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Tasc 4ource - Takin' No Shorts No More / Time Ta Shine

Tasc 4ource - Photo courtesy of Son Of Jan

Formed in 1989, the Philly-based group Tasc 4ource consisted of Sonni Blak, Eyse Da Superstar, Russ Cool a.k.a The Brown Rambo a.k.a Son Of Jan, and DJ Kid Kaos. The members grew up in the same neighborhood in South West Philadelphia, except DJ Kid Kaos who was from West Philly.

Between 1993 and 1998, they dropped 6 releases on vinyl, tape or CD. I could talk about their full discography but I think the most interesting releases are the first tape & 12inch "Takin' No Shorts No More" released in 1993 and the tape "Time To Shine" released in 1995.

"Takin' No Shorts No More" came out on Charlie Mack Records and was produced by the legendary Sha'dasious. The track "Sound In Your Ears" on the B-side was produced by Destro. The connection between Sha'dasious and Tasc 4ource happened when Sha'dasious wanted to start a Philly squad, he asked to meet them and get together, being a squad with other philly-based artists like Ram Squad.

Charlie Mack (Top left), Craig Mack & Tasc 4ource - Photo courtesy of Son Of Jan 

One year later, the group switched of record label and got signed by Tuff Break Records. They dropped 2 songs titled "Watch Out" and "My Home Town" on the Tuff Break promotional album "Sip The Juice, We Got Enough To Go Around", both still produced by Sha'dasious.

Tuff Break was A&M Records rap music imprint. The association was dissolved in February 1995, A&M would close Tuff Break department because it was "disappointed with the label's inability to generate the same kind of success A&M has with its pop and alternative acts.", that's why the group turned independent and joined All Star Entertainment, a record label managed by Troy Carter a.k.a Lil' Troy.Their first release on All Star Ent. is a 7-Track tape titled "Time Ta Shine".

Tape - 1995 - All Star Entertainment 

The tracks "Time To Shine", "War" and "Homicide" are produced by King Kloak who is Son Of Jan's cousin. The tracks "Hood Life" and "Dats Whats Up" are produced by Miles Lewis a.k.a C4 who is DJ Kid Kaos 's brother, and the last one "Dane Digg" is produced by Armique Wyche a.k.a Jazz, a friend who they grew up with, better known for being a member of the group 2 Too Many with Troy Carter and Ant Live. 

It will be followed by a few other releases on All Star Entertainment between 1995 and 1998. In 1999 the group switched to N.A.A.M. Brigade, moving on to a new era. The group is still in the game nowadays !

N.A.A.M. Brigade - Photo courtesy of Son Of Jan

Mad Props to Son Of Jan

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