Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tha Chamba - Hood Thang - 1995

12" - 1995 - Coroner Records Inc 


"Seven years ago 'Hip-Hop' surged onto the musical arena at an accelerated speed and popularity, leaving Rap Music behind. It first surfaced in the urban community as a new form of music with an Attitude! Hip-Hop was a new way of 'rappin' with original strong, alluring beats, creating an 'in-your-face' culture that not only affected language but, also hair-styles and clothing. Hip-Hoppers permanently changed their 'street attire' to the big and loose fitting 'look', oversized jeans that fell to their waste sides, trademark baseball caps and, the latest foot gear.

In addition to these changes, were enormous numbers of Hip-Hop groups popping up everywhere. They quickly took over all the major cities club scenes. The mid-west also became saturated, however only one group rose to the top and stayed. They were three true individuals from Hightowen ILL-State (Chicago) known as Tha Chamba. With Hip-Hop as their religion, they combined their talents with their goal, to rid Chicago's urban sounds of fake 'rappin con artists' that were 'wannabe' M.C’s with mediocre lyrics and polluted concepts.

This threesome began hitting all local Chicago clubs, quickly crushing other groups on the mic, leaving their prey to fall by the wayside. Their message was simple, 'there is no room for immitators'. Tha Chamba set out to preserve Chicago for the sacred 'B-Boys' by sending chills to 'fake ass' pretenders. They stated Hip-Hop must remain in its original 'essence'.

Tha Chamba has been together since '88. They have also played host to many visiting Hip-Hop groups including opening up for hardcore Hip-Hoppers , Tupac Shakur and Apache. The group consist of Hip-Hop artists, CHAINSAW, RIOT1 & TOXIC. 

From South Chicago and one of the M.C’s of the group, Chainsaw, has been making strong beats since ’87. He says , he gives 'bonecrushin, no nonsense lyrics, delivered with  a flow that’ll sneak up on you'. He also states he 'fell in love with the rap scene right away and hopes to own a studio'. Riot 1, also representing from the South side of Chicago, is a former spray painting graffiti artist, and the brother on the tables working the beat. He says his goal is eventually to 'produce Hip-Hop music'. Toxic, representing the West side, says he looks  forward to the future of Hip-Hop. He says his interest are not only 'rockin the mic' but getting into the business side because, he is dedicated to profiling the 'hardcore' of the Hip-Hop culture. He says he will be 'makin music til he’s way into his fifties.'

HOODTHANG marks the first single off their debut album MAKIN’ ILLA NOIZE under the guidance of their producers at Coroner Records." - from Coroner Records Inc - Press Sheets 

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