sought after pieces of art on wax. For the fans and heads - this will be a treat and for those who many only come to know of his this very moment, we hope it'll lead you down a path of discovery" Peter Agoston 

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