Friday, December 4, 2020

DJ Lord Ron ‎Feat Willmatic - BX 2 LA Konnect - 2005

Los Angeles-based DJ/Producer Michael LaRon Stringer a.k.a Dj Lord Ron and Willmatic of the Last Kind and former member of the Silent Ones from the Bronx, released this 12" in 2005 on Storage Room Productions & Entertainment. The Wax is composed of the single "BX 2 LA Konnect", part 1 on the A-side and part 2 on the B-side, both versions available in their Street, Radio and Instrumental versions. 

From Left to Right : Willmatic, Ready Cee & DJ Lord Ron - Photo courtesy of Ready Cee

This single won't be their last collaboration, 9 years later the duo will drop the excellent album "The Sinister Theory" on CD which is highly recommended if you don't have it in your collection yet !

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