Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mix : Serch4beatz Presents Private Press Rappings Part Tre

Sparrow the Movement - Love & Violence
Skell - NY to NC
Silouette - The Storm
Alps Cru - All Alone
Natural Mystics - How It Go Remix
PosNeg - Lyrical Massacre
Rukus - Trickin'
Big Tabb - Like Sistas & Brothas
Hyperderminc Needlz - Word Up (Track ID by Kihotio)
Hardwe're - Intimidation (Raw Mix) (Track ID by Kihotio)
Da Ooh! - The Chemistry
 Da Team - Cash & Riches
Amar - Melody Mac
Aphylliation - Cryed Da Tuff Guy
The Crash Crew - Champagne Flights 
Connecticut Kartel - All Out
Mola - Why Not (Track ID by Kihotio)
Brass Tacks - Life & Death


  1. 27:52 Hyperderminc Needlz - Word UP
    30:51 Don't know the title but from the lyrics i deduced it's Hardwe're
    57:48 Mola - Why Not?


  2. Really very nice and awesome music i really like it and all the details about the music are very interesting.
    J cole

  3. Thanks for the Help Kihotio

    Updated !