Thursday, May 31, 2018

FDC - Star Tyme / Things Aint Easy - 1996

12" - 1996 - Aggravated Ent. 

In 1996, this 12" came out on Aggravated Entertainement. It was released by FDC a.k.a Foundation Click, a group from an area in New Haven, CT called The Ville short for Newhallville. The group was composed of Binky B, Royal Madness and Zulu the Dirty Hood.
Both tracks "Star tyme" and "Things Aint Easy" were produced by Patrick 'A.C Smooth' McMillan.
A.C Smooth : "I knew Bink B from early on we went to the same elementary and jr high school but it wasn’t till I started Djing on college radio station 88.7 WNHU that we would hook up to do music, at that time he was putting out mixtapes"

A.C Smooth founded Aggravated Entertainement in 1994 and also signed other artists like Lonnie O. Two unreleased tracks of FDC also came out with the help of Chopped Herring Records in 2014, on The Aggravated Vaults '93 - '95 EP.

Mad Props to A.C Smooth 

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