Monday, April 24, 2017

DJ Koco ‎- A to Z - 2006

Mixed CD - 2006 - Donuts Records  

Another 1-4-U-2-N-V - 'Life Is Like a Nike Commercial'
B.A.D. Rep- 'Say No Rhyme Before Its Time'
Capone - 'Smoove Style'
D.L. Sound - 'I'm Saying Something'
Ed Math - 'Behind the Bars'
Frozen Explosion - 'Mac Nife'
Greyson & Jasun 'Shammin'
Hardcore - 'High Time'
I.S.P. (Ill Squad Productions/MC Sergio) - 'On A Roll'
Jewel - 'I Am A Poet'
Kaotic Stylin - 'Freestyle Flavour'
Latee - 'This Cut's Got Flavour'
Majestic Productions - 'Frontline'
Northside Productions - 'Stop The Nonsense'
Original Heads - 'Counterfeit'
Pesos - '(EZ) Back It Up'
Quonx 'Many Many Rhymes Away' (instrumental)
Rusty the Toe Jammer - 'Do It This Way'
Shakespeare & the Last Empire - 'School HIT
Top Choice Clique - 'I'll Do The Honors'
Universal MCs - 'Party Stylin'
Von Love - 'This Is How It Should Be Done'
Wize Guys - 'eF yoU eN Kay E'
X Town Posse/Jus Def - 'Complicated Mathematics'
Yogi Bear - 'Doin' The Nasty' (instrumental)
Zee Rocks the Copy - 'The Get Down Is Funky'

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