Friday, December 11, 2020

Poets Of Darkness - P.O.D Court / J.A.S.O.N - 1998

12" - 1998 - GP Rocc Records 

Here is the wax released by P.O.D a.k.a Poets Of Darkness on Gowanuz Projects Records in 1998. The wax consists of the tracks "P.O.D Court" and "J.A.S.O.N (Just As Soon Or Never)" produced by Spunk Bigga from Mount Vernon, NY. 

In the early 90s, the original members of the group consisted of 69 (Six Nine), Big Rez a.k.a Rezo, The Gift & DJ Tech One from the Bronx, NY.

The Gift : "69 lived in Forrest Projects, Rezo and Tech One were from Castle Hill Houses and I was from Parkchester Houses. We formed the group when we were in School together."

In 1994, the crew dropped their 5-track Demo Tape which is very hard to find nowadays, followed one year later by the track "21 In The Ghettoon the New Jersey Drive Soundtrack. 

The Gift : "We had production from Spunk Bigger, Will Tracks, Trey Bag, Dj Tech One, also 69 did some production work. The connection happened with Spunk Bigga because our manager and Spunk's brother D.o were close friends. The song on new Jersey Drive Soundtrack was done by the Mangla Jay."

Spunk Bigga - Photo courtesy of Spunk Bigga 

But unfortunately those tracks are the only official songs available nowadays from the group and when I ask the Gift why there is nothing else released after that, the Gift explains "We were young and dumb. A lot of unfortunate incidents took place... We have over 250 tracks together but people are underhanded and don't have your best interest in hand.. Rezo left and 6 and I were holding everything down... But we split a couple of years later..."

Mad Props to the Gift, thanks for your time !  

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